Should I Treat Myself?

More often than not i can be heard in work saying 'i deserve a treat.' In reality i most certainly don't. For most people this feeling happens whilst they are having a tough time and the struggle is real. Buying something nice gives you a moment of excitement and escapism. Could i sound anymore materialistic? As my struggle is quite real at the moment, this feeling strikes me almost 3 times a week. Sometimes i act on this impulse, sometimes i resist the urge. For the most part i will talk to someone about the treat item i am considering in hopes that they will manage to talk me out of it. We are all friends here so i wanted to talk to you about the items that have crossed my mind and tempted me out of my No Spend July.

Technically now that No Spend June is over, i can finally treat myself to some new make up. Yes, No Spend July is a thing however i decided it should be a sort of 80/20. 80% of the time i do not need the products i buy but i buy them anyway purely because i want to try them. The remaining 20% are products i actually need as i've run out or i am replacing something. I am trying to cut down on the 80% so the 20% still remains. However that does not stop me from looking at all of the wonderful products i could be buying. There are a number of products that i would love to buy but i haven't finished the necessary products to be able to treat myself to a replacement.

Benefit Hoola Lite, Dandelion Twinkle and Galifornia Blush

It is quite rare for me to completely fall for new Benefit products. To be honest it doesn't help that they do big launches pretty much every month. Additionally i am not really a fan of their packaging but the recent box launches from Benefit have really intrigued me. The first launch that i've had my eye on for a while is the Hoola Lite. At the moment i am using Hoola but i think it is slightly too dark for me so i use it with a light hand. When i found out they were launching this, i felt the need to try it at some point but i do still have quite a lot of Hoola left. I know if i end up liking Hoola Lite i won't got back to the OG Hoola so i have been waiting until i use it a little bit more. Hoola Lite has been created with pale skin in mind which i really appreciate as usually bronzers are really dark on me.

Another Benefit product i have been waiting to see in the UK is Dandelion Twinkle, the first box highlighter to be launched by Benefit. Fun fact my first ever highlight was a sample of Benefit's High Beam which i got with a Glamour magazine years ago, so there is a certain nostalgia with Benefit Highlighters. What intrigues me about Dandelion Twinkle is the shade, online it looks like a soft peachy pink which would look great on someone pale like me. On a everyday basis i like to use a blinding highlight but from what i've seen of this it is quite subtle which i do like some days. One thing that put me off buying this was the amount of highlighters i already own. A highlighter takes so long to use as you really do not use that much of it in one go. This makes me not want to add anymore to my collection as at the moment i have a highlighter for every occasion which makes my collection well rounded.

The final Benefit product that has caught my eye is the Galifornia blush described as a golden pink blush i feel like this is right up my street. From what i've seen of the shade it looks like a lovely flushed pink shade, perfect for summer with a lovely gold overlay. I'm not sure if the gold overlay comes off and that it is for the gold as i haven't swatched this in store. Surprisingly i actually like the packaging because as you know if you are a regular reader i am not a massive fan of Benefit packaging. This is definitely on my radar but i think it requires a swatch before i commit myself to it.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

It has potential to be the biggest launch this summer as literally everyone is talking about it and it is the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I don't think there is a single person in the beauty world who hasn't mentioned this palette. I mean it looks stunning. All of the other Naked palettes have a cool tone but this is their first venture into a warm toned palette and i have a feeling it is going to sell out. It have reignited everyone's love for the Naked Palettes which for most people have been pushed aside for newer, better releases. If you live in the US you can already buy this from Sephora and for those in the UK we have to wait only a few more days for it to go online and until August for it to launch in stores. I don't think i can wait that long. The excitement for this palette is real and if you want to get even more hyped check out some of the amazing tutorials that have already made their way to Youtube and see how fantastic these shadows look. The moment this palette launches i will definitely be picking up this palette.


For those of you who weren't here during June i participated in No Spend June, where i didn't buy any new beauty products. During June i finished 4 bottles of perfume so now my ban has been lifted i think i could do with a new perfume. For a week of June i tested out 8 different perfume samples i had stashed away in my beauty draw and the perfume i enjoyed the most was the Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. Similar to my beloved Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone London but different enough that i think i could get away with having both. Everything about Blooming Bouquet makes it the perfect addition to my collection, the bottle looks effortlessly chic and the scent itself is feminine, soft and light. The notes of Bergamot, Rose, Peony and Patchuoli all work together. I have had my eye on this fragrance for a while but i am yet to treat myself, is this the time?

Another fragrance i am contemplating is from Jo Malone London and it is their Plum Blossom. It is an online exclusive but i smelt it before two years ago when it was part of the blossom range that year. When it came out i treated myself to Sakura Cherry Blossom and Osmanthus Blossom but i stupidly didn't get Plum Blossom which i always regretted but now i have the chance to complete my collection. I remember thinking if they ever sold it again i would buy a bottle but at £92 it has gone up a lot. However this would be different from other fragrances i currently own and I don't own any Plum based fragrances yet it is one of my favourite smells.

Origins Sheet Masks

Back in the day i wrote a post about why i don't like Sheet Masks and some of the points i made in that post are still valid. I do think they are a bacteria breeding ground, they don't fit on my face and more often than not they have way too much serum so they slide off of my face. However i do actually see the benefits of using them so i now use one every two weeks just to keep my skin hydrated. My top Sheet Masks are hands down the Sephora ones which are cheap and effective. Coming a close second are the Origins Sheet Masks. At £5 i think they are a reasonable price and my skin looks and feels lovely once i've used one. Origins recently launched a set of all 6 of their Flower Fusion Sheet Masks for £25 and this has taken my fancy. I always go for the Rose Mask just because i love the scent but this would be a great way to branch out and try all of them to see if one is better for my skin. At £25 i think it is reasonable and you basically get a sheet mask free.


The final section is brushes i've been thinking about getting some new brushes for a while now. I haven't bought anything new in over a year and i wanted a more extensive eye brush collection as at the moment my collection consists of two MAC 217 brushes. I have been trying to decide between Zoeva Brushes or Morphe Brushes as both are significantly popular at the moment and a lot cheaper than MAC brushes. My problem was solved when i saw that Beauty Bay had 50% off selected Morphe brushes so i bought a few. My total came to £17.70 which i couldn't even buy one MAC brush for. I have been intrigued by Morphe as a brand for a while. Morphe's popularity rose very quickly and it is promoted by so many youtubers, i have always wanted to test it out myself and see if it is any good. I guess i will see what they are like when my parcel arrives. Look out for a review on the brushes over the next few months.

I hope you've enjoyed delving into my brain and seeing what i currently have my eye on. Even though it feels like summer has only just arrived, in the beauty world everyone will already be looking to Autumn/Winter. Some of the Christmas beauty launches have already been unveiled and i most definitely have my eye on quite a few products so look out for a Christmas guide slightly closer to the time.

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