NYX Lipsticks: Soft Matte Creme Vs. Lingere

I'm not sure if it is just the case in my youtube history but i feel like the rise of the American beauty guru is fully upon us. Back in the day people like Zoella and Tanya Burr dominated inboxes but now their beauty content has diminished and other people have taken over. At the moment i have been loving lots of American youtubers like Tati, Jeffree Star, Manny and Madison Miller. With the rise of the American blogger in my sub box there are a lot of American drugstore brands that i am finding out about. American drugstore brands are slowly making their way over to the UK via sites such as Beauty Bay but one brand that has successfully made it across to the UK is NYX Cosmetics. A couple of years ago a NYX lipstick was like gold dust and it was one of the brands you would look out for when travelling to the US but this is no longer necessary. NYX are slowly opening stands throughout Boots stores and they even have a store in Westfield. Now if you want to buy NYX products they are easily obtainable.

I do have to say i feel overwhelmed whenever i look at the amount of products NYX have. I've seen so many 'full face of NYX products' that i don't know what's good but a product i can always rely on is a trusty lipstick. Lipsticks are an easy intro into any brand. So far i've only tried two of their lipsticks. I've had two of the Soft Matte Lip Cream for a while and i have written about them before. The second and my more recent discovery is the Lip Lingerie Lipsticks. I'll get to the chase, i like both. I think the product exceeds its price tag; in terms of finish, colour selection and quality. Don't get me wrong they are no where near as good as a high end lipstick, they definitely have their faults but i think they are worth the money which makes them worth raving about.

I'll start with the Soft Matte Lip Creams because as i've spoken about them before. Now that i've had a little bit more time to try these and to see how they sit in my collection, my thoughts on these have changed but not drastically. (There is a link to the original post at the bottom of the page.) I still agree with everything i said other than not buying another due to the smell. I still think they stink but it isn't so unbearable that i can't wear them. I would actually consider Rome a go to lipstick. The colour is everything i like, a deep rose which looks great with a more cool toned eye look. The formula is like a thick cream, it doesn't move around too much and it makes it easy to apply. The pigmentation is good but when it is applied it can be patchy so you do have to work with it. This does apply matte, there is no shine at all but it doesn't fully dry down. This makes them quite comfortable to wear but does mean that they don't last all day, it does require top ups. These do dry up quite quickly so they won't last very long but at £6 there is little to complain about.

The colour range available is extensive from nudes to blues. As i said i only have two but Rome is my preferred colour. In terms of packaging it has a doe foot applicator which is pretty standard for a cream lip product. The applicator does make it hard to get the edge of the lips looking lined and even. This is nothing special but the wand is rather small which is fine for my baby hands but anyone who has bigger hands might struggle to hold it properly. Despite the poor quality of the packaging the product inside is worth it. I still think they smell gross but it does wear down eventually.

I've had the Soft Matte Lip Creams for a while now so i know what i like about them but a newer addition to my collection is the NYX Lingerie lipsticks. Once again i have two shades, 02 Embellishment and 11 Babydoll. I've had Embellishment for a while but i've only used it once as the shade really did not suit me, it made me look dead. Since then it has sat in my draw, never to be used again. The other day i was at a NYX counter and i thought it was time that i gave it another shot and bought a better shade. After assessing the options i went for Babydoll but the shades are all varying shades of nude, with either different tones or depth.

The Lip Lingerie is a weird texture, they almost feel like the Sephora Lip Creams but thicker and not as light as on the lips. So really nothing like it. It is thinner than the Soft Matte Lip Cream. However this does not affect the pigmentation, it still has a bold colour. Stupidly when i first apply Babydoll it does have a concealer lips look but if it is sheered out it looks a lot better and the peachy pink tones come out which is perfect for the summer, especially if you have a tan. This does not dry down and it does not go matte, it remains slightly glossy and can move around. The lipstick does have the tendency to sit in the cracks of the lips and stick to any form of texture you might have but oddly the longer it has time to wear down it actually looks better. As they don't dry down they do remain quite sticky which isn't my favourite feeling. Another thing i don't like about this product is the wand, it is the weirdest applicator i've seen. It doesn't really look like it has an end, the plastic part of the wand is the same as the head/applicator. I find it quite hard to fill in my lips as it is very flat. The point on the end is great for shaping the lips but overall i think the wand is crappy. I do think the look of the packaging for the Lip Lingerie is better than the Soft Matte Cream but to be honest you can tell both of them come from the drugstore.

(Left-Right:Lip Lingeire: Embellishment + Babydoll,  Soft Matte Lip Cream: Rome + Stockholm)
The Lip Lingerie lipsticks are £7 opposed to the £6 for the Soft Matte Lip Cream. This isn't a massive difference but overall i prefer the Soft Matte Lip Cream which is unusual for me as i always like the more expensive products. I do think the shade selection for the Lip Lingerie is better but that is because i am a nude lip whore. Overall i do think NYX lipsticks are worth the money, they are cheap and they do the job. Are they the best lip product on the market? No. Will they ever be some of my favourite products? Probably not. However if you are looking to build your collection or you want to test out some NYX lip products then go for it. If like me you have no idea where to start when looking at NYX then the lip products is a great place to start.

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