Monthly Favourites: September

From the moment August ended and September began we have firmly found ourselves in Autumn. Night has started to close in much quicker, the temperature has plummeted and the Winter jumpers have come out. Where there is little change to my beauty regime between Spring and Summer, Autumn brings a drastic change. The lighter, creamier textures are swapped for deeper, more matte formulas. This month I have been enjoying playing with make up and using products that I put away last year waiting for the cooler seasons. 

This month has been particularly difficult. After a rather indulgent month of August I have literally been paying for it this month so I haven't been able to buy myself much this month but I will be doing a separate post on this, next week. October is going to be no different, I will still have limited funds and therefore won't be able to buy lots of new products so expect to see a lot of products that have featured on the blog before. 

Why not start off looking at one of the reasons I have been so poor this month. Last month my beloved GHD Gold Stylers packed up and just stopped working. The moment they died I knew I needed to get a new pair, no questions asked. When considering which Styler to buy I decided to upgrade to a pair of the Platinum Stylers. They were a little bit more expensive but I figured if they are kinder to my hair I should spent that little bit more. I use my hair straighteners every single day. I naturally have quite frizzy hair so I like to straighten it to combat this. A pair of stylers which aren't as damaging are essential and these ones have been a pleasure to use. At first I wasn't sure about how flimsy they felt but as I have used them more I have gotten used to this. Of course they are just a hair straightener so that is what they are going to do at the end of the day. My GHDs are something I use everyday but I forget to mention them in every single favourites I write. As I have a new pair it seems like the perfect time to give them a little shout out. Plus they are coral pink and £10 went to charity when I bought them so I felt like I had done my bit to help at the same time.  

My next favourite I have mentioned a few times but it has never quite made it into the realms of a favourites post. When this perfume came out I absolutely fell in love with it. If I remember correctly it was the September launch around 2 years ago and I have had a bottle on rotation ever since. It is Mimosa and Cardamom from Jo Malone London. This has always been one of my favourite fragrances but I feel like this really comes into its own at this time of year. If you watched the Great British Bake Off (its still good by the way) on Wednesday then you will have seen Tonka Bean which is one of the notes in this fragrance. Tonka Bean gives a vanilla scent crossed with tobacco so it isn't quite as sweet as straight vanilla. This gives a very rich yet comforting base note and there is nothing I like more in the cooler weather than feeling comfortable. Prior to this perfume I had never heard of Mimosa but it is a little yellow puff flower which grows in the South of France, it is a very soft flower which is quite powdery and very unusual smelling. Personally I think it works perfectly with the Tonka. The top note is one that I didn't think I liked as I've had it in my curry rice before, eaten it and it is bloody strong. However in this perfume they have found the perfect balance so it gives the spicy cardamom notes but it isn't overwhelming. As I said I have always loved this perfume but this time of year is when I really enjoy using it. 

As most of you know I buy way too much make up for just one person but that never stops me from getting more. When I buy a new product whatever I was using previously ends up going into my make up draw and never being seen again and that is what happened to the Mariah Carey x MAC Eye Shadow Quad in It's Everything. I remember looking at this collection for ages last year and the product I loved the most was this quad. I thought the shades were perfectly paired for a frosted smoky eye but in practice I used it for about a month and then I had something new. When I was looking through my draws the other day I noticed this palette and I decided to give it another shot and I have been loving it. As the shadows look more Autumn/Winter ready it didn't really suit the summer but this palette with the Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Stick in the shade Smokey Topaz is all I have been wearing this month. 

Another reason I thought of this palette was because of the new Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Quad. I adore the whole collaboration they have going on but it is so expensive that even though I would like every single item of the collection I simply can not afford it. However I was strongly reminded of this MAC palette when I saw the VB one. Even though the Victoria Beckham one has a more Aubergine shade instead a brown one (Twinks) the overall concepts of the palettes are very similar. Back when Victoria teases us all with a sneak peak of the palette during her A/W runway in Spring this year I imagined that the white colour in the palette would be like Diamond Butterfly. In the picture the white looked a lot more glittery and more frosty which is exactly what Diamond Butterfly is. The formula of the shadows are tradition MAC so they all blend beautifully and overall I just love this palette. I am glad I have found use for it again as the packaging for this is beautiful!

