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When i was younger there was no such thing as blogging or youtube, you found all of your make up tips from magazines. I always loved to look at the pictures but i never felt overly engaged with what was being said. As the internet has taken over you are overwhelmed with a mass of information and opinions from everyone on the planet. Everyone has been given a way and justification for sharing and backing their opinions, even if they aren't always right. One piece of advice that everyone can agree on is skincare and the fact that you should be using it no matter what your age is. When you are younger there is no need for thick creams or anything anti-aging but it is worth looking into gentle products that are going to help your skin in the long run. 

At 24, i have been using skincare since i was 18, granted my regime has now graduated from face wipes and a simple moisturiser to a more complex care system but over this time only a few products have made it to holy grail status. My beloved Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a must have in my night time routine and Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish is something i've spoken about so many times you must be sick of hearing about it. Other than that i tend to change my skincare quite regularly and this time it is the turn of Kiehl's.

When i ran out of eye cream there was one that sprang to mind as something that i had to try and it is the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment. Having heard so many people rave about it, i wanted to test it out for myself. It is enriched with Avocado oil, an amazing nourishing oil which isn't too rich. As a contact lense wearer i am always on the look out for a nourishing eye cream as i am constantly tugging on the delicate skin around my eyes. This is a very thick eye cream which more importantly doesn't feel heavy on the skin as long as you treat it right. If you do not heat up this cream prior to application it can leave you wondering if it is ever going to sheer out and sink into the skin. It is key to warm this between your two ring fingers which gives it a little bit more movement and allows you to pat it in. It does leave a bit of residue on the skin but i find this helps with concealer application as the area isn't as dry and it doesn't disrupt the concealer in any way. 

I've been using this for a good two months now and i can see a difference. My eye area is no where near as dry as it used to be and my concealer sits so much better on my under eyes. I do sometimes suffer from dry patches around my eyes but i have seen that reduced over the time i have been using this cream. You can buy it in two different sizes but i went for the larger one in case i ended up loving it and thankfully i do. This eye cream could make Holy Grail status i love i that much. If you are looking for a new eye cream, give this one a go, you honestly won't regret it. Just remember to warm it before use.

Whilst i was shopping for my eye cream the sales assistant, who had already been very helpful, said if i bought something else i could have two deluxe samples. Now samples are the way to my heart because i love trying new products. She asked if i needed anything else and when i thought about it i was running out of day cream. The sales assistant very kindly did a skin test and recommended a few for me. The skin test literally took a minute and she stuck little indicators to my face which suggest what your skin type is. She asked if i had any clue what mine could be and i said i thought i was oily on my t-zone but normal/combination everywhere else. Turns out i was right. She them checked my hydration levels and my skin was slightly dehydrated which is nothing new. 

The two creams she recommended for me were; the famous Ultra Facial Cream and the Rosa Arctica cream. After trying both on the back of my hand, they both seemed nice but Rosa Arctica won. The Ultra Facial cream is a lot thicker and for the day time i prefer something a bit lighter. The Rosa Arctica has anti-aging properties which is something i have been thinking about more as i approach my mid-twenties. Plus the sales assistant said it would be a good one for the mix of properties my skin has. She did also mention about the 'resurrection flower' used in this which helps to revive the firmness of your skin. Overall i liked the sound of what she was selling me, even if i didn't fully understand.This cream does have a rather strong smell and i have to admit it isn't my favourite. This contains Lavender oil and a bit of rose which combine but the Lavender is an overwhelming presence. This can be used both morning and night as it doesn't have SPF in it so the scent would be amazing as a night cream as it is soothing. Prior to this cream i was using the Jo Malone London Vitamin E Day Cream which featured in my June Empties post. The Jo Malone cream was very thick and contained Vitamin E which is known to help protect against the environment and to help nourish the skin. Even though Rosa Arctica is a lighter texture, there has been no decrease in the quality or the moisture of my skin. Overall i have really liked using this cream, would i buy it again, yes i probably would but i think i would like to try something else once i've finished this tub.

Kiehl's has fast become one of my favourite skincare brands as you know that whatever you buy is going to work. Plus the customer service i received was fantastic. The lady was very helpful and very knowledgeable which is something i like when i approach a counter. After selecting my two products i did get my deluxe samples and i picked the Ultra Facial Cleanser and the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate; both of which i am yet to try. She also gave me some Shampoo and Conditioner samples to try out which everyone raves about so i am excited to see if it is truly any good. If you are looking to try some Kiehl's products i can highly recommend both of the products in this post. Yes it is quite expensive but in my experience it is completely worth it. 

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