NYX: Duochrome Highlighter

The contents of my highlighter box seems to be multiplying. I swear I don't buy that many however I have amassed a collection which in all likelihood I will never be able to use up. I have spoken about my top 5 highlighters before but recently I felt like something was missing. I do have to admit when I take into consideration my collection they are all very similar. They are either a golden or a silvery pearl highlight and it is very rare that I like anything different. However I wanted something different for my collection which I could wear on days I didn't want a traditional colour. For a while I did consider jumping on this whole Holographic trend but when I really considered it, I knew I would never use it. Looking back this seems to have been a smart decision as the trend seems to be dying down. 

The closest I think I will get to the holo trend will be the highlight I have just bought and it is the NYX Duo Chrome Illuminating Powder in Snow Rose. I was shopping with one of my friends who is my go to friend for anything beauty and she said about these highlighters. She was looking for Synthetica as she had seen it on Instagram and everyone was going mad for it. She is gorgeously tanned and it would look amazing on her. On me not so much. We took a look and I instantly fell for Snow Rose. I'm not even sure why because when you look at the pan there isn't an immediate sense of beauty. The compact looks cheap and the product looks like strawberry milkshake if it were a pressed highlight but something about it drew me in. It was the slightly unusual highlight I had been looking for. 

When I swatched it in store I fell in love, it is a white/pink duo chrome with a tiny bit of gold in it. In my eyes this shade is a soft entry in the world of duo chrome. If you are looking for something wearable out of the halo/duo chrome trend then a pink duo chrome is probably one of the easiest to pull off. I have been wearing this one to work and yes it is a little extra for the daytime but it isn't as bright as something like a frost blue which I imagine can make you look like Sonic the Hedgehog. 

I have to say the formula of this highlighter is not my favourite. There are a few good things about it such as there is no fall out but at the same time it is not very buttery, it seems quite stiff. For reference I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills #23 Brush for my highlight. The brush manages to pick up just the right amount of product so you do not go overboard as it can look too much. I like to use a light hand with this particular highlight but if you want to go all out you most certain can build it up. You do have to blend it quite well or it can look chunky on the cheeks but this is only when someone is up close and personal. From afar this highlight looks flawless and makes your cheeks look like silk. My main issue with this is it does seem to highlight any of pores or any problem areas on the skin so I have to make sure I am having a good skin day to wear this but overall I love the effect of this highlighter. If you have pale skin, this looks amazing and it actually works as a highlight which is rare. 

I've always given credit to the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlight as the product that first introduced me to the world of highlight. I stand by this as it was the product that truly made me appreciate how beautiful highlight can look .This does not mean it was the first ever highlighter I bought. In actual fact the first highlighter I bought was from MAC and it was part their Christmas collection a few years ago and the shade is called Centre of Attention. At the time I liked make up but I most definitely did not have the knowledge that I have now. I had walked into MAC to buy a lipstick for my best friend. We were students at the time so this was quite a lot to spend on one lipstick. Whilst waiting for someone to serve me I was looking at the holiday collection which was the Divine Night Collection. I had no idea what I was looking at but when I saw this product I had to have it. I remember asking the girl what it was and how you were supposed to use it. This was before highlight was a major trend. She put some on my cheeks and I was sold! After getting it home I used it everyday up until I eventually branched out and tried other highlighters.  

As you can see I haven't really made a dent in Centre of Attention even though I have used it a lot. I have always been reluctant to use this too much as I know I won't be able to buy it again and as it is powder it should last a long time before going off. However the NYX highlighter is the closest dupe I've ever found and it wasn't even intentional. When I bought Snow Rose I didn't know it would work as a dupe as when you look at them in the pan, Snow Rose looks a lot more white. However when these are swatched side by side they are very similar. As you would expect by looking at the two pans, Centre of Attention has more pink in it but they both have that frosty white/pink duo chrome. I love this sort of shade as it doesn't look quite as harsh a white highlighter but it still gives definition. Another shade which is quite similar is Opal in the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette but it is definitely more pink. 
L to R: Snow Rose, Centre of Attention
During the height of summer this highlighter was put aside as I opt for more golden tones but now that Autumn is upon us this highlighter is going to be used quite a bit. I do prefer the formula of the MAC highlighter and also Opal in the Kat Von D palette however they are both limited edition so they might be quite hard to come by if you don't already own them. For £9 this is a really good highlighter and I am pleased to have bought it. NYX also do 4 other shades which are equally as beautiful as this one. If you have a dark skin tone Synthetica would look incredible. NYX are a stable drugstore brand, they are cheap and you know you are going to get a good product for the price. This highlighter is no exception.

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