Summer Favourites

The UK has well and truly seen summer, last week it was the hottest it has been in years and all anyone could do was complain. Yes it was hot but we had to make the most of it, plus you weren't the only one who was hot. I don't have any holidays booked this year so this is all i will see of the sun. I have tried to make the most of it and i have been using some of my favourite summer products.

Even though that will probably be it for sun in the UK i still wanted to mention a few items i love for the sun in case you are lucky enough to live somewhere with better weather or if you are travelling.

I have a mix of beauty and accessories but i will start with the accessories as it is a smaller section. My bag of choice this summer actually comes from New Look. I haven't bought a bag from the high street in years but when i saw this in the window i fell in love. It reminded me of some of the Dolce and Gabbana prints but the colours are more muted which suits my aesthetic more. Compared to Dolce and Gabbana, this bag is only £15.99 opposed to the ridiculously high price tag of a D&G bag. I had been looking for a smaller bag for summer as it is so hot i don't want a heavy bag adding more sweat to my already overheated body. This just about fits my purse, phone, keys, lipstick and anti-bac. The bag looks small but it is quite boxy so it fits more than it looks like it would. A small bag is an essential for summer and this is my pick. I am trying to save up for my Mulberry Medium Lily in Rosewater *Heart Eye Emoji* but until then this bag fills the void.

The second fashion favourite is a good pair of sunglasses and my love is my Chanel Sunglasses. I treated myself to these almost two years ago and if there is even an ounce of sun i will have these on my face. When i wear them i feel like Audrey Hepburn who is definitely one of my style icons. Anyway i treated myself at the time and i wasn't sure i would use them that often but in terms of cost per wear these have to be one of my best investments. They are a classic black style with a tiny Chanel symbol on the arm of the sunglasses so they are more subtle than your average pair of Chanel sunglasses. A trusty pair of sunglasses is a summer essential which really helps to top off your look. I'm hoping these sunglasses will last for a few more years as they are my perfect pair of sunglasses.

Now that the accessories are out of the way i have a few summer beauty favourites. I've got to say these change quite a lot each year as new products come out that i fall in love with but these are a few products which have stood the test of time. When the sun comes out i am the first to dig out my bottle of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, a summer staple for most girls. As Coconut is a prominent note it just smells like summer holidays and Pina Colada. I would be surprised if you haven't smelt this at some point either in store or walking around because so many people wear it but it is a summer staple for a reason. Estee Lauder only sell this during the summer but it is currently out if you need to get a new bottle. This year they have launched it in a Parfum as well but i did smell this the other day and i actually don't like it as much as the traditional Eau Fraiche Skinscent.

If you love Bronze Goddess but don't want to smell like everyone else, Tom Ford Soleli Blanc could be for you. I bought this last summer to wear when i went on holiday to America and now everytime i smell it i am transported back to California. This is similar to Bronze Goddess as they contain similar notes such as Bergamot, Jasmine, Amber, Vanilla and most importantly Coconut Milk, but this is extra. It is a lot stronger and i think it is more grown up, probably because it costs about 5x the amount of Bronze Goddess but this also means that less people have it. This will always be a favourite not just because it has a sentimental element but just because it is beautiful and it makes me feel feminine whilst making me summer ready. If you like this scent but not the price tag they do a Shimmering Body Oil which is still expensive at £70 but it looks beautiful during the summer and it has a dual purpose as it makes you glitter like a golden disco ball.

Scent is a key aspect to making you feel summer ready but another product which helps with this is a golden highlight. Not only can you smell like a Bronze Goddess but you can look like one too. A golden highlight is a must during the summer as it just makes any form of tan stand out. One that i have been loving for years and which has become a cult classic is Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. Champagne Pop is a blinding highlight with a white peach undertone to the shimmering gold which dominates the pigment. Becca highlighters are some of the most stunning highlighters, always finely milled, with a sheen rather than a glitter and they almost feel like a cream they are so soft. The only problem with this is that they break easily so i wouldn't recommend taking this on your summer holidays but this has been on my face permanently for the past month.

Another highlight which i use when i want a slightly more subtle glow and one which i mix into my foundation is the Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops in Dew You? Once again a golden highlight with a lighter white gold running through it. As it is a gel formula it looks very dewy on the skin allowing it to give you a glow but not look sweaty. This has also been a good one to add to my foundation for a more overall summer glow. This highlighter has been raved about by so many people in the blogging community and no wonder, it has similar to tones to Champagne Pop but it is also perfect for those who don't like something as blinding. This is a summer exclusive so get it whilst you can.

A summer favourite every year but especially this past week whilst it has been unbearably hot is MAC Fix +. Designed to hydrate the skin, i have been using it as a cooling mist for my overly flushed face. It also helps when you are touching up. This week the blotting paper has been out and after i have removed the tonnes of excess oil, i set it with a powder. I have been known to go a little overboard on the powder and this helps to freshen up my make up whilst giving me a minute of coolness. For the ultimate chill put this in the fridge and use it during the hot weather. There is nothing as refreshing during the hot weather. I also recommend putting a sheet mask in the fridge, it is heaven when you first put it on your face.

Aside from finding as much refreshment as i can, i don't really have many go to make up looks for the summer. I actually like to swap around quite a lot but a must have is the Nails Inc x Victoria Beckham Nail Polish in Judo Red. This was part of a limited edition range they collaborated on last year and Judo Red is my perfect summer colour. It is essentially a tomato red but the vibrancy of the red makes it perfect for the summer. The best thing about this shade is that it looks amazing with my fake tan but even when that has worn off it suits my natural skintone as well. If i wear a red lipstick during summer it also has an orange undertone so they match which is something i quite like to do. I wore this all the time last summer and this year is no different. This is no longer available but i felt i had to talk about it because it has been a summer favourite for such a long time.  

My final favourite for summer is my fake tan of choice. This week i have been looking like an extra from The Only Way is Essex with the amount of fake tan i've had on but that is how i like it. My fake tan of choice has always been the Bronzing Mousse from St. Tropez. Not the cheapest of tans but i find it has the most flattering tones and looks almost like a natural tan, as long as i manage to avoid getting patches around my wrists and elbows. I've used St. Tropez for years so it has reached favourite status, i find it easy to use and i like the colour, what more could i need from a tan?

A lot of these products have made a return since last year but some of them have quickly made there presence known over the past few weeks of summer heat. Obviously these are my favourites, so they aren't necessarily going to be some of yours but that's ok. I have to admit i am a winter baby so i love to be cosy and nothing about summer makes you feel cosy. If anything you end up sticky and tired. These favourites make the warmer weather bearable whilst leaving me looking cute. Let me know what your summer favourites are @SophaaRambles

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