No Spend June

Today's post is going to be slightly different, less about make up and more about my lifestyle. I'm going to give you a little insight into my life which doesn't happen very often. I've been writing SophaaRambles on and off for 4 years now and this year i've felt more committed to it and i have really have enjoyed creating the content. For years i worked within beauty and now i've left, SophaaRambles has allowed me to have an outlet for something i don't get to talk about as much. However it does come with its own problems, like finding the time to create this content around my full time job and figuring out what the content is going to be. Even though it can be a struggle it is very rewarding but the real problem lies with the amount of products i buy. As much as i love trying new products, I spend an unholy amount of money on products i don't need. I test them out for a while and then replace it with something new that i want to try. The cycle repeats itself until my collection and my bank balance can take no more. I know that it is a problem and now i'm willing to admit defeat.

Not only is it my fault for allowing myself to get into such a cycle but it is more widely a problem within the beauty industry. Beauty brands have really embraced this whole influencer trend and uses them as a marketing tool which is great. It is amazing that people get to do this as a job but what does it mean for the rest of us, for those of us taking the advice from the influencers? First of all i would like to say i love that you can go online, look up a product and find a wealth of information and reviews which can aid your decision on buying something. If you have more self control than i do you can really narrow down a product so you end up getting exactly what you are looking for and it can actually save you from trying some crappy products. However there is also the other side of it, the materialism and the greed. Greed may be a bit strong but i think it is a not too far away from how disingenuous the perils of social media have become. Arguments are constantly going on about the level of disclosure given to the audience. As someone who enjoys Youtube and blogs rather than someone who works within it, i think there needs to be more transparency. In a way influencers have become a marketing team, show casing new products and convincing you why they are good and essentially why you should buy a product. This is fine and i have nothing against that. My problem with it is the question of whether or not they are sharing their real opinion. The confusion lies in terms of an influencers connection with a brand. 

That's why when the law was introduced demanding people to say when something is an ad in my eyes it was a win for the consumer. You should know when something is being sold to you and when the influencer's thoughts could have been altered. This is now a law and i think it has given a little bit of credibility back to the industry which has been build around the connection of a viewer and someone who makes a video. However the war still rages on about affiliate links, products bought with vouchers and free stuff. If you are given something for free are you going to be as brutal as you would if you had spend your hard earned cash on it? I've tried products which i thought were ok but i was put off because i had spent a lot of money on them and they really weren't worth it. Would you have this same feeling if you were sent it? You wouldn't consider how many hours you had to work just to buy that one product. I think the amount of products people are sent is ridiculous and it makes it hard to know what is good and what isn't. Also the amount of people who are sent the same PR packages makes it hard to resist when you've seen 20 different people say a product is amazing and that you need it. As someone who buys every product you see on my blog, how on Earth can i keep up with the amount of content that other bloggers make. That want to keep up has made me buy more products than i actually need. Not only do i find this a problem but it helps to build up my second issue with beauty blogging which is excess.

Excess and materialism has become a real problem. Yes make up might be your passion but 20 foundations is too much, as everyone always says you've only got one face. By seeing all of these incredible make up collections you aspire to have the same and i definitely fall for this as well. I've come to realise i really do not need 10 versions of the same lipstick which has got me to the point i'm at now. Downsizing. I'd hate to think how much i spent on my collection and really i only use a small amount of it regularly. I'm not a free lance make up artist, i just love make up so it isn't necessary to have thousands of products. This realisation has caused me to commit myself to a No Beauty June.

During June i intent to spend no money on beauty, unless i actually need it. I'm hoping to use up a few products and also to use existing products in different and more inventive ways. At the end of June i plan on doing a massive empties post so look forward to that and i will keep you updated with my progress throughout the month. This means there will be less reviews of new products on the blog but some rediscoveries of some old gems. I didn't mean to shade or bash the influencer community but all of these views are my opinions, you don't have to agree with them but i think debate on the topic is healthy. I do think there needs to be more transparency. For a community created on honesty and a bond between the viewer and the creater it has come a long way away from that in 5 years. Slowly it has morphed into big money and egos which wasn't what i signed up for.

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