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Long gone are the days when blogging was just a past time/an outlet for people's interests. Now blogging has become a business and a marketing tool. For me, blogging remains a passion rather than a chore. I write about products i am genuinely using which i have bought myself and i don't make any money from it. As i fall under the more traditional category of blogging style, i thought i would take it back to look at some old school beauty blogger favourites.

If you have been part of community for a while then you will recognise these but if you are new, these are some of the products that paved the way for current make up trends. I think it is important to look back and see how far blogging has come but also how far the beauty industry has come in general.,

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Whenever someone mentions a Naked Palette everyone feels a pang of nostagla whether you had a palette or not. A few years ago these were the most coveted palettes and only the lucky ones managed to have one as they would be out of stock for months. At the time they were quite revolutionary. Before these, there weren't really big palettes like this. The shadows weren't chalky and all of them had a relatively good pigmentation which made them incredible compared to anything else. As more palettes have come out and companies attempted to better Urban Decay, unfortunately a lot of companies succeeded. Too Faced trumps the market at the moment with the Sweet Peach and Chocolate Bar palettes featuring everywhere. Urban Decay look to bring back the Naked Palettes, this summer as they launch the Naked Heat Palette. The last one they launched was the Ultimate Basics Palette which faced mixed reviews and did not appeal to me at all. The last one I bought was the Naked Smoky Palette and I loved it at the time but like my Naked 2 palette it is now at the back of my draw. The Naked Palettes have always been relatively cool toned but The Naked Heat Palette contains a lot of reds and oranges which are very popular at the moment. Personally i can't wait for the new Naked Heat Palette for the chance to relive the product that made me fall in love with eye shadow.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Shadow Sticks

Sticking with the theme of eyes, does anyone remember when all anyone would wear on their eyes was the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Shadow Sticks? This trend definitely came after the Urban Decay hype but it wasn't cheaper. I remember i wanted one so bad but at the time i couldn't justify it, plus i was more into drugstore make up. However not too long ago i treated myself to the shade Velvet Orchid. A stunning deep purple shade, which reminds me of the Tom Ford Fragrance of the same name. The reason these were so popular was because they are so easy to apply and blend out. They create a polished look effortlessly whilst coming in some of the most stunning shades. Two shades i remember being super popular were Bronze Moon and Misty Rock. They are easy for travelling as they are in a stick and the wear time lasts all day. At £29 they are rather expensive but i think these should still be considered a good product even though they aren't spoken about as much. The colour range has grown considerably since they were first popular. If you haven't tried these before go into Space NK because they are some of the best eye shadow sticks on the market.

Nars Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blush

If Nars Laguna and Orgasm are not considered cult products then i don't know what is. At some point everyone must have had one or the other. I guess now is the time to admit that i've never owned Orgasm, back in the day i opted to buy the Virtual Domination Palette which was a Christmas Palette. The Virtual Domination palette has Laguna in it and instead of Orgasm has Deep Throat which is a similar shade but it is softer and it has less golden shimmer in it. Laguna and Orgasm were two products which really put Nars on the map. Orgasm is a peachy pink with a gold shimmer running through it. The idea is, it is supposed to give you a health flush. Whenever i've tried Orgasm it is so pigmented that it puts me off. As someone pale i can only use the tiniest amount but this is lovely for Spring/Summer due to its golden shimmer. Nars have recently launched the Orgasm collection so the shade now comes in the iconic blush, a lipstick and a liquid blush.

Of course we need to talk about Laguna, a bronzer which most people find rather dark was the IT bronzer not too long ago. This was the first bronzer I really tried but i used it every day and there is a decent chunk out of the palette. Unlike Hoola by Benefit this powder is finely milled and diffuses across the skin so you don't look patchy which is a well known problem with Hoola. Laguna also has a bit of a shimmer in it so it gives you a glow but you don't look glittery. That being said I do like Laguna but it is definitely too dark for me. Laguna is Nars go to Bronzer so it features in pretty much every cheek palette Nars create. Nars also launched the shade in their new Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzers which have gone down amazingly well in the Beauty community. These ones are matte and they have a technology in them to create a soft focus blur. Both Orgasm and Laguna are classic, however Nars has landed in hot water recently as they have gone against their cruelty free image and have started selling in China. If you are someone who only buys cruelty free make up Nars is now a brand to avoid.

Essie Fiji

A product that i think everyone looks back on and questions why on Earth it was so popular is Essie's Fiji. A pale pink shade which was way too pale to actually suit anyone. Well this looks good if you have a tan but if you are like me and you are deathly white, this is one to avoid. They did change the shade a little bit so newer bottles are more pink toned than the original. I got into this hype a little bit after it was a really popular shade but it lead to bigger things. Everyone fell in love with Essie Polishes and for a while they were most people's go to nail company. As the years have gone on i feel like Essie has kind of been forgotten but no one can forget that pale pink shade which dominated blogs. I've actually been using it on my nails and the nostagla is real. If you don't like Essie's Fiji, they have a huge range of shades and the formula is brilliant. You get a good couple of days chip free and they apply very smoothly.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107

A couple of years ago this was the only lipstick Zoella would wear. At the time she didn't have the millons of viewers she now has. I think i started watching her when she had just got into her first million. When i started watching her, i was hooked and i completely trusted her opinion. I would say she was what lead me into the beauty side of youtube. When i saw she love the Rimmel 107 Lipstick i picked it up on my next Boots shop. I was a student at the time so i really didn't have much money, nor did i own a red lipstick and this was my first one. 107 is still one of my favourite shades for Winter. It is a matte wine shade which is flattering on pretty much everyone. I remember so many people wearing this lipstick and you would walk past people and give them the all knowing nod. I threw away my original tube as it would have been pretty gross by now but buying this one has made me want to wear it now even though it is summer. 

Gosh Darling Lipstick

This lipstick has a similar effect on me to Essies Fiji, the what were you thinking effect. I can't believe so many people went mad for this lipstick. Online it describes it as light rose shade, light being the key word. This was the lipstick everyone used when they wanted concealer lips which was a massive trend in my school. It is highly pigmented which is both good and bad. Good if you have naturally quite dark lips, bad if you don't want to look like you have applied concealer to your lips. This is a classic which thankfully has been long forgotten.

For those of you who have been around long enough to remember when all of these products were popular then i hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Its crazy to think how quickly beauty trends move on these days, it is rare that a product really resonates with the community. I remember when i first had my introduction to blogging and i loved reading about old trends, i felt like i had been caught up on everything that had come before so for those of you who don't recognise these products i hope i've given you a little bit of an insight into some of the hideous products we have gone through to get to some of the gems that are available now.

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