What Is On My Desk?

For those of us who aren't lucky enough to work from home or to be a full time blogger, we have to deal with our 9-5 jobs. I've worked retail before but as i was lucky enough to work in a beauty department any top ups needed throughout the day were always to hand. Now that i have traded in my retail job, i now sit on my arse all day in front of a computer screen. Not only has my weight increased but i now longer have any product i could wish for at my disposal. This has meant i have had to curate what i need to take with me to work. Not only have i given up my life of luxury but i am one of the many who have to hot desk. Hot desking really limits you as you can not keep anything in a draw/on your desk as others are going to be sat in your work space. Hot desking has become an increasing trend within office work and it is a pain. Due to this i have a small amount of things i keep in a little pouch. This keeps all of it together but also allows me to pick up my little pouch and move it along with me, wherever i am needed. Here is a look into the items i deem essential to my daily work life.

Even though i'm on a beauty ban i have been a little bit naughty and i bought a Ted Baker Make up Pouch. I mean it isn't technically make up so it doesn't count. I was previously using a bag from New Look but it was way too big for my little Alexander Wang Rockie Bag which i have been using for work lately. Plus i am currently using a mint green Kate Spade Purse and i thought this pouch would match perfectly. I have always wanted a Ted Baker make up pouch after i saw Zoella was using one many years ago (that's how old school i am.) When i saw this range in the sale i thought it was the perfect opportunity to snap one up. I'm willing to admit the bag is probably the most exciting part of this post as the contents is pretty standard but here on SophaaRambles i like to bore you with every unnecessary detail i can.

1. Anti-Bac

Controversial as a lot of people say it doesn't do anything but for me it has the placebo effect. It eliminates my worries of germs which isn't at an OCD level but it still occupies my mind. Obviously i do wash my hands as well but this is a good inbetween for when i am glued to my desk. The anti-bac i buy every single time is the Soap and Glory Hand Maid (the original one,) not only is it pink but it smells really good rather than just smelling clinical. This isn't the cheapest but it is the best smelling so i highly recommend it.

2. A Good Hand Cream

When i say a 'good' hand cream i just mean the nicest looking one that you received in a Christmas gift set last year. Does anyone actually buy hand cream? Due to the unbelievable amount of alcohol in anti-bac you need to combat dry hands some how. Plus isn't it quite therapeutic applying hand cream, especially when you are feeling stressed, i think so. At the moment i have been throwing two in my bag depending on how dry my hands are. For the most part the Victoria's Secret Coconut Milk Hand Cream does the job. It has a very light-weight texture so it sinks into the skin quickly and it has a wonderful scent. It does keep the hands hydrated but not overly well. My absolute favourite is the Jo Malone London Hand Treatment. I reserve this for extreme dryness and days when i don't have to worry about it falling out of my bag because this isn't cheap. Designed to restore moisture into the skin, it contains Vitamin E which helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses. Your hands really do have a rough time so it is always worth treating them with care.

3. A Mirror

A mirror is vital to any work place kit as how can you do your top ups from your desk without a mirror? You would be working blind. It doesn't need to be anything special, i have one i was given for either Christmas or my Birthday one year. It is great as it has two mirrors, a standard one and a magnified one so if i do need to look up close i can. One mirror has actually lost its stick so it falls out every time i open it. I feel like i'm tempting fate by doing this but what is life without a little bit of danger.

4. Lipstick

Lets get into the good stuff, the products. I only really keep 3 products, one of them being lipstick. An obvious essential is the lipstick you are wearing that day as it will probably need a top up. For me, this lipstick changes pretty much everyday and by the end of the week i have accumulated 5 lipsticks in my pouch which then get reintroduced back into my lipstick pot. I also keep one permanently in my pouch just in case i need a lipstick and i forgot to pack one that day. The one that permanently sits in my pouch is the MAC Liptensity in Smoked Almond. It is key to have a lipstick that goes with any make up look and for me that is Smoked Almond. The Liptensity range from MAC was created to have an intense pigmentation and it definitely does with so many different undertones. As it is a cremesheen it is easy to wear so this is the perfect throw on lipstick.

5. Perfume 

The same principle applies to perfume as it does lipstick. I always have the perfume i put on that morning, as long as it is only a small bottle. I wouldn't bother taking a 100ml bottle with me. Whilst i always keep a bottle of Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge in my pouch. I bought this after i saw Kendal Jenner as the face of the fragrance. Yes i am one of those people who is swayed by advertising. Anyway once again this is very easy to wear and sort of suits my every mood. I am running low on this bottle and i'm not sure i love it enough to buy it again. This is probably going to be replaced with a Jo Malone London 30ml when this runs out.

6. Concealer 

This is a category that needs a little bit of work. I am yet to find the winning combo for topping up my foundation. I do get quite oily throughout the day but i am unsure and too lazy to combat this so i only worry about covering up my blemishes. For this i always keep a pot of my trusty MAC Studio Finish Concealer. There isn't much else to say other than it gets the job done! If you do have any advice for products to help with foundation top ups then i am all ears @SophaaRambles

There are a few additional staples that make it on to my desk everyday which is a fresh brew and a pack of biscuits, wherein all of this weight gain lies. You need something to get you through the work day. Let me know your essential products and if you think i should be adding anything to my pouch.

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