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Does anyone else get that sort of anti-climatic feeling of attachment whenever you finish a more luxury product and you have to just throw away the empty packaging? I most certainly do. It seems like such a waste to bin something that you have used and spent quite a bit of money on. This is why i always love brands who do a scheme to get you to bring back the empty bottles and recycle them. Not only is it helping the environment but you usually get something out of it. Back to MAC is a scheme which is not talked about enough in the blogging community. It is an amazing idea and you get a free lipstick. 

When i first started to buy MAC products it took a long time to be introduced to the scheme. I was watching a Youtube video and they just happened to mention Back to MAC as if everyone should know what it is. For those of you who don't know, it is simple. You just need to finish up 6 MAC products which have a container, take them into store and you get to pick a free lipstick. You can pick any lipstick as long as it is in stock, not limited edition and i believe it has to be from their standard lipstick range rather than a liquid lipstick or one of the Liptensity collection. It is as simple as that, the hard part comes with using up 6 products. It can take me well over a year to accumulate the necessary empties but the time has come and i have finally got my six empties and i am going to take you through them all and at the end you can find out which lipstick i chose to join my collection.

Brush Cleanser x3 

The majority of my empties which go Back To MAC are always the Brush Cleanser. It is a very boring empty but they are probably one of the easiest products to get through. At the moment i do not have anything to deep cleanse my brushes so i have been using this more regularly to try and keep my brushes clean. This is just your bog standard brush cleanser, there this nothing amazing about it but it gets the job done. I've used this one for as long as i've had brushes as i remember watching a video by Pixiwoo and they recommended it. I'm sure you could probably get a cheaper one which is just as good but i keep buying this one just because i can take it Back To MAC and it contributes towards my 6. 

It is important to clean your brushes as it keeps them hygienic and most brush cleanser will also condition them so that they last longer. I would recommend the MAC one as i like it but at the same time it is all i know. It is quick to use and it dries quickly which is what you need from a spot clean brush cleanser. When i took my 6 empties back to MAC i actually did buy another bottle so it is even good enough to repurchase.

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15 

This used to be the lightest shade that they did but MAC have upped their game in terms of shade range. This bottle has to be a good 3 years old now but i haven't used it in a long time. I bought this because my best friend loved it but now i look back on it, the only MAC foundation i like is Studio Sculpt. My issue with this foundation is that it wasn't long lasting enough for me. I loved the finish, it gave quite a dewy finish and doesn't make you look shiny. It is a medium coverage however you can build it up but i found there was a fine line between looking flawless and looking cakey, This stopped me using this foundation and i eventually found my current love Estee Lauder's Double Wear. Even though i haven't used this in a long time, there is only a tiny bit left so it is going back to MAC to become a shiny new lipstick. If you want to try this foundation i wouldn't put anyone off of it, it just didn't work out for my skin type nor what i like in a foundation. The likelihood is i wouldn't buy this again but never say never, this is not a bad foundation. 

Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Hands down one of the best products MAC makes, i do not have enough good things to say about the Paint Pots. I have always loved cream eye shadows but there is something about the MAC ones that really works. I bought the shade Bare Study to use it as a base for powder eye shadow and it worked beautifully. I wanted a MAC Paint Pot as so many people online raved about them, i wanted to see what all the fuss is about. They are quite a firm texture, not moussey at all but it almost melts onto your finger tip and makes it easy to swipe across the eye lid. You can be quite messy with these and they still look effortless. I chose Bare Study as i wanted something i could wear on its own or as a base and this worked as both. If i used a shadow over the top, this didn't affect the colour too much but added a tiny bit of shimmer which is a quality i like in my eye shadows. MAC states a 15 hour wear time on their website and i would have to agree, they wear really well and last all day when i am at work. There is no creasing and you can build it up to be as opaque as you want. This pot lasted for ages and i used it everyday so they are well worth £16. At the moment i am using an equivalent from Make Up For Ever which i like but i'm not sure i like as much as the Paint Pots. I will definitely be buying a new one in the not too distant future but i might go for a more neutral shade like Groundwork or Soft Ochre which are both blogger favourites.
Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick

It is very rare for me to finish a whole lipstick, i think it has only happened twice in my life; a tube of the L'Oreal Cheryl Nude Lipstick (now JLo) and this tube of MAC's Velvet Teddy. Velvet Teddy has been one of my favourite lipsticks ever since Kylie Jenner blew the shade up. It was all down to her that everyone fell in love with this shade as it was the one she wore before she launched her lip kits and before she admitted to fillers. Everyone went mad for it and it was permanently sold out for almost a year. Now it is more widely available and pretty much everyone has a tube of it but this hasn't stopped me from loving it. I find Velvet Teddy very easy to wear, you can just throw it on, it suits pretty much everyone and it goes with every make up look. I have used this down to a tiny nub to try and get the most out of it, luckily i did have a spare in my collection which i am also slowly making my way through. This is an essential to me and i will always have one in my collection.

The Lipstick i Picked

I know this is what you've been waiting for, to find out which lipstick i went for. I was contemplating between Creme in your Coffee, Please Me,  Blankety and Honeylove. In the end i picked Creme in your Coffee, it is a shade i had been thinking about getting for a while. It is a cremesheen formula which is my favourite for the summertime and it is a mid toned pink/brown which is slightly darker than i would usually go for this time of year but i wanted to get something i wouldn't usually buy. I didn't really feel prepared when i got to the MAC counter so i picked up a few and i really liked this one and i felt like it filled a gap in my collection.

Whilst i was swapping my Back to MAC i did take the opportunity to pick up a few items which you will get to see in a post soon. I hope this has helped to enlighten any of you to this scheme because it is such a good idea and it is something you can benefit from especially if you buy MAC products anyway. If you want to know more about my experiences with Back to MAC or if you have any questions, feel free to message me on twitter @SophaaRambles

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