Lush Haul: Summer 2017

I always say Lush is better during the Winter. I find the scents more alluring and who really baths during the Summer? However there is the odd occasion that the need for a bath comes over me, even when the weather is bordering on 30 degrees outside. Even though the water in my bath is probably cooler than the temperature outside I still enjoy sitting in a bath. I am so stocked up from last Christmas that i'm not sure I will even need to buy any during the festive season this year but this hasn't stopped me from buying more.

The only reason I went in to pick up a few items was because I actually follow my closest store on Instagram and they posted all of the products being discontinued this year and what I saw devastated me. If you have been reading my blog for over a year then you will know I wrote about Honey Bee Bath Bomb, one of the old classics which was discontinued last year and they have done the same this year. For anyone who hasn't been around for that long, you won't know that I have been using Lush for a good 10 years now. My mum introduced me to it when we were in London, way before there were any stores in the South West and it used to be my little treat whenever we would visit London. A lot of the products from those times have gone and have long been replaced, Ma Bar was an old favourite, Honey Bee and now Tisty Tosty is going. I must admit I forgot about this one for a long time as new products came out but for my Birthday last year I was given the Rosie Giftbox which contains this bath bomb and it reignited my love for it. Since then I always have one in my Lush draw. 

In a way I can see why they are getting rid of Tisty Tosty because Lush make so many Rose scented products and this one is the one I gravitated towards the least. It is a white bath bomb which doesn't do much to the water but it does contain rose petals which add to the luxuriousness of the bath. Unlike other Lush scents this one has a slightly more green note to it rather than being sweet. It contains Geranium which is a very earthy floral. Even though this green note is quite strong the floral aspect of the Rose is backed up by Jasmine which is a strong, slightly earthy floral but it has an almost powder quality. This is a very romantic scent which I personally like but if you are not a floral fan this is not going to be for you. Not only does it smell great but it feels very soothing and leaves your skin feeling soft once you've got out of the bath.

Another bath bomb which is brutally being cut from the Lush line up is Fizzbanger. A newer addition to their collection but one that has made an impact. It smells like toffee apples which is why I love it so much. I remember when this came out, it was just before Fireworks night a few years ago and I assumed it was limited edition, turns out it wasn't. I like this one for cooler evenings when I feel like I need to be warmed and i'm looking for a bit of comfort. It is what I imagine bathing in a Hot Toddy would be like. Even though the predominate smell is Apple, there is a hint of citrus which in addition to the apple leaves it smelling quite fresh. The hint of cinnamon gives it a warming effect but it isn't too strong within the scent that your left smelling like a Christmas cake. Ylang Ylang oil helps to soften the scent even more with a hint of floral but keep with the overall uplifting quality of the scent. As you could probably guess from the name, it has Popping Candy in it which makes this bath bomb more fun and if you were looking for a good bath bomb for someone younger this is a good one as it has that element of surprise. I am disappointed that this one is going but as we get closer to Autumn, Lush will release their Christmas products and i'm sure there will be plenty of bath bombs that smell like this one.

I had only really popped in to Lush to get a couple of these two bath bombs as when I saw they were being discontinued I felt a little bit gutted. When I got into store, the moment I walked in, a sales assistant pounced. Now i've worked retail and i know you have to speak to every customer but give me chance to get in the door. I tried to remain polite and luckily it got on to the topic of why i had come to the store. She showed me where to find Tisty Tosty and Fizzbanger and very kindly packaged them up for me. Then the upselling began. I know I am an easy target but come on guys give my bank balance a chance. She knew I was in there for discontinued products so she showed me some of the ones going. So my basket increased.

I knew Frozen was going and i remember buying one when they first came into stores nationwide instead of just being a Lush Oxford Street exclusive. I liked it at the time but never felt the need to buy one. When the sales assistant showed me it and I smelt it again, I had to have one. Her selling point was that it has an uplifting scent, which is true. It is a citrus scent and as they are so light they have a calming and refreshing effect. The citrus comes from Grapefruit oil and Neroli which is actually a citrus floral. To fit in with my love of florals this also has a hint of Rose oil so this really is a perfect scent for me. If you like the sound of the cirtus notes in this bath bomb but don't like Rose, please don't let this put you off because they are perfectly paired and the Rose is not strong at all. The moment she said it was a mood changer I felt like I needed it, I had had a crappy day at work and this seemed perfect to give me the little boost I needed. I completely disregarded the fact that this has tonnes of glitter in it but I can get past that.

After taking me through all of the Bath products she asked if I used the shower gels, duh, i've used pretty much all of them at some point. I would like to point out that I didn't say it this bluntly to her. I knew The Comforter was going but I didn't think I was going to get one. I like it but I have so much shower gel I could start my own store. In the end I got one. If you have ever used the bath bomb with the same name, this smells identical. Strangely I only ever use this in the shower cream but I don't have a good reason for this. This smells like Ribena or any blackcurrant squash you used to drink as a child. The shower cream does have a little bit of Vanilla in it which helps to give an almost creamy scent which softens the tart berries. As it is a shower cream it doesn't really foam up, it has more of an oily texture which I can imagine some people don't like. Also it can make your skin look slightly more pink that it usually does and this can be highlighted by the silver shimmer housed in the product. However I still really like it. This is the only Shower Cream i've tried from Lush and liked. Even though Lord of Misrule is hands down one of my favourites scents from the brand, I completely loathe the shower cream version. I'm glad I bought a bottle of this but I can't say I am devastated that this is going.

After my basket had already increased, I made the mistake of asking about the new Jelly Bath Bombs as I was so intrigued by the concept. They had one of them in the sink so I put my hand in and it is successfully the most bizzare bath concept i've ever felt. One product I really dislike from Lush is any of their bath products which have oil in them, such as Lava Lamp. I find the oil sits in a awkward layer on top of the bath, never really sinking in and leaving strange marks all over the bath and you. I wanted to see if the Jelly Bath Bombs would be the same. I ended up buying two; Green Coconut and Dark Arts. Green Coconut reminded me of Lugi from Mario and Dark Arts (which was inspired by Harry Potter) actually reminds me of the dragon eggs from Game of Thrones. As the name suggest Green Coconut smells like Coconut whilst Dark Arts is more spicy and reminded me of their Christmas scents (think Cinders.) I am yet to try these but I will report back once i've given them a go. I really wasn't told that much about them in store but the jelly comes from Sodium Alginate which derives from Seaweed. When the Sodium Alginate mixes with water it creates a jelly like substance. I mean how do people come up with this? If you want to read more about them, here is a link to the article about them on the Lush website (Lush Article about Jelly Bomb)

After a look at the new Jelly Face Masks, which I definitely was not a fan of but left with a sample of it and a quick look at haircare which was where I drew the line as I couldn't give a shit about how my hair looks. My basket was complete, coming in at a casual £42.50. I wasn't thrilled when the price came out as I had only expected to spend around £20 but the girl who served me was rather helpful. After we had initially got off on the wrong foot, she helped me to get some products that I probably would have forgotten about. If you do want to know all the products that are being discontinued, there is a list on the lush website which I will link here so you can see if any of your favourites are going. (Discontinued Product List) I know I have made so many of these products sound appealing but if you want to try any your going to have to quick.

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