Christmas Launches 2017

Christmas is a beautiful time of year; the twinkling lights on every single tree, tacky decorations hung from every possible location in the house and the crisp, frosty weather. The festive season is made even more beautiful by the thousands of beauty products launched. Now is the time that Christmas launches are slowly being dropped and teased right in front of our faces. At the moment a few items are available but previews of ranges are all over the internet. Everyone knows that at Christmas some of the best products come out, making you want to spend more on yourself rather than anyone else. If you are a beauty addict like me Christmas is the best time of year as you get so many sets and they allow you to try lots of different products. Today I have decided to do a little round up of a few of the products/collections that I am loving the look of. Obviously until they come into store I am not going to be able to try them but if I had unlimited money then these are some of the items I would go for.

Jo Malone London - Christmas Collection

Picture: Really Ree, link to article below
People go mad for the Jo Malone London Advent Calendar with waiting lists starting half way through the year. Personally I have always liked the look of the advent calendar but it isn't something I could justify spending that much money on. For me the stand out products in a Jo Malone London Christmas collection are always the amazing gift sets they create and the limited edition scents they have just started to launch alongside the sets. This years scent is Green Almond and Redcurrant. Now this doesn't seem like a scent that I would like as I am very much a floral girl however I am very excited to see what it smells like. Jo Malone London's latest launch is the English Oak range which contains English Oak and Redcurrant and English Oak and Hazelnut. I preferred English Oak and Redcurrant out of the two scents they have launched but it isn't something I liked enough to buy. Hopefully I will like Green Almond and Redcurrant more as it was the woodiness of the English Oak scent I didn't like.

Not only do I have my eye on the scent of Green Almond and Redcurrant but I will undoubtedly be buying a Pine and Eucalyptus Candle which has become synonymous with Christmas in my household. It is a limited edition scent they launch every year which is a perfect alternative to the traditional warm spicy scents commonly associated with the winter season. Pine and Eucalyptus is very fresh and it has an almost cleansing effect which comes from the Eucalyptus. I believe we have only had a real Christmas tree in my house once and that was when I was quite little, so every year I miss out on the Christmas tree scent but this candle puts that scent in my house without having to clean up thousands of pine needles everyday.

The final item in the Jo Malone Christmas collection that I would LOVE to buy but could never justify is their Deluxe Candle Collection. This is the first year that Jo Malone have created a set like this and at a casual £430 I think it would bring a tear to any shoppers eye. However this contains two of the previous Christmas scents and a Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle which is one of the most traditional smelling scent for winter, even though it is part of their permanent range. The two returning scents are: Frosted Cherry and Clove and Roasted Chestnut. I've had both a Roasted Chestnut and a Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle however it is the Frosted Cherry and Clove that I would love to get my hands on! I remember when it came out and I just couldn't justify spending £120 on a candle, ever since I have bitterly regretted this. I absolutely love anything with a cherry scent and this was the perfect winter candle. I have always wanted it to come back and it has in both this box and the travel candle collection but I prefer the scents in the deluxe candle set.

I feel like this is a bit of a break from tradition this year for Jo Malone, the packaging is very bright and colourful with an almost tacky (but tastefully reigned in) colour choice. Usually the packaging has a little bit of colour for Christmas but retains what is quintessentially Jo Malone's signature black and cream colour scheme. Whereas this year that has been thrown out the window. As you know if you read my blog regularly I think Jo Malone London can do no wrong so I always have high hopes for their Christmas collections, lets hope that this years offering is up to the high standard that they have set themselves.

If you want to see a more in-depth look at the Jo Malone Christmas, here is a link to the article Really Ree wrote: Really Ree: Jo Malone London Christmas

Charlotte Tilbury  - Instant Eye Palette

Photo: Cult Beuaty

Oddly enough I am yet to try any of the Charlotte Tilbury eye shadows. For some reason they have never really been something I have looked into even though the counter in Cribbs Causeway has been open for over a year now. This palette seems like the perfect opportunity to give some of the shadows a good test, with a real mix of shades and textures for me to sink my teeth into. The thing that I like the most about this palette is that it has defined eye looks, like all of her mini palettes, which makes it super easy for beginners like me. With the looks being defined as 'Desk Look' 'Day Look' 'Date Look' and 'Disco Look' it is even defined down to the time of day that you would wear that look. All the shades look very wearable and the palette itself looks stunning. A beautiful addition to any make up table. At £60 this is not cheap but this will definitely be on my Christmas list in hopes someone loves me enough to buy me it. That's if I don't buy it the moment it hits counters. There was a pre-sale for the palette yesterday so this will be launching soon!

