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Back in the day when I first stumbled upon the beauty community as a wee fresher, MAC lipstick collections were the only videos anyone cared about on Youtube. At the time the concept of being a Youtuber didn't exist and no one spent as much money on make up as we do now. With my student loan I couldn't afford a single MAC lipstick and I always aspired to have my own collection. I think I am now at the point where I can say I have a collection of my own with over 20 lipsticks to my name. When I would watch these videos I would always see old limited editions which I was gutted to have missed out on so now whenever I see a limited edition I like, I always pick it up. There was one in particular which I loved the look of which I was gutted to have missed out on and it was a Viva Glam lipstick which MAC had collaborated with Nicki Minaj for. It was the first lipstick she did with MAC and it was a muted candy pink with a peachy undertone. As my taste has changed over the years it isn't a lipstick shade I would wear now but the feeling of missing out on that collaboration has stuck with me for years! That was until I saw MAC were doing another collab with Nicki. This time it isn't part of the Viva Glam range so the money doesn't go to charity but I was excited none the less.

MAC and Nicki have teamed up to do a whole collection. Only 2 shades have been created with Nicki and the other lipsticks and lipglasses have been picked from MACs standard range. Obviously not many people have been super impressed by the additional 24 lipsticks and lipglasses that are in the collection but the two that Nicki created sold out online within a day. If that doesn't show they are popular I don't know what does. This kind of surprised me as I felt this range could have easily been missed. The collection was only announced around two weeks ago and that was through some of the MAC Pro Artists rather than a massive marketing campaign. Was that really enough time to create a hype? I didn't think so but what do I know, I guess there is a reason I don't work in marketing. Only a few bloggers seemed to receive one of these lipsticks prior to the launch which is unusual these days. As it was given such little coverage I had a feeling only dedicated MAC followers would have seen it. This means if you don't follow one of the few people who spoke about these lipsticks you won't have known about them. If you want to keep up to date with MAC launches I highly recommend following Dominic Skinner on Instagram. Dominic is a face mask connoisseur and he is one of the senior make up artists for MAC who gives amazing sneak peaks at new MAC products. Also his instastories is full of tips which is great for any of you who are a novice like me.

Anyway lets look at what is actually important, the two Nicki Minaj lipsticks. I only bought one but the two shades are called The Pinkprint and Nicki's Nude. I saw a review for The Pinkprint on Really Ree and I loved the sound of the formula but the colour did reminded me of Creme Cup also by MAC which isn't a shade I wear very often, plus I already have it. After seeing both lipsticks online I thought I would really like Nicki's Nude so that was the lipstick I had in mind as I went into store.

Both lipsticks are an Amplified formula which is one I hadn't tried before. They have the pigmentation of a matte but feel more like a cremesheen formula. They are also quite similar to the Liptensity formula but they don't have as many different undertones and they feel slightly more creamy. However as it is so creamy it isn't the most long lasting lipstick, I find it will look good for a few hours, then I will have a cup of tea and it is gone. Instead of being on my lips, it is all over the rim of my mug. Despite its wear time this is definitely the sort of formula I like.

Can you tell I have no fake tan on at the moment (L-R: Nicki's Nude, Spanish Pink, Super Cindy)
The shades are nude, both with pink tones but they are both quite different. The Pinkprint is a lovely pale pink with quite a warm tone to it. It is definitely warmer than Creme Cup which is the closest shade I have tried from the MAC range. If you mixed a tiny bit of coral with Creme Cup and upped the pigment you would get The Pinkprint. In comparison Nicki's Nude is definitely more of a brown nude but with a strong coral element and a pink base. It reminds me of Spanish Pink by Tom Ford which is one of my all time favourite lipsticks. However Nicki's Nude definitely has more peach in it. If you have had your eye on the Tom Ford shade this is a cheaper alternative if you can get your hands on it. 

Another lipstick that is similar in tone but has quite a different finish is Super Cindy by Charlotte Tilbury. Super Cindy is part of Charlotte's Matte Revolution range which is what makes it so different. Super Cindy looks a lot more flat compared to Nicki's Nude and it has a slightly stronger pigmentation. Neither Spanish Pink nor Super Cindy are identical but if you have missed out on Nicki's Nude as there aren't any in your local store, one of these could be alternative depending on what you are looking for.

One of the best parts of any MAC collection is the limited edition packaging. They are usually in the traditional shaped bullet but they tend to have a different colour/pattern, so they stand out. The Pinkprint as you would probably guess has a soft pink packaging which matches the shade of the lipstick. Whereas Nicki's Nude is more of a rose gold. Both of the colours cater to the millennial moment; a little bit of millennial pink and who doesn't love rose gold. Both tubes also have Nicki's signature on them which is reminiscent of the Viva Glam packaging. I think the packaging is simple yet effective. 

Overall I think MAC and Nicki Minaj have created a stunning collection, the lipsticks are both very wearable, the formula is very comfortable and I cannot get enough of wearing the one I have. Even though they have sold out online, you can still find them in store which is where I got mine. I think you will have to be quick because they have been super popular. If you are in the US this range has only just been launched so you can probably get your hands on it more easily.

P.S If you want to take a look at The Pinkprint here is a link to Really Ree's post which has some great swatches:

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