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For anyone based in the UK Soap and Glory has been a brand widely available for many years which has maintained a massive amount of coverage by pretty much every single blogger and Youtuber. I love it so much that I buy it regularly for friends and family which is saying something. Soap and Glory really are known for their bath and body products, they are easily some of my favourites from the high street. However on my blog one of the most spoken about products from the brand is actually their brow products. I find they usually do a cheaper alternative to some of Benefit's most well known products. Even though I know I love their make up and bath products, something I really haven't explored is their skincare. They have quite a wide range of skincare and Soph from Sophdoesnails speaks about it quite a lot but I had never really been intrigued by it. This all changed when I saw they were launching sheet masks. When I saw the range they were doing I couldn't wait for them to come out so I could try them myself.

My feelings towards sheet masks have changed slightly over the duration of this blog. When I first started to use them I couldn't understand how anyone could like them. However this was because I hadn't found sheet masks I liked. Now that the Sephora sheets masks and more recently the Origins masks have made their way into my life I can now appreciate why everyone loves them so much. The Sephora masks will always be my favourites but unless I am doing a Sephora online shop then I can't get them. The Origins masks are a close second but cannot quite beat my love for the Sephora masks so I thought I would give the Soap and Glory masks a chance.

Soap and Glory have come out with five different masks and when I was shopping they had a 3 for 2 offer on so I picked up one of the Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask and two of the Puffy Eye Attack Under Eye Masks. I got two of the eye masks because I have found them much harder to find. Pretty much every brand now creates a sheet mask but under eye masks are still quite hard to find. Once again I love the Sephora eye masks but I use them up so quickly. I like to use them on days that my eyes feel like they are struggling but my whole face doesn't need a sheet mask. I use under eye masks a lot more regularly but they are so much harder to come by so in hope that these would be good I decided to get two.

Can I just say that these are some of the most bizarre masks I have ever used. I feel like I must have had a very sheltered life when it comes to sheet masks as previously I've never used a jelly one before. Both the eye mask and the sheet mask are the traditional fabric sheet mask covered in this weird jelly. The only thing I can compare the feeling of these masks to, is if as a child you ever took apart a Jaffa Cake and peeled out the orange jelly, these masks feel like that jelly. To protect the eye masks they come in a plastic pot which you open and the patches have a thin layer of plastic on both sides to protect them from sticking to each other.

As I had two of them I ended up trying the under eye masks first. I read the instructions on the back and it said to peel off the thin layer and then apply. This left me very confused as I couldn't work out which side I was supposed to apply. I assumed you couldn't get it wrong so just applied any old side. I was wrong there was a definite side. The masks felt quite uncomfortable and sharp and the longer I had them on, the more I hated the feeling. I used my Glamglow Gravitymud mask on the rest of my face so I could have a pamper before settling down to watch Love Island. It said to leave it for 20-30 minutes which was also the reason I used the Glamglow mask as it takes around the same amount of time. Once the discomfort got a bit much I though I would try the other side, (this was about 20 minutes in,) once i swapped them, I realised what a doughnut I had been. They feel much smoother and less sharp on the actual side you are supposed to use, plus they have a sort of hatched line effect on the side your not supposed to use which makes it slightly easier to work out which side you are meant to apply.

They aren't overly wet compared to the Sephora Eye Masks which are my ultimate favourites and to be honest the only other eye masks I have tried. This is quite good as I feel like if they had too much serum, they would just slide off of your face because the jelly is quite smooth. However they do feel stuck to the face once the eye masks have been placed. They do feel quite cooling on the skin which would be amazing for summer and they are quite a nice size. After I had swapped them they were much more comfortable and I have used other packets since so it is helpful that I now know which side to apply. After I take them off I find all the serum has pretty much been used so there is very little for my to rub in. The serum doesn't feel to thick nor does it sit on the skin for too long. I do really like these patches and I have used multiple packets since my first blunder with them. I don't know if I prefer these to the Sephora ones, just because they are so different. If there is a chance to get my hands on the Sephora ones I will always pick up a few sets but I will also keep getting the Soap and Glory ones. I think the Soap and Glory masks are more hydrating but I prefer the feel of the Sephora masks on my face.

Moving on to the Speed Plump Miracle Moisture mask. It took me a while to get around to using this purely because I haven't felt the need to use an all over sheet mask. I've had quite problematic skin recently with a lot of break outs and the last thing you want to do is put a sheet mask on blemishes. A sheet mask creates a breeding ground for bacteria so I have been holding off on using this. The other night my skin felt like it needed hydration so I thought it was the prefect time to try this mask. This mask contains Hyaluronic acid, rose (my favourite ingredient in masks,) Peony Flower Root and Safflower plant extract. I'm not going to pretend I have a clue what Safflower is as I have no idea. Rose and Peony are great for providing a boost of hydration and also for soothing the skin. However the key hydrating ingredient is Hyaluronic acid which can retain water to give plumper looking skin. This mask has all the key ingredients to hydrate the skin and to make it look fresher.

One of the things that struck me as I opened the packet was the scent. It has a subtle, quite soft aroma of orange, more like a soft orange blossom but it comes from Sweet Orange essential oil. I loved the smell and as it says on the packet it does rejuvenate and it also lightened my mood, which was hard to do as it was my time of the month. One thing I did not enjoy as I took this out of the packet was the amount of serum that went EVERYWHERE! It went all over my worktop and I ended up taking the mask out over my bin so it wouldn't go all over the carpet. I also struggled to get the mask out. This mask is almost vacuum packed into the packet and with the amount of serum falling out it makes it hard to get a hold of and take out in one piece.

Once the mask was finally out I was greatly confused. I didn't realise this mask comes in two parts and all I could see was the eye part. After I managed to unfold all of the mask parts I had the task of working out which side I needed. There is a thicker sheet of plastic on one side of the mask and a thinner one so if you take the thinner one off first, that is the side you apply. I applied the bottom half first and I really struggled to get a good fit. As it is a jelly mask, it is quite thick and therefore you are unable to fold it like I would with a normal fabric mask. This left the mask hanging around the bottom of my face and a large part of the mask had come away from my chin. The top bit fit way better but there was a lot of overlapping of the two masks and it did come over my eyes which made it hard to relax and watch my Ru Paul's Drag Race. I wasn't moving around much as I was taking the time to relax but the mask did slowly move down to cover my eyes more and more. If you wanted to wear this mask whilst you were cleaning or doing something this would just end up coming down your face.

I left this on for a good 20-30 minutes and when I removed it. There was some serum left on the mask which I took down my neck to make the most out of it. The serum itself was quite tacky and felt quite thick as I was patting it in but 5 minutes later my skin had drank it all up. There was quite a bit of serum to pat in but once it had dried my skin looked plump, hydrated and fresher. The next day my make up sat so much better than it usually does and my skin looked as close to flawless as I am ever going to get. Even though I still thought the jelly texture was the strangest thing I had ever put on my face, it felt very cooling and I would definitely use one again to get this effect again.

One of the reasons I wanted these masks to be good is because they are cheap. Both masks are £3.50 which is peanuts. I have been left really impressed by these two masks and I will definitely be buying more. I might even try some of the other masks they have launched. In addition to these two masks Soap and Glory also launched; The Fab Pore which is a pore refining mask, the Bright and Beautiful Radiance Boosting mask and the What a Peeling! peel off mask which helps to de-clog but it comes in slightly more expensive at £4. If you are looking for a new sheet mask to try and you think you can deal with the unusual texture I highly recommend giving these a go because they do exactly what they say they do. Soap and Glory are a brand which tends to deliver on their products, I am yet to be disappointed by anything I have tried.

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