Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

A few months ago Urban Decay began teasing the beauty community with its biggest launch of the year, the comeback of their cult classic: the Naked Palette. When I first got into beauty I remember the hype surrounding these palettes (only two were out at the time.) They were quite revolutionary for the time, a large palette of good eye shadows with a mix of textures was pretty much unheard of so when the Naked palettes launched they sold out and didn't come back into stock for months. This level of hysteria has definitely died down as they have launched more palettes. The Naked 3 palette was really of no interest to me personally, I did buy the Smoky Palette however I rarely use it and all the launches after that didn't peak my interest enough for me to be able to name them.

This all changed when I saw the first images of the Naked Heat Palette, from the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it had to be mine. It seemed like most people had the same reaction, images of it went viral very quickly and it became massively hyped. Warm shadows are definitely the trend at the moment after everyone fell in love with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. Warm oranges and reds have been a staple on most eye lids and why not they look great on pretty much everyone. Even though I am late putting out my post as pretty much everyone has already spoken about, I wanted to give it enough time that I had really tested out this palette. I find it hard to believe someone can gather their thoughts on a product after only a couple of days use. 

With the same layout as all the other Naked Palettes, it has mimicked the packaging of the Smoky Palette opposed to the old tin packaging. Personally I much prefer the new plastic packaging as it makes it feel more sturdy however this does make the palette more bulky. That is where my appreciation of the packaging ends. I detest the retro vibe of this packaging. I wasn't around in the 80s but this reminds me of a sleazy neon sign or an oil spill outside some grubby bar. I feel like this packaging is wasted on me and anyone under the age of 25. I think it is rather tacky and actually think the cardboard box it came in had a much better design. 

The palette is also made bulky by the brush you get with it. I actually really liked the brush that came with the Naked 2 palette but over the years they have declined in my estimation. This could be because I now have more experience but for some reason this brush seems lower quality. I have used the brush with the Naked Heat palette and it is ok but it only places shadow (not very well) and there is literally no blending. If you have your own brushes I would recommend using those instead. The palette ranges from a highlight shade to a chocolate brown shimmer shade with all sorts of formulas in the middle. I have to say I agree with pretty much everyone in the fact that there isn't a shade dark enough to really smoke out the palette and I would possibly like a gold shade but other than that these shades are perfect. Urban Decay have most definitely made good use of red pigment in this palette with pretty much every tone of red featuring in this palette. Personally I like this as it is very different from any other palette I own purely because I stick to browns rather than reds. However I can see why other people say there isn't enough of a shade range in this palette.  

All the shades are well pigmented and they come across true to what they look like in the pan. Some of the formulas however are a little bit dodgy. Considering the Naked Palettes were originally well loved for their formula some of the mattes in this palette aren't as good as they should be. My problem lies with En Fuego and Ashes. I don't care what anyone says, they are pigmented but the formula is too dry. You can apply colour but it doesn't blend out very well as the formula is too stiff which means the shadows can look patchy. This is disappointing as they are two of my favourite shades in the palette and if they worked well, people might not have been so bothered by the fact that there isn't a dark shade in the palette. I don't find this to be a problem with the lighter mattes which is good because they are some of my favourite shadows in the palette. Chaser, Sauced and Low Blow all work to soften the reds and to bring any look together.

One texture which is on point is the shimmer shades, I have always thought Urban Decay can do not wrong with their shimmer shades. In the pan Lumire, Dirty Talk and Scorched all look pretty similar but they all have very different tones and a different shimmer within them. Lumire and Dirty Talk both have an almost duo chrome effect which makes them beautiful on the lid. Lumire contains a gold shimmer whilst Dirty Talk has a orange frosted sheen running through it. Scorched is just a straight up ruby red with a silver shimmer running through and I think it is potentially my favourite shade in the whole palette. If you have hazel eyes like me and you are trying to bring out the green, this shadow does that perfectly. The other shimmer shade is called Embre, which I absolutely love but it is similar to shades in other palettes so I'm not overly fussed about it. The matte shades outnumber the shimmer shades which is unusual for a palette but it is also the reason why this palette is so usable. You can use any of the shades and create a look. One thing that Urban Decay do well is colour selection and all of the shades in this palette go together beautifully. 

