Rimmel: Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Wearing a liquid lipstick has become a compromise that some people do not like to make. For the long wear time you give up hydration and comfort. For me, the compromise is worth it because as i've said in numerous other posts, i'm lazy. The last thing i want to be doing all day is topping up my lipstick. A lot of people do not have this outlook on the beauty trend and stay away from anything uncomfortable. However this has not stopped the liquid lipstick from becoming a staple for every beauty brand. Each one trying to achieve the cult status that something like the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks have. For a long time the liquid lipstick remained a high end product and it is only now making its way into the drugstore, with almost every brand launching one this year.

Back in March i wrote about the lip kits from Barry M, an obvious imitation of Kylie Cosmetics. Surprisingly i actually ended up really liking the Barry M Lip Kit even though i was initially quite skeptical. Since then i have started to notice more liquid lipsticks in my local Boots. Recently a lot of people have received Rimmel PR which contained their new liquid lipsticks so a lot of reviews have been floating around. A lot of them are rather complementary so i wanted to try them for myself as i do love a good liquid lipstick. A review that stuck with me was from one of my favourite Youtubers, Glamlifeguru. Tati's channel is amazing and her reviews are very thought out and she comes across very genuine. She did a review on the whole range and spoke about each individual shade. She preferred the pink shades opposed to the nudes and some of the deeper shades as she said they applied quite patchy. One thing she did not put to the test was the wear time so that is something i am looking at today. 

I bought 2 nude shades, as lets face it i will get the most wear out of these. I picked the shades Be My Baby and Blush. Two different tones of nude so that i had all bases covered. Be My Baby is more of a flesh toned nude with an underlying warmth so i can wear this with more golden hues. Whereas Blush is a rose pink with a hint of peach. It is a very feminine shade and suits my skintone. There are a lot of colours to choose from so there is something for everyone.

Lets get into what you actually want to know about, the formula. Even though it says Matte Liquid Lipstick, it is a Velvet Matte finish which reminds me of the Kylie Velvet Lipsticks which i am yet to try. This means it is more like a mousse rather than being a liquid like your traditional liquid lipsticks. Personally i would consider the texture to be most like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks which if you have tried them they are more of a mousse which sheers out. These Rimmel ones do feel a lot thicker and that can cause them to look streaky if they are applied in a sloppy way, you do need to be careful not to allow the product to bunch up anywhere. The place that i struggled to get a smooth line was around the outer edge of my lips due to the shape of the wand but i will get into that later on. Another lipstick these feel quite similar to would be the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, not only are they quite a moussey texture but they have a similar finish. They don't feel too drying but you can feel them on the lips and they can end up quite thick. Despite this once they have dried down, your lips don't feel too dry and they are completely transfer proof as there was no trace of the lipstick left on my coffee cup which is pretty impressive considering it doesn't go completely matte. As long as you apply a thin layer they are comfortable and you can barely feel the lipstick on your lips. If you do apply too much that's where the problem lies.

(Left: Be My Baby R: Blush)
With one coat they feel lightweight but the more you add to it the more it gets thicker. As it wears it does become more drying and it looks thicker on the lips and it does start to flake off. Now i'm willing to admit I don't take the best care of my lips but they do not flake often and definitely not in chunks. I found that Blush was slight worse with the flaking and looking chunking. If you top this up later in the day, it is a mistake! After lunchtime i thought i would top up, admittedly i didn't really need to as the colour had lasted well but i wanted to see how it would wear but it gets weird. The more you apply, the thicker it gets and makes your lips resemble cracked cement.

Not only am i not sold on the weird bunching on top ups but they have picked my least favourite type of wand. It is similar to the wand on the NYX Lip Lingeries, if you are familiar with them. The Rimmel wand is slightly wider so it picks up more product and i like that it is longer as it is easier to cover more of your lips at once. The one thing that is the same as the NYX wand is the pointy end, however on this it is quite sharp so it is no good for precise application. It does however make it harder to get an even line on the edge of the lips which is what can sometimes make it look streaky. Overall it's not a terrible wand but it is nothing new.

Just a word of warning, one of the first things you will notice about these lipsticks when you open them is the smell. They stink! I'm not talking, smelling too much like fruit or candy but they are a sugary sweet artificial smell used to mask the chemical scent which blasts your nose. I'm actually writing this part whilst i have a cold and i can still tell it stinks with a blocked nose. This is something that i can get past but if scent is important to you then these are a miss.

Overall my thoughts on this new range are quite muddled. I love how long lasting they are and the two colours i absolutely adore. When these are first applied they look good but it is unfortunate that they wear a tiny bit uncomfortably. Compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick, the Rimmel lipsticks feel more cakey if too much product is applied. This is my first Velvet Matte finish and i do like the look they give, its not quite as drying when first applied, nor do they look as drying. I think the key with these is not to reapply. As much as it displeases me as i like to wear the same lipstick all day and i want it to look bold, it just isn't worth the feeling on your lips if you reapply. At £5.99 they are a good price and i will probably finish the two i have but i will not be buying anymore. I hope that made sense as its hard to write coherently when you aren't sure on your opinion. I guess i think these are ok, they will not become my favourite liquid lipstick but at the same time they aren't the worst products i've ever tried.

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