No Spend June: My Lipstick Pot

As part of No Spend June i am trying to use up as many products as i can and it is also about rediscovering some old favourites. The largest part of my make up collection is my lipstick box. I am a lipstick whore; i like to try as many as i can. So narrowing down this section of my collection is hard as i don't like to get rid of them. What i have done to combat this is to put a selection of my lipsticks that i want to use up in a pot and these are the lipsticks i am going to be wearing this month. I thought by narrowing it down into a smaller tub i would feel less intimated by the amount of lipstick i own and i would be more willing to use lipsticks that i don't often reach for. I took a look at my collection and i have now filled a empty deluxe Jo Malone London Candle jar so i still have options and have a lipstick to go with any make up look. I want to share with you the lipsticks i have placed in the jar and the reason why that lipstick has been put in it. I have broken it down into categories so it makes it slightly easier to read or we could be here all day. 

Getting Close To The Sell By Date

Believe it or not lipsticks don't last forever. I have quite a few lipsticks which i have owned for a long time. The rule for lipstick is to only have it for a year before getting rid of it. This is due to it being applied to your lips and therefore it picks up bacteria. I'm going to admit i do not stick to this rule. If i use a lipstick frequently and i am the only one using it i figure it is fine for a bit longer. I do always smell check my lipsticks to make sure they are still smelling good before i put it on my lips. The lipsticks close to the end are:

  • MAC - Peach Blossom
  • MAC - Creme Cup
  • MAC - Patisserie
  • Tom Ford - Jake 
  • Tom Ford - Addison 
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Rome
The Forgotten Collection

The next category is lipsticks i don't wear enough. These are all lipsticks i love but they may have been pushed to the back of my collection in favour of newer lipsticks. A few of these are rediscoveries and i've actually been loving using a lot of these lipsticks.
  • MAC - Kinda Sexy
  • MAC - Mehr
  • Laura Mercier - Amaretto Swirl
  • Laura Mercier - Raspberry Ripple
  • Nars - Anita
  • Charlotte Tilbury - Super Cindy
  • Charlotte Tilbury - Amazing Grace
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Stripped
The Ones I No Longer Like

I have included two lipsticks i don't really like but i don't want to just throw them away. I have spoken about both of these before as i found them disappointing. The first is the Clinique Pop in Nude Pop. This is too glittery for my liking and not pigmented enough. The second comes from Charlotte Tilbury and it is the shade Miss Kensington. This was a limited edition shade but i didn't love it as much as i though i would. I don't find it is overly pigmented, nor does it last very well. I don't want to get rid of either of these as they weren't cheap and i don't hate them enough to just throw them out. 

Newer Lipsticks I Don't Love

The next couple are lipsticks i have bought recently but they aren't my favourites and i can see them slowly making their way to the back of my collection; therefore i think i need to use them a little bit more. The first is the Jeffree Star x Manny MUA lipstick in Daddy. I like the formula but the colour just doesn't suit me, it is a little bit too cool toned for me. The second is the Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian. I enjoy this but it isn't a favourite. The final is the NYX Lingerie in Baby Doll, this is a recent addition to my collection but the formula isn't one i particularly enjoy. 

Back Ups

The final two have a much more simple reason as to why they made the pot, i have a back up. The first being the Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Slow Burn. I got a mini one in my Sephora Give Me The Nude Lip Set and i got a second in a gift with purchase a few weeks ago so this one can go. The second one is the MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 lipstick. Not only have i had this a while but i have Tom Ford Flame to replace it so i can start using this one up.

So far, the lipstick pot has been going strong, i have successfully only used lipsticks from it and i feel like there is a good range of formulas, shades and depth of pigmentation so there is a lipstick for every mood. I have to admit by this point of the month i thought i would have at least used up 2 lipsticks but i haven't actually finished any so far. Who knew it took so long to use up a whole lipstick. In general No Spend June has been really good and i haven't crack yet. I haven't bought a single beauty product this month which gives me a little bit of pride but this weekend i am having a girly weekend with my mumma and shopping is definitely on the cards so we will have to see how this affects my will power.

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