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Some products have been around for as long as you can remember and Hoola by Benefit is definitely one of them. I feel like I don't even need to point out that it is created by Benefit as it is such an iconic product for them. When I first ventured into the world of Beauty, this bronzer would always be mentioned as a product that you had to try. It has won so many beauty awards and is regularly featured on top product lists. However it has taken me until now to try it. 

As a concept bronzer always scared me, especially when I had just started using make up. I've always been pale so the thought of trying to make myself look tanned always seemed wrong. I always just assumed it would be for people with more colour but in actual fact it is a product perfect for me. I now use it everyday but I do have to be careful not to apply too much. In reality bronzer is quite a simple product, it's contouring you have to worry about but that is a topic for another day. The first bronzer i ever bought was the Nars Laguna Bronzer which has a similar cult status. This is where the difficulty with bronzer comes in, the shade. As someone who needs more colour but doesn't want to look dirty, there is a fine line between a bronzer looking good opposed to muddy. After a while I found Laguna looked too muddy on me as it was too dark so I looked like my cheeks and forehead had been on a two week vacation to Hawaii but the rest of me hadn't. After that experience I was put off bronzers for quite a while, that was until I was sold Hoola. 

Whilst I was buying a few other products, (I did a haul post and I will link the post at the bottom of the page.) The lady asked if I had ever tried Hoola and I couldn't believe my response was no! She applied some to my face and I really liked the look of it. The reason I hadn't bought it or tried it before was because so many people I know said it isn't very good and that it can come across patchy. However when the lady applied it, there was no patching and the colour actually looked good. I looked chiselled and bronzed. 

I've now had this for a good few months now and I've used it pretty much every day. Possibly my favourite thing about Hoola and probably the reason why it is such a renowned product is the fact that it is matte. As it is a matte it allows you to bronze your face without looking shimmery or over done; which was a problem I had with Laguna. Laguna is a shimmery bronzer which does help to make you look healthy but it can also give a little bit too much of sheen, especially during the Winter. The matte powder allows you to look healthy but without looking like Edward Cullen. The shade is a warm terracotta shade which suits me as I have quite a neutral skin tone but if I use anything too cool toned it can make me look like I belong to the white walkers in Game of Thrones. It is quite warm but it isn't too brown so it endorses a healthy looking glow. I did buy this before Benefit launched Hoola Lite but I would love to try it as I feel like it would be slightly more subtle on my skin. I do like this shade but some days it can definitely look too dark and I do have to be quite careful to apply this will a light hand. 

Not only do I have to be careful with the colour but also because it can come across patchy if you do not treat it right. It is essential to tap the excess powder off of your brush or it will 100% look patchy. It is highly pigmented and finely milled but it is also quite powdery so your brush picks up quite a lot of product and just puts it directly where it is applied. It can be quite hard to blend out once this patch has been created and if you apply more it just gets worse and then it ends up being too dark. For this reason I can see why some of my friends aren't too sure about using this product, once you've done too much, it is very hard to recover. If you have a more tanned skin tone than me, it probably won't translate quite as patchy as it does one me, purely because it will blend in slightly better. 

Hoola swatched on the right, i did have fake tan on
Another criticism isn't one that is a problem for me, especially as they have launched Hoola Lite but prior to that being launched Hoola was their only bronzer shade. This seems a tad crazy as there are so many different skin tones in the world, I don't think one shade is going to cover it. If I can get away with wearing Hoola and I'm pale, this isn't going to work for many people who are more tanned than me.

Personally I really like Hoola as long as I can get the balance of colour and product right. Once i've done too much that's it and I look patchy for the rest of the day. I have not got extensive experience with bronzer, only having used two in my life but out of the two I've tried I do prefer Hoola. I actually find it really hard to shop for bronzer as I struggle to see what would be a good shade for me in a sea of browns which only vary slightly in tone. I think a good bronzer is hard to find and Hoola has definitely been a good one. I can see why this is so raved about and I do see why it has achieved such a cult status. If you are yet to try Hoola I recommend going into a store and trying it because if it is the right colour for you this is beautiful. They do a mini version as part of their travel size products so if you do want to give Hoola a go that might be a cheaper way of easing you into it.

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