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When you walk into a store, it is never as simple as just picking up one item. In this instance I hadn't really walked in to spend any money. The original purpose for my visit to my local MAC counter was to take some empty bottles Back to MAC, which I did write a post on a few weeks ago and it is linked at the bottom of the page. I had intended to walk in, do my swap and leave but I ended up leaving the store missing £41.50 from my bank account. It's just so easily done. You walk in, have a little browse and end up picking up a few products, it happens to the best of us.  

Who doesn't love a good MAC haul, I mean it is a classic, staple brand that everyone knows and loves so that is what today's post is. I thought I would share with you everything I picked up on this particular trip and why. 

MAC Brush Cleanser

I won't bore you too much by talking about possibly one of the most boring products in the beauty industry. If you did read my Back to MAC post then it will be no surprise as to why I had to pick up another bottle of this. I get through brush cleanser far too quickly. This has been my brush cleanser of choice for many years now, basically for as long as I've owned brushes. It is designed as a quick spot cleanser however at the moment this is the only product I use to cleanse my brushes. Previously I did use the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser which I loved but I have run out and cannot be bothered to buy a new one. At £12 I am sure there are cheaper brush cleansers on the market however this one works so why would I swap it, plus it makes up the majority of my empties which go Back to MAC. Without my empty brush cleansers it would probably take me two years to get my free lipstick.

MAC Lip Duo

Who doesn't love a good Lip Kit? When I saw that MAC did them I was instantly sold. They are clearly trying to imitate the success of the Lip Kits created by Kylie Cosmetics but why not do something like that especially when MAC are known for their iconic lip products. One thing that is slightly disappointing about these Lip Duos is that they are all shades you can buy individually so there is nothing original about them but that didn't stop me from buying one. The Lip Duos were created using some of MAC's favourite lipstick shades such as Velvet Teddy and Ruby Woo. These shades are the ones I always go for when I am buying presents so these would make a wonderful gift. Super simple to choose as there are only 8 shades and already boxed up, the dream.

I had already been looking at MAC lipsticks as I had to pick out my free lipstick for my Back to MAC. There were four shades that I had been thinking about; Blankety, Creme in your Coffee, Please Me and Honeylove. I had different reasons for liking each one but I will be honest the reason I wanted to check out Honeylove was because of Lydia Millen. She is currently one of my favourite Youtubers, she has an amazing channel dedicated to designer fashion but she delves a little bit into Beauty. More often than not she wears Honeylove lipstick by MAC. She has beautiful tanned skin so I always wondered if it would suit me. For the record I most definitely am not beautifully tanned, I am deathly pale. I had seen the Lip Duos online and I knew that they had one which included Honeylove and it had the addition of Subculture lip liner. I asked the assistant in the shop if she thought it would suit me and she said yes, that even though it is pale it has a warm undertone in it. On the MAC website they describe the shade as a 'light beige toned with rose' and that is exactly the shade. After falling for the shade, this lead me to decide not to pick it as my free lipstick but to get the Lip Duo instead. I have been loving using lip liners recently so I thought I would just get the duo. I was so excited to try this that I put it on the moment I got home and I have been using the combination pretty much everyday since. The nude shade is perfect for every eye look and it is very easy to pull off. I cannot thank Lydia enough for talking about this lip shade so much. 

The Lip Duos cost £29.50. Individually the lipstick costs £16.50 and the pencil costs £13.00 so you do not save any money by buying the duo however it does make it easier to find a matching liner. 

Free Lipsticks

The Brush Cleanser and the Lip Duo were the two products which made up the £41.50 and I actually received two free lipsticks with my purchase. As I said at the beginning, my intention was to go in just for my Back to MAC. If you take 6 empties Back to MAC they will give you a free lipstick of your choice. I had 4 shades in mind which I listed earlier but I ended up picking Creme in your Coffee. It was a shade I had been thinking about buying for a while but I never felt I would like it enough to spend £16.50 on it so I picked it as my free lipstick. It is a mid brown with pink undertones in it and after I got home I realised it was remarkably similar to the MAC Liptensity lipstick in Smoked Almond which is one of my favourites. Similarly to the Liptensity range, Creme in your Coffee is a cremesheen formula which is the only finish I like other than matte. I must admit since I picked this one I've only worn it a few times as it seems wrong to wear such a dark shade during summer however I anticipate that this will be an Autumn fave.

The second lipstick I received because MAC had a promotion on following National Lipstick Day. For the occasion if you spent over £40 you were able to pick one of 6 lipsticks for free. I believe this promotion ran until the 12th but it could have ended before due to lack of stock. When she said I could have a free lipstick I was very excited. Then she said I had no choice and they only had one lipstick left; the shade I was given was Cyber. When I looked at the shade I wondered when on Earth I would ever wear it, I knew this was never going to suit me. It is a very cool toned purple which is probably why it was the only shade left. Even more bizarrely it is a satin finish which means if I ever wore it, it would end up around my face. I can't imagine I would ever wear it so I have no idea what to do with this lipstick but I though I would share it with you anyway in case you have any genius idea of what I can use it for.

That bring us to the end of my little haul. I am always surprised by how things can add up, how did two items cost me £41.50, it seems mad. Considering I had only gone into the store to drop off my empties, MAC had a pretty good sale out of me. The problem is I am a sucker for a MAC lipstick, they will always be some of my favourites so I just can't help myself when it comes to buying them.

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