Monthly Favourites: June

June marks the middle of the year which seems completely insane, how has the year gone that fast. Alongside the realisation that i have done very little with the beginning half of the year, summer is well and truly upon us. Any of you who live in the UK know we had our week of summer last week which everyone complained about. Thankfully we are now back to the traditional grey sky, missing the heat from last week. With the end of June i have come to the end of No Spend June which has been a mixed bag. I did well with the whole no beauty buying, i only bought a few necessities like cotton pads which aren't going to break the bank. However the money i was hoping to save went elsewhere and i actually haven't saved any money! I might actually be worse off. There is only one thing to blame, SUMMER SALES. 

Even though i didn't get any designer items as i had hoped, i did redo my underwear draw and treated myself to some items from All Saints. A shopping trip with my mother didn't help either as i had a fuck it mindset. So i am pleased to announce that No Spend June is going to continue into July and i aim to do a much better job. There are a few exceptions that i need to get this month but i will detail them at the end. I feel like July is my month and hopefully i might do a better job. Before then i want to share with you the items that i have loved throughout June.

I only have one new item in my favourites, which is a jewellery favourite. I it isn't up yet but i've written a post about a shopping trip to Bath that my mother and I went on. This ring was my treat item from that shopping trip as i felt i deserved one and i wanted something to remember spending such an amazing weekend with my mum. I always wear a ring on the fourth finger on my right hand and for the past few years i've worn the ring i was given when i graduated but i wanted a new one so i wouldn't wear that one as much. I tried on a few but i just loved the Timeless Elegance ring from Pandora. Firstly i loved that it is rose gold. All of my jewellery that i wear regularly is rose gold so now my ring can match. I did think it was a bit much at first as i don't really like too many stones (unless they are diamonds) but the more i looked at it the more I liked it. The shape of this is something i have been looking for for a while and since i bought this it hasn't left my hand. 

The rest of my favourites are actually beauty products which is quite unusual considering i haven't bought anything new this month. However this has allowed me to talk about products which i use regularly and never think of including in my favourites. A product i use every single day but hardly ever talk about is the Shade and Light Contour Palette from Kat Von D. I bought this a year ago whilst i was in the US and i've used it everyday since. This palette is so raved about that i don't think you need me to tell you its good but i'm going to. I don't use the two shades on the right-hand side of the palette as they are too dark for me but the other 4 regularly feature on my face. I like to use the pink toned highlighter to sharpen up my contour and the yellow toned one to set my under eyes as it helps to counteract my dark circles. I mix the two contour shades to contour. However this month i've also found another use for the first contour shade called Sombre. I have been using it in the crease of my eye when i use the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. Even though the Sweet Peach Palette is my favourite, it is missing a mid toned matte brown to define the crease and as i always have the Kat Von D palette to hand i have been using the contour shade and it has worked brilliantly. They have a great pigmentation and they are finely milled making them apply softly instead of chalky. If you don't have this palette i highly recommend it. Since i bought the palette, Kat Von D has launched in Debenhams so those of you in the UK have no excuse not to own this.

Another palette that i bought whilst i was in America last year is the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette. I always loved this palette but as i've bought a few Too Faced Palettes recently, this palette made its way to the back of my draw. I have been loving using some of the matte shades from this palette. With MAC Bare Study Paintpot underneath it gives the matte shadows a slight shimmer which is what i like. I have been using Flower Child as a transition, a mix of Smarty Pants and Jetsetter as a crease shade. I mix a little bit of Rebel in the crease but more towards the outer corner. I deepen the outer corner with Leader and use Sweetheart all over the lid. It is quite a soft pink look which i use when i'm not going for a bronze eye look. I spoken about this palette a thousand times so i won't bore you anymore but this palette is amazing.

I have one lipstick favourite which i've been using a lot this month and i kind of forgot about it until i sorted out my lipstick box. It is the Laura Mercier Lip Parfait in Amaretto Swirl. During summer i do like a creamy, more shimmery lipstick and this is exactly that type of lipstick. The shade itself is a light pink satin finish that is very comfortable and moisturising. It reminds me of MAC Creme Cup but it is slightly less baby pink with more of a balmy texture. This lipstick is easy to wear and easy to apply which is why i love it so much. 

My final favourite for this month is MAC Fix +. I've had this for around a year but i never used it. This month i have been using this for two reasons, number 1 is as a base for my foundation. If you read my review on the Nars All Day Luminous Foundation you will know i've had a bit of trouble with it clinging to dry patches but using a bit of MAC Fix + to help hydrate the skin has helped the foundation sit slightly better on my skin. The second reason i've been loving MAC Fix + is due to the hot weather, i've been using it to cool down in the summer heat. This spray is so refreshing especially if you put it in the fridge and i couldn't have been without it last week. 

This month i have really enjoyed finding old products in my collection and rediscovering my love for them. I found different ways to use products i already own and this is one of the reasons i have enjoyed No Spend June and is a reason why i am going to extend it. As i said at the start of the post there are a few products coming between me and no spend July and they are the: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette which is a little bit of me and would be perfect for the end of summer. I also have my eye on the Sephora Pro Warm Palette which from pictures i've seen, it looks a bit like the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette but a cheaper version. That would mean doing a Sephora Haul to make it worth buying it so i might need to wait until August to do a sneaky Sephora haul. There will be some products that i will run out of as well which i will need to replace but that is allowed. This whole No Spend thing is all about buying what i need rather than what i want. Now that June is over it's basically Christmas in my eyes but if you are yet to go on holiday, i hope you have a good time and let me know what your favourites are for this month @SophaaRambles


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