Even though summer is leaving us, I am still holding on to it with my fake tan. As the rain seems to have settled on the UK for the next few months I don't think we will see much natural light but just in case the sun wants to make an appearance I am ready. The actual fake tan is probably the easiest and quickest part, it is the maintenance I always struggle with. To keep your tan looking fresh it is important to scrub and moisturise which isn't always possible when you have to go to work. One product which has made my life so much easier is the Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle. It is hands down one of the weirdest concepts for a product but I have been loving it. You apply this to wet skin, just after you have got out of the shower and then towel dry. The idea behind this is that it locks in the moisture that you would usually loose from drying yourself. I have been using it for a good few months and it honestly does work. My skin feels nourished and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling on the skin so once you've towel dried you can put your clothes on straight away. The scent of this is heavenly, if you have smelt any Sanctuary Spa products this has that same smell and I find it very relaxing. This product allows me to have a temporary moment of calm on a work day. If you aren't a fan of more traditional moisturisers as you have to wait for them to sink in, this is worth giving a go. 

I have no idea if I have included this in a favourites before. I probably have because I love it but I need to mention it again. This is the Face Compact in Sweet Peach from MAC. It was part of their Nutcracker collection last Christmas and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I managed to get one. I absolutely love both the blush (At Dusk) and the highlight (Tutu) in this palette and I have used both all month. The blush is a soft pink which gives a light colour so it is hard to go overboard with it but it just makes you look alive. I don't like very powdery nor highly pigmented blushers as I find them hard to work with but this one is perfect. The same goes for the highlight but this does make you glow for the gods! It is a pale champagne shade with quite a white/peach undertone which is perfect for my pale complexion. I use this highlight a lot with other highlighter to pale them down a little bit. This month I have been using this paired with the: Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Highlight, The Alchemist Palette by Kat Von D and the NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Snow Rose. When I'm not tanned Modern Mercury can be a little dark for me but I love it so much I want to use it so if I mix it with Tutu I can wear it more often. Both the NYX highlight and the Kat Von D palette are duo chrome highlighters which I have been loving using lately but on there own they can be a bit much so paired with this highlight it tones down some of the crazier shades such as Emerald or Saphyre in the Kat Von D palette. This is a staple in my collection now so I will be gutted when I run out. Come on MAC bring it out permanently!

My favourites this month seem to include a lot of MAC products but it is what I have been loving and I do own a lot of their products. This final item was a limited edition this month and it is the MAC x Nicki Minaj lipstick in Nicki's Nude. Nicki created two limited shades with MAC for this collection and both sold out super quickly. I was lucky to pick up this one and I can see why everyone went mad for it. It is a pinky nude with strong coral tones to it, in an amplified formula. I hadn't tried the amplified formula before but it seems to have the pigmentation of a matte with the finish of a cremesheen which seems like the best of both worlds to me. The packaging is simple as it is obviously MAC with the traditional bullet shape but different in the way it is coloured with the rose gold packaging. I have been wearing this all month but I won't talk about it too much as in the UK this has been sold out for a while but this has only just launched in America so you might still be able to get it. 

That concludes my favourites for this month. There has been a mix of a lot of different beauty products this month with most of them being old rediscoveries which tends to be the case when I am short on money as I don't buy as many new products. Now that September is over we are definitely into Christmas, It's finally time to get hyped! I mean have you seen all of the amazing sets that have been teasing us this month! October brings the Lush Halloween/Christmas range which always excites me and I am hoping to get my hands on the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette now that it is stocked on Beauty Bay. 

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