New in Beauty: SophaaRambles Edition

Spring has bought about so many new launches within the beauty sector. It truly has been hard to keep up with them all but i have been sucked into the hype on a lot of products lately. As you probably know, you see a product a thousand times on blogs and Youtube and it makes you believe you need it. I am such a sucker for materialism which i know is a problem but for now i want to share with you the products i have recently purchased. It also means you can have an idea of what posts are going to be coming to the blog.

I'll start with the product that has been on my list since the moment i saw it, which is the Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. This has been available on Sephora since the start of March and i had been considering ordering it for a while. As the Sephora sale was on i really wanted to order this but as i am not ordering to a US address apparently i do not count as a Beauty Insider. After this i decided to wait until i could get it in the UK.

This was launched to Debenhams and Selfridges last week and i instantly picked it up. This palette basically has my name on it. 30 shades which are all natural, Yes Please! It is quite big but i like that because i like options. At £52 this wasn't cheap but i did have a £5 voucher on my Beauty Club Card so i used that which in my mind, some how, made this extravagant purchase ok. I have read mixed reviews on the quality/pigmentation of the shadows in this palette but i feel like anything can be worked with.

Whilst i was buying this palette the lady who helped me said if i bought a primer i could have a gift which of course convinced me. I wasn't sure which primer she was referring to but it turns out it was the Shadow Insurance Eye Primer which makes sense because if you are spending that much on a palette you want the look to last. I do use the MAC Paintpot in Bare Study as a base but i am running out so i was looking at getting a new one and this saved me the need to. I haven't really heard much about this primer but i was willing to give it a go.

After picking up the primer i was given my free gift which is a Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. This is for medium/deep skintones so this is too dark for me so i haven't used this yet. However it smells incredible, it is infused with cocoa powder so it smells like chocolate. The other gift was a Le Creme lipstick in the shade Naked Dolly which is a shade i would use. It is a satin finish nude pink lipstick. I haven't used it yet but this does look lovely so i will at some point.

To buy my Too Faced product i braved Debenhams in Bristol which isn't my favourite store, it is out dated and scruffy. However they do have a lot of brands you can't get anywhere else like Buxom and Make up For Ever. When looking online i noticed that Debenhams had some of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Eyeshadows for £8.50 (half price.) They had sold out of 13 which was the shade i wanted so i thought i would chance it in store and low and behold they had one left. It was fate. I immediately picked this up and thought i would chance a second colour. So after trying a few i went for 14 which i thought could be worn with 13 or as a base for nights out when i want my eye make up to be a little darker. I've heard such good things about these eye shadows so i can't wait to try these out.

After my trip to Debenhams, i made my way to Boots to pick up some essentials. The day before i had run out of my beloved Soap and Glory Brow Pencil which as you will know is part of my ultimate brow duo. At £8 this is a bargain and i can't imagine using anything else. However unfortunately as i had run out the day before, i had to use something else and it didn't go well. I don't have any other brow products so i had to try using an eyeshadow instead which turned out to be a mistake. I couldn't believe how out of practice i was with a powder but for that day my brows looked like crap so i am very pleased to have this pencil back in my life.

The next two products are new to me; one of them is new to the high street and the other is just one i wanted to try. I'll start with the new product which is the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara. My Yves Saint Laurent mascara has finally dried up to the point that i can no longer get any product on my lashes so i have been on the hunt for a new mascara. I've seen a lot about this mascara, no reviews but i saw an example of the brush in store and thought at £7.99 can i go wrong? Plus i got a free eye mask with it. I never tried the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara they did all those years ago but the packaging and the concept reminds me of the promotion for that mascara. There is also a comparison to be made to the Benefit Roller Lash which once again has a similar concept. I have started to use this mascara and so far, so good. I will give it time and i will give you a full review of this later in the week.

The other product comes from Collection and it is one of their eye shadow palettes. Lots of people have spoken about how good these palettes are for the price so i wanted to try some. They were on promotion in Boots so this was £2.99 so you can't really go wrong with it. The shades in this reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which i used to love so i thought that would be a great comparison. I haven't even swatched this yet but once i am done testing the Too Faced Palette i will be giving this one a go. That could be a while though. As i've said before i want to start using more drugstore products and include more of them on the blog and this is part of that slow introduction to the vast world of the drugstore.

What would a new in post be without a perfume. Recently i have been completely obsessed with Jo Malone London. I always love the brand but my favourite products they do are their limited editions. This time of year is blossom season for Jo Malone London so they have just launched Star Magnolia. When it was released i bought the hair mist as i wasn't 100% sure i loved the scent but the more i've used it the more i fell in love with the smell. I had to go back and pick up a bottle of the perfume. I don't want to talk about this too much as i did a whole blog post on this last week so if you want to know more about the scent the post is linked below.

The next two products both come from Marc Jacobs Beauty. When i was in London on the Bank Holiday Monday i decided to check out the counter in John Lewis Oxford Street in hopes that they would have the summer coconut collection. I had my eye on the Dew Drops and the Bronzer. Unfortunately the bronzer is a Harrods exclusive so i couldn't get that but i tested the highlighter and i had to have it. It looks like the most perfect summer highlight; golden, dewy and blendable. I loved the smell of it as well. I wanted to try a liquid highlight and now that box has been ticked.

Once again the lady who helped me said if i bought another item i could have a free gift so i was sold. I was at bit at a loss as to what i wanted to try and because i have only heard good things about Marc Jacobs products i wasn't sure what product i wanted to try the most. I instantly felt overwhelmed however recently i have heard a lot about their eye liners and i currently don't have one so i picked one up. It is the Highliner in Blacquer which is a gel eye liner. It is super black and the swatch i did on my hand did not move after it has set. I'm hoping this will be good for my waterline as i do really struggle to keep liner there.

In the little sample set i got for buying two products there was a mini Highliner, a mini lipstick in Slowburn which i already have from my Sephora set and a mini Mascara which i have always wanted to try. The set is super cute and ideal for travel, if only i had somewhere to go.

The final product comes from Nars which for some reason is a brand i don't often use. I have a lot of their Velvet Matte Lip Crayons but other than that i am a novice to the brand. On Saturday my brother and I went into Bristol and whilst i was doing my make up i used the last of my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I did think about getting another bottle and then i thought i would be a tad adventurous and go for something different. Nars sprang to mind immediately when i thought of foundation as so many people talk about them so i thought it was about time i gave one a go. I like quite a matte foundation which is going to last but not look too thick so i was recommended the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and i was colour matched to the shade Deauville (Light 4.) I haven't tried this foundation yet but i have a feeling it is going to be too dark for me but i am willing to try it out and i will share my thought with you.

Of course i will be writing all about each of these products in the future but let me know if there is a product you are particularly interested in reading about over on my twitter @SophaaRambles

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