Cover FX Mini Custom Drops

Photo: Trendmood
Both of the previous items I saw on my favourite UK blogging site, Really Ree which is super handy as I know they will be launched in the UK however the next item I have no idea if we will see it in UK stores. Recently Trendmood (Instagram) previewed a little set from Cover FX which features 4 mini bottles of their Custom Enhancer Drops. The four shades are; Halo, Celestial, Moonlight and Rose Gold. Once again I am yet to try any of the Enhancer Drops and the thing that puts me off them is the bottle is so big I am worried I won't use it enough to justify spending that much. However the set has four mini shades so they would be; easier to finish, I wouldn't feel guilty if i didn't like them and I would have more to play with. This would be a great gift for any highlighter lover and you could even break it up and add them to a little gift bag if you had four friends who would each suit. Personally I would like to buy this for myself but I guess I will have to wait and see if this makes it way to the UK.

Glamglow - Glitter mask

Photo: Glamglow
I love a Glamglow mask having been using the Gravitymud mask for a while and anything with Glitter immediately catches my attention. Glamglow seem to have combined the two to make a GLITTER MASK! Yeah that's right, a glitter mask.Glitter has even made its way into skincare. This is supposed to be launching at the end of December so it might be post Christmas but I'm going to include it anyway as something to look out for. This is something that I saw on the Glamglow Instagram and I just want to know what it would feel like on the skin. Glitter can be quite sharp and I question how on Earth I would remove all of the glitter from my face as it is notorious for getting everywhere. This does not stop the mask from looking super cool. There isn't much information on this mask at the moment as it is still quite a long time before it is launched but I eagerly await any information on this mask. Glamglow and glitter? I am all in!

Tom Ford - Boys & Girls (Out NOW)

Not a Christmas launch but something that could make an awesome Christmas gift. Last year I treated one of my best friends to 3 of the Lips and Boys for her Birthday as they came in a cute little box additionally they were something she wouldn't buy herself. The Lips and Boys range has been going for a few years and it has become one of my favourite collections that Tom Ford do. The lipsticks are a perfect size so you actually use them up, they fit in any clutch bag and they look super chic when used in public. This year as well as the 50 boys (most of them old ones making a return,) they have created 50 Girls shades, overall amounting to being a 100 lipstick collection! If you are lucky one of them might have your name or a loved ones name and if you are even more lucky you will like that shade. For me, Sophia is the closest I get to my name but looking at swatches online it is one of the few colours I would like from the Girls collection. If you have longed for a Tom Ford Lipstick these are great in terms of price point and as I said make a stunning gift for any beauty fan.

MAC - Whisper of Gilt

Photo: Trendmood
Before I even knew some of the shades being bought back as part of the MAC Christmas range I had already fallen in love with the packaging. It is a beauty. Then I saw that they are bring back Whisper of Gilt and this compact instantly made it to the top of my wishlist. This shade came out as part of the Sweet Copper Face Compact last year and it had been launched prior to that collection. It is a pale gold shade with the most incredible formula so it is super hyped in the MAC community. The Face Compact sold out within days last year so if you would like to get your hands on this compact you will have to be quick! I haven't seen much else from this collection but if this is a hint of what we can expect, it is going to be one of the best MAC Christmas ranges. Just look at the packaging alone *Heart Eye Emoji*

Hourglass - Ambient Edit Volume 3 Palette

Photo: Net-A-Porter
Is it time to admit that Hourglass are a brand that I have only ever tried in store and I have never actually owned any of their products? I used to use the Strobe highlighting powders anytime I was on counter but I never liked them enough to buy them. However every year Hourglass create one of the most hyped palettes. This is Volume 3 of the Ambient Edit Palette and they have really tapped into the millennial hype by deciding to go with Rose Gold packaging. It has three of their best selling powders and 3 exclusive powders. With 2 setting powders, a highlighter, a bronzer and two blushers you have everything you need for a flawlessly illuminated face. Once again this is a product heavily talked about and this will feature on pretty much every blog between now and Christmas so you will be able to see much more info on this palette. It has a hefty price tag but as they are powders you get a lot of use out of the pans, even though they are smaller than the usual pan size. If you already know you love Hourglass this is one to look out for.

Maybe I should call this post Christmas Launches Part 1 as there is still more time for brands to bring out products and for me to want to talk about them so it is very possible another version of the post could end up happening. I love Christmas and I usually start thinking about it from September onwards. For most it is way to early but if you want to get some of these products you are going to have to be quick as a lot of them will sell out within a few weeks, if not days. I love seeing what is being launched for the festive season as it gets me more excited and I think brands are their most inventive when it comes to the holiday season. Let me know if there is anything you have your eye on by messaging me on twitter @SophaaRambles

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