GHD: Battle of the Stylers

We've all had it, where you've gone to turn on your hair straighteners and they just won't work. It is a heartbreaking moment when you have to contemplate how necessary they are in your life. For me, when my GHDs did not turn on, I knew I had to go out immediately and buy a new pair, no questions asked. 

This was my second pair of GHD's, my first pair overheated and died whilst I was mid hair style. I was at Uni at the time so I had to beg my mum for a new pair as an early present which was how I ended up with my hot pink pair of the Gold Stylers. I didn't really want a pair that pink but £10 went to Breast Cancer charities. I've had that pair for 4 years so the warranty was well and truly up. I have been saying for almost a year that I thought they were on their way out but nothing prepares you for that devastating morning when they won't turn on. When I knew they weren't going to work, I had already picked out the new pair I wanted. Recently GHD launched their Pink Blush Collection and I have seen it all over the internet. Not only have I seen them on Instagram but I also watched Fashion Mumblr's Instastories when she went to a GHD event where they showed all the ways that the Platinum Stylers are different from other brands. They proved that they are kinder to your hair and when I was watching it I wanted to get a pair so when mine broke I was given the perfect opportunity to give them a go.

One thing I didn't even consider was going with a different brand, I am definitely loyal to GHD. When I was younger they were the brand to have and I always wanted a pair but I just couldn't afford it. One Christmas my parents bought me a set which contained my first ever stylers and a travel dryer. The stylers were beautiful, black with red details and red plates. They only lasted two years and I was completely gutted when they broke. From the moment I started using them I knew I wouldn't use anything else. I have no idea why but they work the best and my hair always seems to stay styled how I want it for longer when I have used my GHDs. When my hair dryer started to take a turn for the worst about a year ago I even replaced that with a GHD dryer because it is honestly the best. Naturally my hair is very fine, I don't have much of it and it is very frizzy. I used to have ringlets when I was younger which I hated but everyone else loved but over the years it is now just wavy. When I towel dry my hair, i don't mind the wavy aspect, I just hate how frizzy my hair is so that is why I straighten it. Plus I find it the easiest way to style my hair. Today's post however is not only about my love of GHD but I wanted to share with you the difference between the Gold Stylers and the Platinum Stylers.

L-R: Gold Styler, Platinum Styler
The first difference is the price, which is something that is a key factor in most people's decision making. For a standard pair of gold stylers they cost £135 and for my platinum stylers I paid £165 in Harvey Nichols. Even though these are limited edition, they are the same price as a standard black or white pair. There is a £30 difference between the two stylers which can make all the difference and what would be the point in spending that extra £30 if they aren't worth it? I haven't been using the platinum pair for long enough to be able to say they are completely worth spending the extra money on but some of the features on the Platinum Stylers are very fancy. The main differences are in the way they look.

In terms of size the Platinum stylers are slightly wider which makes them a bit easier to hold. This also means that the plates are slightly wider so if you prefer to use your straighteners for curling your hair these would be great for creating loose curls. This does make it slightly harder for someone like me just because my hair is quite thin and not the longest. Not only is the size slightly different but the button to turn them on is completely different. This doesn't seem too exciting but it just shows the difference between the design and the thought that has gone into them. The Gold stylers have a simple slide button which is easy to use whereas the Platinum stylers have a push button which has a ring light around it when they are on. The Gold styler does have a light in the GHD symbol on the button but the Platinum styler button is super sleek.

Another difference which is not major but once again it is a finishing touch that shows an extra level of design is the sound. Whenever you turn on either the Gold or Platinum stylers they make a noise and once they are at full heat they beep again. With the Gold stylers it literally is a beep whereas the Platinum stylers sounds more like the Windows sound when your computer starts up, it is a bit more musical. This makes the Platinum stylers feel more luxury.

The only other difference in the way they look is the end. I think the end is the main way of telling the difference between each styler. The Gold styler is more compact and shows much more of the functionality of the styler arms. The end of the Platinum stylers remains static and the mechanism for the movement of the arms is further along. On the website they refer to this as a 'Wishbone hinge' My favourite thing about the Platinum styler is that the wishbone part is a chrome pink, i love it! 

One of the main differences that i have noticed about the two stylers is how they feel whilst straightening my hair. As i mentioned the mechanism for the movement of the arms of the Platinum styler is further along which i think makes them feel slightly more flimsy. They don't feel like they grab your hair as much which is both a good and bad thing. It can leave you wondering if your hair will be straight as it glides over the hair very smoothy but it is a good thing because surely it means your hair will not get as damaged as it isn't being held on to as much. 

The main reason I went for the Platinum styler was because on Fashion Mumblr's Instastories she showed the damage from holding a standard (not GHD) styler opposed to the Platinum styler on hair for 30 seconds. The hair looked fine after the GHDs were taken off but the hair under the standard styler looked like straw. The hair was burnt and looked like the ends would just fall off. Having seen this the reality of straightening my hair set in. I had GHD's anyway but the Platinum stylers just seemed better. Having looked into it, on the GHD website it says the 'Unique wishbone hinge ensures that the plates are precisely aligned. Your hair stays perfect positioned [...] without slipping.' This is why they are designed that way and I must say your hair doesn't feel tugged on at all by the Platinum stylers.

The plates on my Gold stylers felt very smooth but the Platinum stylers are another level, they feel so smooth and they have a fine pink shimmer running through them. The plates supposedly have a 'tri-zone' technology which is basically three sensors on each plate which help to maintain a constant heat. The Tri-zone technology is supposed to stop the stylers from completely killing your hair. As with all GHDs they are kept at the temperature of 185 degrees which GHD claim is the optimum temperature for styling and not damaging the hair as much. I haven't had the Platinum stylers for long enough to see if the damage to my hair changes and to see if it ends up being in slightly better condition but I will keep you updated. 

Not only is the temperature the same but they both have automatic switch off which means after they haven't been used or 30 minutes they turn off. Pretty simple but this is an amazing feature as we have all left the house; got half way down the road and had the panic of whether or not you turned off your straighteners, leaving them to possibly burn your house down. The question is, do you go back? With this feature you don't have to worry which in my eyes makes them completely worth the money. I am a natural born worrier and if there is something I can worry about I will find it. I very rarely test this feature but my period can make me forgetful so I have witnessed the feature working and I've heard my Gold stylers beep just before they turn off. I am yet to see how it works on my Platinum stylers but I assume it will work in the same way.

I do think that the important differences lie in the things that you can't see such as the 'tri-zone' technology in the plates. This is where your extra £30 goes. So far I can't tell if there is a massive difference between the two stylers. The Platinum stylers do feel smoother and they do not pull out as much of my hair which is always nice. I prefer the design/look of the Platinum stylers and when you look at them you can tell they are the more expensive pair but I think you can't go wrong with either styler. If you can afford the Platinum stylers they are a smoother, more thought out pair but if you can't afford them you will get an equally good pair in the Gold stylers. The only thing I would recommend is looking for a set of the breast cancer limited edition stylers so that £10 goes to charity as you are getting yourself something and also doing some good at the same time. 

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