June Empties

Throughout the month of June i committed myself to No Spend June so i didn't buy any new beauty products. I did this in hope that i would use up some existing products i've had for a while. I've got to say i thought i would have used up a few more products than i did. During June i didn't finish up a single make up product but with a bit more use some products will be finished by the end of July. Who knew a lipstick was so hard to get through? 

Anyway i've never written an empties post before but i wanted to see how many products i could use up in a month. As there were no new products coming into my collection i didn't feel the need to stop using products in favour of something new. This allowed me to see how many products i realistically use in a month. I have finished a lot of perfume this month but they were all relatively low anyway. Other than a lot of perfume, there is quite a mix of products which i have finished. I'm going to take you through my thoughts on each item so i'm going to get started or we could be here all day.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cheeky Cherry

There isn't really much to say about this other than i am lazy. I try to go 4-5 days without washing my hair. Overtime my hair has stopped getting very greasy but sometimes I just want to freshen it up slightly. Typically Batiste Dry Shampoo does leave a white cast but that doesn't really matter with my hair as it isn't super dark. I really don't care about my hair enough to search for the perfect dry shampoo, i just want one that works and this one does the job. I've been repurchasing the cherry scent for years as it is my favourite and after this ran out i did go out and buy another.

Charles Worthington Texturising Spray

I've had this bottle for years! The only time i use it is when i am going on a night out. This does give texture but it is at a price. It does make your hair go crispy if you use too much. I don't mind this but that is why i only use it for nights out as i usually have to wash my hair the next day anyway as i've probably had 10 drinks dropped on me over the course of the night. This texturising spray was ok but i won't be rebuying it. If i was going to buy another texturising spray i would probably shop around and look for one which doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy. 

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse 

I'm pretty sure this was my bottle of fake tan from last year and i've finally finished it. During winter i only fake tan if i'm going on a night out but during June i went hard on the fake tan as it really was the beginning of summer. I find St. Tropez the best in terms of colour and easy in terms of application which is why i always buy it. At the moment i have a bottle of the St. Tropez Express Tan Bronzing Mousse which has a slightly more olive undertone. The idea behind the express tan is that you only leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off. I completely ignore that and apply it before bed and leave it on over night and wake up looking like a bronze goddess from the shores of Essex. I do prefer the traditional bronzing mousse and once i've finished the express tan i'm going back to it. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Christmas Edition

What would a post written but me be if it didn't include the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, my number one cleanser. I have been using this on and off for years. It is a gentle cleanser which takes off all of your make up without leaving your skin feeling stripped. This particular bottle was their Sweet Orange and Clove scent which has to be one of my favourite limited edition scents ever. I'm not sure i need to confirm that i will be buying another bottle of Cleanse and Polish, of course i am but i guess it will just have to be the traditional scent as they no longer sell this one. However at the moment i am using the Super Balm from The White Company which i did write a review on so i will link that at the bottom of the post.

Estee Lauder Double Wear

I used this up at the very beginning of June and i thought i would include it, Double Wear is a foundation i've worn for years in the shade 2N1 Desert Beige. It is a matte foundation with an amazing wear time and it can be built up to be very full coverage. I decided to replace this with something new which is the Nars All Day Weightless Foundation. I really do not like the Nars foundation and when i eventually finish it i will be straight back to Double Wear.

Jo Malone London Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Creme

So i have a whole Jo Malone London section, it seems to be something i have been running low on that i have finally used a lot of it up. I have one mini body creme, 4 perfumes and a day cream. Lets start with the lone body creme in the scent Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Wood Sage and Sea Salt is one of my all time favourite scents, it definitely makes my top 5. It is light, easy to wear and not over bearing. The Body Creme is beautiful, very soft and leaves your skin feeling nourished without being greasy. This pairs perfectly with Peony and Blush Suede which is my ultimate perfume. Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Creme creates the perfect base with its fresh, almost masculine scent and with Peony and Blush Suede Cologne over the top it finishes the scent with a feminine touch. I first opened this Body Creme when i was on holiday in America this time last year and it has sadly sat in my draw for almost a year. When i started No Spend June this was one of the products i found and began to use up. I do want to repurchase this but it is a considered purchase at £50.

Jo Malone London Tudor Rose & Amber 30ml and Nashi Blossom 30ml

Moving on to the 30ml bottles i have finished. Both of these scents were limited edition and i had them both for a few years. Tudor Rose and Amber was part of the Rock the Ages collection two years ago and it is quite similar to Pomegranate Noir but with more of a floral note. I liked it but it wasn't my favourite, i wouldn't buy it again if it was still available to buy. One that i would buy again if they relaunched it would be Nashi Blossom. This was the blossom scent from last year and i included it in my favourites in April. It is very fresh and not overly floral. I do have a 100ml i bought when it came out which i haven't opened so i do have a back up. 

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Mimosa & Cardamom 100ml

Not only did i finish a Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Creme but i also finished a 100ml bottle of the perfume. I wear this perfume a lot at the weekends and sometimes before bed. It is light and i love the scent. This was actually my first ever Jo Malone perfume so i am sad to have finished this however i already have a back up. I am yet to open my back up as i'm trying to use up other perfumes before i open anymore. Another Jo Malone London 100ml i've used up is Mimosa and Cardamom which once again i have a back up of. Mimosa and Cardamom is my autumn scent or for times when i feel like i need a bit of comfort. Mimosa and Cardamom has Tonka Bean in it which has a Vanilla tone to it so it is soft and feels like a hug.

Jo Malone London Day Creme

The final item is the Jo Malone London Day Creme which i liked but i didn't love. It is quite a thick mosituriser and it left my skin feeling hydrated. It also had SPF 15 in it which isn't a lot but at least there is some form of protection. This was rather expensive so i don't think i will be repurchasing this. I am actually using a Kiehl's day cream at the moment which i like just as much.

There aren't many empties but this is a whole months worth. This marks the end of No Spend June but as i have mentioned previously i will be continuing this on through July to help curb my spending. If you liked this let me know as i've never done an empties post before and i'm not sure how i feel about it @SophaaRambles

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