What Did I Pick Up In The Summer Sales?

I don't care what anyone says, sale season should only happen twice a year. I feel like the purity of sale season has been spoilt with mid season sales and discounts. The only stores that stick to the semi-annual sales are designer stores so i only truly appreciate sales in June and just after Christmas. I do have to say the summer sales this year were a bit of a disappointment. I had a few items that i was hoping would go down but unfortunately none of them did. That means i didn't manage to get any of the designer items i was looking at but i did pick up a few pieces whilst i went on various shopping trip so I thought i would share what i picked up.

I have to admit i didn't pick up a massive amount of things in the sale just because last month i was on No Spend June and i didn't really see a lot that caught my eye. A lot of the items i bought were things that i had liked previously and finally picked them up as i could finally justify them.

A good example of this is the Ted Baker Wash Bag. This was actually the first item i picked up this sale season. Ever since i saw Zoella with one many years ago i have always thought about buying one. If you are a long time reader you will know i have a soft spot for anything Ted Baker but i didn't have a make up bag. I have to admit i don't generally use a make up bag, i just take things from my draw but this is the medium sized wash bag so i actually wanted this for my hand bag. Whenever i am looking for a lipstick i end up taking everything out of my bag just to find it so i wanted a pouch to organise my bag. I figured if i put all of my beauty products in this pouch it would make them much easier to find. Plus if i wanted to top up my make up at my desk this is a cute bag so i don't mind having it out. It is the perfect size for my Alexander Wang Rockie Bag which i am currently using for work. The mint shade also matched my Kate Spade purse which i have been using. Full price, this bag is £27 but i paid £18 for it so i felt like it was a good saving.

The other beauty related item i treated myself to at the start of this month is from Morphe Brushes. Beauty Bay, one of my favourite online beauty retailers had a 50% off sale on selected items and some of the Morphe Brushes fell into this category. I had been thinking about getting some new brushes for a while as i am missing some keep eye brushes from my collection. Plus i have always wanted to test out some Morphe brushes as i hear so much about them. I had my eye on some of the Rose Gold Brushes as they look beautiful and luckily for me most of them had 40% off, if not more. I selected 5 and waited for them to arrive. I picked the R13, R38, R40, R42, R43. They came late last week but i have only just started using them so it is too early to be able to tell if i like them. When they arrived i was pleasantly surprised by how soft they are and they look great considering i didn't spend too much on them. All together these 5 brushes came to £17.70 which is less than one MAC brush. As i say i am going to test them out a little bit more but expect a full post on my thoughts. 

A card holder is something i have been thinking about investing in for a while. They seemed so much easier than carrying around my whole purse which i don't actually need to carry with me most of the time. I never really have cash on me so the money portion of my purse has become obsolete. Plus my recent summer bag purchase made it necessary to buy one as my purse only just fits into it. I have been looking for a while and i was considering the Burberry Izzy Card Holder but they recently put the price up and i don't like any of the new designs. I was wandering through House of Fraser and i noticed the DKNY stand had some card holders on sale. They had a few colours but the pale grey one pictured above called to me. Some of the other colours were pretty but not something as classic as this shade. At £22 i thought that wasn't bad for a cute card holder and it had been reduced from £45 which is a pretty good saving. I don't use this daily but it does go perfectly with my Summer bag which i use on the weekends. I was so pleased to find this as it means my search for a card holder is over.  

Yankee Candle isn't a store that i brave very often. The strong smell of sugary sweet scents puts me off a little bit but my friend wanted to go in for a new car scent. On our way through the store we stopped to look at the sale candles and then i saw Black Plum Blossom. A few years ago we had seen the tea lights for this scent in the sale and my friend bought some. After smelling them i completely fell in love with the scent and she very kindly gave me a few and i treasured them as we weren't sure if we would see this scent again. I always looked for it after that and i found it in the Bath store but i was reluctant to pay over £20 for a candle. I know i spend more on Jo Malone Candles but in my mind they are worth it. So when i saw the Black Plum Blossom in the sale i immediately bought one. I went for the medium size jar which was £10 as the large jars are too big and i can never light it when it gets close to the bottom. I haven't used this yet but i can't wait to start burning it.

Another item i bought very early on into the sales was the Amara Dress from All Saints. When i shopped in the Bristol store near the start of the year the sales assistant pointed this out to me. I loved it but at £98 i wasn't going to buy it so i kept it in mind and looked out for it when the sales started. When the All Saints sale started i was straight on the website to look for this dress and it had gone down to £64. At this price i thought it was fully justified, i had thought about it and i had waited for it so it had to be mine. I ordered it online as i didn't want to wait to go into the centre of town and i even paid extra for Sunday delivery. It arrived and i was so pleased, it was everything i wanted it to be. It is quite a plain dress. It is a black bodycon style dress with a crew neck line and no sleeves but it has a lace up detail all the way down the left side of the dress which makes it a little bit more edgy and interesting. On me it is a little bit longer as i can only assume all of All Saints clothes are made for super models, not your average girl but i quite like that so i feel covered up. This does have a lining so if the lace detailing does open up a little bit you aren't flashing your skin. All Saints are amazing for basic clothes with something a bit different about their design which is why i love their clothes so much. I've only worn this dress once as it can look quite dressy but paired with my converse and a denim jacket it is casual but with a touch of sophistication. 

The only other pieces i bought during the sale were jammies and underwear. A lot of my pyjamas are so old and they have started to get holes in them where they have been over washed and they are weak so i took the sales as an opportunity to update my jammie collection. Boux Avenue is my favourite for jammies as they do some more elegant designs without being too overpriced, especially if you can pick them up in the sale. I like to buy the satin jammies so they are comfortable and they make me feel like an adult and i managed to get 3 new sets which is pretty good. Another thing i went mad for was underwear. Underwear is always one of my favourite things to buy as i love the feeling of wearing something new but i also like to wear something a bit sexy as i like the idea that under standard clothes i can be wearing something pretty. Of course my first stop for this was Victoria's Secret as they had their semi-annual sale on. I bought 3 bras which were £14.50 each and lots of pants which go down to £4 each. I picked up a set that i had wanted full price so i was very pleased to have found that in my size. It seemed everyone was making the most of the sale as it was super busy but you have to brave it when the sale is on. The only other underwear i bought was a set from Calvin Klein. Whenever i went to John Lewis i would always look at this one set to see if they would have my size but they never did. I had a look as the sales started and i noticed that it had been reduced. When i got home i went online and bought my size in the bra and thong which in total came to around £30. I always love Calvin Klein undies as they are some of the most comfortable and i am so pleased that i didn't buy this when i first saw it as the sale made it so much cheaper. I haven't pictured my underwear up close as i couldn't really get a good image of it so it was only included in the image at the top of the post.

So these are all of my summer sales finds, the sales are still going on but it really is the end now and there are only a few bits and bobs left in most stores. I was disappointed with the selection of designer products on sale this season but i still think i manage to get some good items despite this. Plus i got a good mix of fashion and beauty. Let me know if you got anything you are completely in love with this sale season over on twitter @SophaaRambles

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