Of course I love this palette, I think it has a beautiful shade range and even though some of the shadows are a little harder to work with they all work together to make a beautiful eye look. I have been wearing this on my eyes nonstop since I bought it but one thing I have noticed is that it would probably be better for Autumn. With all of the plum and rust shades this would look its best during the autumn in my opinion. The summer is all about gold and that is missing from this palette. 

When Urban Decay launched the Naked Heat Palette, they released a whole collection around the palette. The collection consisted of 3 lipsticks and two eye liners so that you can complete the look. Surprisingly none of the lipsticks interested me; two of them were metallic finishes which I would never wear and the nude shade was nice but I have thousands of nude lipsticks. One thing that did catch my eye was the 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner in the shade Alkaline. A lot of people who received the PR for this launch criticised the two eye liners saying they wouldn't be dark enough to go with the palette, which I can see why people have this opinion but that only takes into account using it as a look rather than as individual items. When I bought these two items I didn't intent for them to go together.

Quite a while ago I bought a Clinique Set which was full of products in their Black Honey shade. There was a lipstick, an eye liner, a gloss and a polish however I completely fell in love with the eye liner. It looked almost black but instead of being super harsh like a black, it was softer but still defining. Clinique do not make the Black Honey Liner as part of their standard range so ever since I have been on the look out for a similar shade. I bought Alkaline in hope that it would be a similar shade. Unfortunately they are quite different but I do like Alkaline for the same reason I liked Black Honey; it is defining but not bold. 

As the colour is not as deep as you would think it would be, it doesn't really go with the Naked Heat Palette. Alkaline is a light plum with a lot of pink tones when it is blended out. As it isn't as plummy as you would think it should be, it doesn't show up with some of the shades in the palette but I like to use it with other looks. For example as I am writing this I used the Too Faced Natural Love Palette to create my eye look. I used Lace Teddy as a transition, Nudie in the crease, Cutie Poodie all over the lid and Undercover in the outer corner. With this look I used Alkaline to define the outer corner of my eye to help give the appearance of wider eyes which is something i always consider when creating any eye look. With this look Alkaline works as it is darker than the majority of the eye look. 

The Urban Decay Glide on liners are famed for being a good eye liner, lasting all day and being smudge proof once they have set. I had always wanted one but £15.50 seemed quite a lot for an eye liner. I must admit they didn't seem to be as long lasting as I thought they were going to be but I do have quite watery eyes. This looks good for the morning but in the afternoon it has worn off quite a lot. On me this is pretty long lasting as normally I end up with eyeliner half way down my face by 10am. However this does not make it a 24 hour wear time but the disappointing wear time is made up for by the texture. This liner feels super creamy and it does exactly what the name suggests and glides on the eye. Even though I always thought these were expensive I am so pleased to have tried it and I can see why people rave about the liners so much. Plus if you are looking for a specific colour eye pencil, Urban Decay probably make it. They have a massive range of unusual shades but they also have your standard black and brown so there is something for everyone. Compared to the MAC pencils which are a similar price I much prefer the Urban Decay pencils.

When you saw that I was doing a post on the Naked Heat palette I hope you didn't roll your eyes because I know there have been so many reviews floating around. I feel like you will have already decided if you want this palette or not. Everyone knows that the Urban Decay shadows are good so it wouldn't be a question of formula, really it comes down to whether or not you like warm shadows and especially reds. If you are new to eye shadow and think you want to give this a go, this isn't for the faint-hearted, it is highly pigmented and can be difficult to work with (some of the matte shades) so be warned. Personally I love this palette and I am happy to have it in my collection. I completely think it was worth the hype and I hope Urban Decay continue to launch products like this. If you do want it, you will be pleased to know that this does seem to be in stock so you won't be waiting around for months.

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