Red Summertime Lipsticks

The UK has recently seen the only week of summer we will have all year with temperatures reaching up to 34 degrees which is scorching for us. Everyone has had to pull out their most long lasting make-up, their factor 50 and any form of ice drink available. My natural go to look for the summer is very bronzed with a nude lip, it is easy to wear and doesn't wear off patchy. However what happens when you are feeling a little bit bold and you want to rock a red lip? Most people only consider a red lip during winter but i love a warm toned red for the summer months to liven up my complexion. I also like to wear a lot of orange/reds on my nails so it is little matchy matchy. I have a few favourite shades which have become staples alongside my nude lipsticks during summer. If you are looking for a summertime red then you are in the right place.   

Liquid Lipsticks

I have two liquid lipsticks that i love during the summer, they are both on the more cool toned end of the scale but they have enough of a coral hint that i find them acceptable for summer. I do have to say a liquid lipsticks isn't my favourite formula for summer but it is always good for hotter days when you worry your face is going to melt off. I'll start with the darkest shade which is borderline berry toned which is Kristen from Kylie Cosmetics. In the tube this looks like a strawberry shade but it is slightly deeper when it is given time to dry. This is more of an evening red as it is a bit deeper but not too berry. The second liquid lipstick is from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and was part of the collab with Manny MUA and the shade is I'm Shook. In the tube this looks identical to the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick but when they are on the lips they do look quite different. I'm Shook is a bit brighter with more of a warmer undertone, definitely more coral. I love to wear this during the day with golden hues on my eyes and a lot of golden highlight. During summer i wear either a balm under my liquid lipstick or a more hydrating lipstick over the top so my lips don't look as dry. Summer is all about being more natural and accentuating your existing features. A caked matte lip doesn't quite fit into this so i do take more care for my lips in the summer. Unfortunately I'm Shook is limited edition but it is still available on both the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website and Beauty Bay.


If a liquid lipstick isn't for you then here are my top picks for a good red lipstick. Starting with my personal favourite the MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Matte Lipstick. The wasn't overly popular when it came out but i love it. It is a red with a strong orange undertone, making it bold but also giving it a softness compared to a tradition red. I've spoken about this before but i love this lipstick so much that i went on a dupe hunt and i found one in Flame by Tom Ford. Flame has a slightly more orange tone to it but for me that makes it even more perfect for summer. They are both matte formulas and they are both very comfortable and they don't look drying. I actually think these two are my absolute favourite summer reds.

I realise not everyone is going to love an orange tone like i do so i thought i would include something more pink toned. Now this isn't one of my favourites but if you like a glossy red which isn't as pigmented as your standard red lipstick, look no further than Miranda May from Charlotte Tilbury. This isn't one of my favourites just because i don't think it is what it claims to be. This is said to be one of Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipsticks but in my eyes it is too glossy to be a matte and it doesn't pack a punch in terms of pigmentation like an ordinary matte finish. If this was marketed as a cremesheen lipstick i wouldn't even bat an eye lid. The shade is beautiful, a pink toned coral which makes your lips look fuller. The formula of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are lovely and they are quite hydrating so on the days that your lips are suffering this is a good one. This was named/created for Miranda Kerr and who doesn't want to look like her in the summer.


It is only recently that i have started to enjoy using lip liner. Previously i never really saw the point in them but during summer they help your lipstick to last longer and you can really define the shape you want from your lips. I find them great under more glossy lipsticks which are honestly my go to during summer. A good general liner i like to use under all the lipsticks i've spoken about is Lasting Sensation by MAC. I say lipsticks but i wouldn't use this under the two liquid lipsticks as Kylie's Kristen has a liner with it and i use that for the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick as well. They are slightly too deep to wear with this MAC liner. Lasting Sensation has a lovely warmth to it, slightly orangey but can also be paired with a pink, it is very versatile. I also like using this on its own, using it as if it was a lipstick as the colour is lovely and bright. If my lips are dry i put a light coloured gloss over the top.

That completes my top summertime reds. there are a lot of different undertones, finishes and levels of pigmentation so there is something for everyone. Go on, get out there and rock a red lip this summer. After looking at all the lipsticks they are all on the more luxury end of the budget so if you want me to do a drugstore version let me know.

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