Monthly Favourites: May

I'm going to say it, this month has been a struggle. You might have noticed that i missed a few posts this week and this is because i've found it hard to find the motivation and time to write blog posts. The creative part of my mind has been tapped dry but after a slight break i feel much better. The long weekend allowed me to write a good couple of posts so i feel motivated and ready for everything June is going to hold.

May gave my bank balance a hard time and with June starting, i commence my no spend June. I will not be spending any money on beauty related products unless they are completely necessary. I'm doing a whole post dedicated to my no spend June so look out for that but for now lets look back at May and some of my favourite products from the month.

My first favourite of this month is one of my more expensive purchases of the month and it is the Too Face Ultimate Natural Love Palette. At £52 this is a ridiculously priced palette but i have used this pretty much everyday this month. With 30 different shades which range from cool to warm tones, there is a multitude of different finishes so hundreds of looks can be created using just this palette. One of my favourite eye looks is using Lace Teddy as a transition shade, Cutie Patootie all over the lid and then Undercover in the outer corner just to create some depth. It is quite simple but it has been ideal before heading to work. However there are unlimited options with their palette which is what i find enjoyable about using it. The palette isn't too big, it is super thin so it can fit into any collection. I am yet to write a whole blog post on this palette so look out in June because there will definitely be one.

Another new product that has made it into my favourites is a perfume from Jo Malone London called Star Magnolia. I have been trying to use this sparingly as it is a limited edition so it might never come back but i seriously love it. When i first saw that this years scent was going to be Magnolia i didn't think i was going to like it as i associated Magnolia with cheap hand soap. However with a top note of Lemon to keep the scent refreshing and clear, it paves the way for the floral heart note of Star Magnolia and a base note of Sandalwood giving it depth and richness. This is the perfect Spring/Summer scent as it isn't too strong but it lasts a long time on my skin, Plus i think it is quite different to your average floral scent. I'm not sure if this is still available but if you see it in a store, give it a smell because it is stunning.

A revelation this month has come from my exploration of drugstore make up and i've found a product i love in the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara. I wore this on a night out and my friend mentioned how good my lashes looked and it was all down to this mascara. Paired with the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer it works to volumise and lengthen my lashes making them look bold and super curled. My eyes are perfectly framed when i use this mascara and it doesn't melt down my face which makes it an instant winner in my eyes. The wand is one of the weirdest wands i've seen but it works so well that i can't complain. At £7.99 this mascara is a steal and if you're looking for a new mascara, give this one a go, you won't regret it.

The final beauty product for this month comes from Tom Ford and it is one of the Tom Ford Lips and Boys in the shade Addison. I've had this lipstick for ages but this has been bit of a rediscovery. It is a slightly warm toned pale pink but not so pale that it becomes baby pink. It is very flattering and looks good with most eye looks, making it easy to just throw on, not having to worry about what it looks like. The formula is very hydrating and feels almost like a balm. However it has more pigmented and has a subtle shimmer which adds a plump, juicy look to the lips.

The next two products are slightly more random. The first is a phone case which i had been looking for for ages and i managed to get it when i was in London at the start of the month. I first saw this on Velvetghost's youtube channel and when i saw it i wanted it. It is a Peach phone case from Skinnydip. I'm not really sure why but i thought it was cute and it made me think of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection. This case isn't going to protect my phone but at least it looks cute. At £15 i don't imagine i will have this phone case for long as i've had a Skinny Dip case before and they aren't the most long lasting but look at it! Who wouldn't want this as their phone case?

The final item in this month's favourites is a piece of clothing. For the most part when i am outside of work i don't wear actual clothes. I tend to wear my jammies or my oversized comfy clothes. Ever since Victoria's Secret opened a store in Bristol i have been a frequent shopper but i never really went into Pink as i always thought it was a younger part of the brand. In reality it doesn't focus as much on underwear but more on clothes and active wear. Whilst shopping in town this month i went into Pink to pick up a sports bra and i saw this sweatshirt in there which i bought as well. When i get back from work i put the sweatshirt on and i don't take it off until i have to put on my work clothes. This sweatshirt is super comfortable and easy to throw on. It is a relatively plain, thin, marl grey sweatshirt with Pink written on the front and two block bands around the top of the right arm. It is very basic but that is why i love it so much, I'm glad i love it so much because this was £41.50 which is ridiculous for what it is but my cost per wear must be super low now.

I feel like there has been a focus on ease and comfort within this months favourites but i think these have been two qualities i have needed this month. There has also been a lot of new products as i kind of went mad on spending this month. Next month's favourites should be all about rediscoveries as the beauty ban is on but it is sales season so you should expect some fashion items for sure.

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