Rose Sheet Masks: Origins/Sephora

What was supposed to be a quick fad has become a skincare staple. Sheet masks have firmly found their market within the UK and we see more and more being released each week. As you will know i've never been a huge fan of sheet masks but i can see that they have a purpose. The only time i like to use a sheet mask opposed to a regular mask is if i have been travelling or if my skin needs a boost of hydration, like after a night out. I've written about sheet masks before and i mentioned all of the ones i've tried, my favourite being the Sephora Sheet Masks. What i like about them is the size, they seem to fit on my face the best and they have just the right amount of serum. The Rose one in particular is my favourite as its feels very refreshing and makes my skin the most plump. My one problem with the Sephora mask is their availability, which is non existent in the UK. The only time i can get some is when i order from which isn't very often. I have long been looking for an alternative which i can buy in the UK and i thought the new Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks could solve my problems.

I've tried Origins products before, i've liked some but none have become a staple which makes it a brand i don't often pay much attention to. However i have seen the new sheet masks spoken about rather a lot. There are 6 different masks, all of them designed to combat a different skin problem. I don't go for Rose because it has my favourite properties, i just pick it because it is usually a scent i like. However rose as an ingredient is very mositurising and hydrating which you can't go wrong with. When i first saw these sheet masks when they were being released i thought they were going to be super expensive as Origins isn't known for cheap skincare but at £5 i was pleasantly surprised.

Reading about this mask it says 'Crafted with natural Bamboo and formulated with pure flower extracts, each sheet mask delivers[s] an ideal sensorial experience and deliver[s] specific skin benefits.' This was taken from the Origins website if you want to read more. In summary the mask isn't made of plastic or fabric but Bamboo which makes it quite a thick and sturdy mask. Due to this thicker mask it makes it slightly easier to apply as it holds its shape and doesn't flop around. One of the first things i noticed about this mask was that it doesn't smell like a floral rose. I've said it before and i will say it again Rose is a very hard scent to do right. Over do the floral component and it risks smelling like your grandma. But on the other end of the scale it can smell too sweet which makes it feel very artificial and that is where this mask sits for me. Don't get me wrong i enjoy the scent but it is very sweet and not overly rosey in my opinion. That's not to say that it isn't a strong smell, because it is. From the moment you open the packet you can smell the mask and it does smell quite strong whilst you are wearing it, so prior to putting it on to your face make sure you think you can sit with it for 10-15 minutes.

Applying this mask felt rather strange as you do not have to peel off a cover on the sheet mask, so i didn't know which side to apply to my face. After applying any old side, it took ages to get any form of shape to my face. This mask is massive and i had to fold almost half of it just so it would sit on my face. There was quite a lot of serum on this mask but it didn't feel uncomfortable or as if the mask was going to slide down my face whilst i watched my movie. I did have a problem with the mouth part moving around but they never fit right in that area so it is no different to any other mask i've tried. I sat with this on for around 15 minutes, there was quite a bit of serum left on my skin and there was still quite a bit on the sheet mask due to the amount of folds i had to create. Who thought a one size fits all policy was the way forward for sheet masks? Anyway my skin did feel very hydrated and looked more plump after i used it. I also noticed a difference the following morning when i went to apply my make up, it went on smoother and my skin looked more refreshed, even if i didn't feel refreshed myself.

I definitely liked the effect of this sheet mask but the real question is, how does it compare to my beloved Sephora sheet mask which has reigned supreme for so long. Let's look at the facts. Starting with what the masks are actually made from. As i said before the Origins mask is made from Bamboo extract whereas the Sephora mask is made from natural Lyocell fibres. After a quick google i have been informed that Lyocell is similar to cotton or linen; it is soft, absorbent and very strong wet or dry. This makes it perfect for a sheet mask. However this makes it a lot thinner than the Origins mask. I actually found the Origins mask slightly easier to work with, so based on that Origins wins this round. Another key point in terms of the physical mask is the size and i have to say the Sephora one is much better for me, Like every other mask i've tried the Origins mask is huge! 

I know this next point could be controversial as it all comes down to personal preference but personally i prefer the smell of the Sephora mask. It just embodies more of what i think a Rose scented product should smell like. To me, the Origins mask just smells like sweets. If you aren't a fan of Rose but want a hydrating mask this could be for you.

In terms of the serum used, on the Sephora mask the serum seemed thinner compared to the Origins one. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing but the Origins mask feels a little bit more luxurious compared to the Sephora mask. On the other hand I actually prefer the amount of serum on the Sephora mask, it seems just right. There isn't too much serum so it slides all over your face which some sheet masks have done previously but it isn't so dry that it does nothing for your skin. 

Now lets look at the bigger picture, the results, to be honest they both give a similar effect, my skin looks fresher and more hydrated after i have used both masks so they actually don't differ massively when you take this into account. 

Overall i do think i prefer the Sephora mask, i do have a soft spot for it so whenever i can buy some i will and i hope to always have a stash of them hidden away in my beauty draw but i do think the Origin masks are a good alternative. At £5 they are a similar price to the Sephora masks, taking into consideration tax and shipping, but for those of us in the UK they are much easier to pick up. 

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