Monthly Favourites: April

April seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, honestly it has been gone so quickly. I can't believe it is May already. Today has to be one of the best ways to start a month as it is a Bank Holiday. Sticking to the positive vibes of the day i am sharing with you all of the products that i loved throughout April.

Last month i reintroduced monthly favourites back to the blog. I'm still not sure how i feel about favourites but i do have products i have been loving so i did want to share them with you. All of these are beauty related so if you are looking for anything more adventurous i would stop now. 

The first product is one i have been loving since Christmas and it is the Lush Snowcake Shower Gel. I bought this from the Lush Kitchen just before Christmas and i started using it around that time. I've just finished the bottle and i am gutted because it has been a joy to use. Snowcake has always been one of my favourite scents from Lush and it is one of the products i remember buying when we could only get Lush from London around 10 years ago. Last Christmas they changed the soap so it is no longer called Snowcake but it is called Snow Castle however when they stocked this shower gel online they kept the old name which i don't mind. As i say i bought this from the Lush Kitchen so it was a limited edition product but the minute i saw they were going to stock it i had to have one. It contains almond and benzoin which create the marzipan scent. The texture of this shower gel feels more like the shower creams that Lush make which means it feel gentle on the skin. This has been going for about 4 months and my brother has been using it as well so you know it must be good if he has been stealing it. I seriously hope they bring this out next Christmas because if they do i will definitely be stocking up on this.

My next two favourites sort of go hand in hand as they are a highlighter and a bronzer which both help to sculpt my face and give a little bit of definition. 

I will start with the highlighter which is the Jeffre Star Cosmetics X Manny MUA Skin Frost in Eclipse. I have been wearing this pretty much everyday since i bought it. The shade is perfect for my skin colour as it is a icy peach/pink. On me it comes off more pink so it looks like an actual highlight which is rare as i am pale. This gives a very metallic glow and it is definitely a glow rather than being super glittery. This can have a little bit of fall out but it isn't messy, it just means it is hard to swatch. The size of this pan is massive, it is literally as big as my hand but hopefully i won't run out which is good because this is also limited edition. Beauty Bay has recently restocked the collaboration so if there is a product you had your eye on get it whilst you can. This whole collaboration was amazing and i do want to give an honorary mention to I'm Shook, one of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks from the collab because it is the most beautiful shade. I already had two lipsticks which i wanted to include in my monthly favourites so i felt like i had to narrow it down and i had worn the other two more. 

In conjunction with this highlight i have been using Benefit's Hoola, which is a cult classic and i now understand why it is such a popular product. When i first bought this i wasn't really fussed but the more i've used it the more i have noticed the importance of using a bronzer. Before i only really contoured as the thought of a bronzer really scared me but the more i have used this, the more i have liked looking a little bit more tanned. This gives me a little bit of colour and makes me look healthier. I will say i do need to use a light hand as this is slightly dark for me but if i am careful i can make it work. As long as you tap off the excess this shouldn't go patchy but if you don't get rid of the excess you will end up patchy. I have used this everyday since i bought this and i have stopped contouring as much as this gives shape but it is more subtle which i have been loving for my spring make up. 

If you haven't tried Hoola i highly recommend doing so, i mean can you even say you love beauty without trying such a cult product? I do want to try the Lite version of this bronzer as i feel like it might work better for me but at the moment i have been loving this one.

Lets get on to my personal favourite product to talk about, lipstick. I have two favourites this month. The first is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in the shade 40 Pink Tea. The reason this makes my favourite is the shade, it is a pale pink nude which makes it very easy to wear and it goes with every make up look. I also love the formula, it is long wearing and a very comfortable liquid lipstick. As the cream wears off a stain is left behind which makes it comfortable and is the reason it is so long lasting. My second favourite i have been loving for a very similar reason to the first and it is the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb. I got this in the Sephora Favourites Give me Some Nude Lip Set. This is a satin finish lipstick which feels very hydrating and makes my lips look better after i have used it. Both of these lipsticks are very comfortable and perfect for everyday. Bite Beauty use food grade products so they aren't going to be as full of chemicals. The size of the mini lipstick is great for my handbag and makes it very easy to apply. I hope that i can eventually buy the full size of this but i will have to wait for my next Sephora haul to get another of either of these lipsticks. 

On the left is the swatch of the Sephora Cream Lip Stain and the right is the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, as you can see they are quite similar shades but they have slightly different finishes. This sort of pinky nude shade is currently my favourite and these two embody that look. 

My final favourite is a new favourite from Nails Inc. I have always loved Nails Inc polishes and i have spoken about them quite a few times on my blog. The wand makes them really easy to apply and i always like the finish. During the Christmas sales i picked up a Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Primrose Hill Lane. I've had gel nails constantly since Christmas and my nails are feeling it. They have started to peel and they are really weak so i have had to give them a rest for a while. However i have been using nail polish to cover up the extent of the damage so i need to use a nail polish that covers up the grooves and ridges in my nails and i've found the Nails Inc polishes work the best. Not only have i been loving the formula but i really like this shade. I normally love a pink nail polish but for some reason i have been drawn to this colour, i just think it looks so chic on the nails and it fits in with my usual colour scheme which consists of black, white and navy. This polish has been on my nails pretty much all month and considering i only got this for £7.50 i have definitely got my moneys worth for this one.

A lot of these products have been my favourites for a while and a few have made their way into my possession this month. Recently i have bought quite a few new products which even though i haven't given them a full test run have already made their way on to my love list so that is something to look forward to next month. Some of the products i have spoken about before and if i have i will link any posts below which will speak about them in greater detail. Let me know what some of your favourite products have been over on twitter @Sophaarambles i always love hearing what you have been loving. 

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