My Summer Bag

Accessories are a finishing touch to an outfit and can really pull it together so i always think it is best to pick pieces that are versatile and to invest in certain staple items. I used to buy new bags all the time. They would be from high street stores and within a few months they would be falling apart. As i've started to make my own money, i prefer to spend it more wisely by saving and treating myself to a designer bag. Don't get me wrong when i say designer it is always contemporary designer rather than Chanel or Dior but a girl can dream. I have been looking for a small shoulder bag for a while and during the heat waves in the UK my search intensified. I was desperately looking in the summer sales for a cute, cheap designer bag but i didn't find anything i really loved so i took to the high street completely disregarding my need for a bag that lasts.

In my mind i knew what i wanted. I wanted a small bag similar to the Furla Metropolis bag or the Michael Kors Solan Bag. A small bag which can't hold much and has quite a square shape. I know it is silly but i didn't want a Michael Kors bag as everyone has them (even though my watch is Michael Kors) and recently House of Fraser stopped stocking Furla which makes it just that little bit more difficult to find. Obviously i would love a Mulberry Lily and i have my eye on the Gucci Dionysus but they are a lot more than i am currently looking to spend. So i took to the high street and whilst wondering around i spotted the perfect bag in New Look. 

You have probably seen this bag a thousand times on this blog, especially if you are a regular reader but i wanted to give the bag its own moment to shine. At £15.99 i thought this bag was a steal; the shape and size is everything i was looking for in a bag. I didn't know i was looking for a bag with a pattern on it until i saw this one. Recently i have been loving everything with a palm tree print on it and this bag just caught my attention as the pattern isn't too over the top. I believe Dolce and Gabbana reignited this trend a few years ago when they used a palm tree print on some of their clothes and since then everyone has been trying to recreate its popularity. 

For me it was important that this was only £15.99 as the pattern is very trend lead and probably isn't something i will love when it comes to summer next year. Although, this hasn't stopped me from wearing it to death this year. When i shop for clothes i like to spend a little bit more on items that i know i will wear for a few years. I tend to shop in the higher end of the high street as the clothes are usually better quality and i know i will love them for a long time. As i try to remain quite classic in my choices this does mean that my outfits can be quite boring. I stick to the same colour scheme; black, white, navy and grey with little colour so when i saw this bag i thought it would inject a little bit of pattern without going to far from my usual aesthetic. 

It is quite small so i can't fit a massive amount of things in this bag which is exactly why i wanted it. The bag only fits: my purse, keys, phone, a lipstick and my anti bac so it limits the amount of crap i can carry. I have bought a card holder to go in this bag just so there is a little bit more space in it as my purse literally takes up the whole bag. This also keeps the bag nice and light which is good for shopping and makes my bag less of a burden. Plus during the summer who wants a massive strap weighing down their shoulder when it is already hot enough, no thank you. One thing i am not massively keen on is the chain, it is rose gold but with more of a gold hint but i think it does make the bag look cheap. As there isn't a leather part to the chain it can leave marks on your shoulders which isn't a particularly good look. However when you consider this was only £15.99 can you really complain?

Personally i like a smaller bag for summer as it just seems more appropriate. A large bag is more of a burden especially if you are going to a BBQ or outside to enjoy the sun. In those cases the last thing you want to be doing is lugging around a bag that resembles a suit case, it just makes life so much effort. I have used this bag so much since i bought it so my cost per wear must be a couple of pence. Eventually i do hope to replace this with a more classic style luxury bag but this bag is definitely filling a void in my handbag collection.

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