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As a make up lover i take joy in trying new products and new brands. There is nothing like the feeling of discovering a new product which redefines the way you look at make up, only for that brand or product to become one of your favourites. Marc Jacobs Beauty is one of those brands, it is high end but no where near as expensive as Tom Ford, it sits alongside brand like Charlotte Tilbury and Nars in terms of price. However the packaging is sleek and compact, containing products which in theory are no different from any other brand but there is some form of star quality about the products Marc Jacobs makes.

In my eyes Marc Jacobs is a relatively new brand as for me it has only been easily accessible since the counter moved into John Lewis last October. Before then it was a Harrods exclusive and before that it wasn't available in the UK. Whenever i see a counter for some unexplainable reason i feel overwhelmed and nervous. I think my lack of knowledge of the brand coupled with the beautiful, very well kept counter makes me scared to touch anything. Everything always looks so pristine i never know where to start. However after seeing the summer coconut collection everywhere online it gave me the boost i needed to visit a counter.

If you have not seen the immaculate looking summer coconut collection online then you cannot be on Instagram. The sleek white packaging makes it perfect for creating the ultimate social media content. Complied of 5 products this collection is designed to make you look sun kissed topped off with a summer scent. All of the products have the same coconut scent, similar to Bronze Goddess, whilst making you look like a bronzed goddess. Personally i love the smell but it is quite strong and my beauty blender definitely smells like coconut at the moment. The 5 products in this collection are; the Under(cover) Face Primer (an existing product), the Dew Drops, O!Mega Bronzer, a Bronzer brush and a Re(cover) Setting Mist. I had my eye on the Dew Drops, a coconut gel highlighter and the O!Mega Bronzer in the shade Tan-tastic. As i said in my New in Beauty post i was in John Lewis Oxford Street when i saw the Dew Drops and the Setting Mist. Unfortunately the bronzer is a Harrods exclusive and is completely sold out but i managed to get the Dew Drops which are in the shade 50 Dew You? I have seen the Dew Drops so much online and every time i see someone who has used it i love the finish it gives. This provides a very natural glow but it is noticeable. The golden hue is more of a white gold than a yellow gold which personally i prefer.

Prior to this highlight i had only used powder highlights so it was lovely to try a new formula and ultimately something very different for me. As it is a gel it provides a natural long lasting luminosity to the skin and looks more natural than a powder. This coupled with the fact it is a shimmer rather than a glitter adds to its smooth appearance. I have been using this as a highlight by dabbing small spots on my cheek and then blending it out with my Beauty Blender. This can also be added to your foundation to give an overall luminosity. Just made sure you do not add too much or you will look like a CP-30. Bear in mind that a small amount goes a long way. 

Mostly I have been using this mixed in with my foundation as i love the finish it gives also i did have bit of a problem using this as a highlight over my foundation. When using my Beauty Blender to sheer out the highlighter, i did notice that my foundation just disappeared underneath which caused my make up to look unfinished and patchy. This has stopped me using this as a highlight. I will admit i dislike the foundation i am using at the moment so it could be a problem with that but only time will tell so i will keep you updated.

At £32 this highlighter is not cheap but i don't even use a whole pump so this is going to last forever so i think this was well worth the investment. This is going to perfect for the summer months so i can't wait for a little bit of warmer weather so i can use this highlight everyday. Also when you compare this to the Cover FX Custom Enchancer Drops which are £34, i think this is actually a reasonable price for a high end product. For me this has changed my opinion on highlight and i will now look for more liquid highlights.

After deciding to commit to the Dew Drops as i hadn't bought anything on my trip to London, the lady on the counter said if i bought something else i would get a free gift. Like the average human i am a sucker for anything free so of course i started to look for something i wanted to try. This was when that overwhelming feeling came back and i began to panic, What did i want to try? How much did i want to spend? What do i actually need? I considered all the reviews i had seen about Marc Jacobs products and the eye liner immediately sprung to mind. Marc Jacobs have recently released Matte version of their Highliner so i've heard so many good things about them lately that in the end that is what i picked.

I got one in the shade Blacquer which is one of their satin finish Highliners. It does have a soft sheen once it has dried down but it doesn't look too glossy. Like the highlighter, this is also a gel formula which makes it very soft but highly pigmented, it is a jet black. When applying this you do not have to tug on the eye to get the liner on. I have been using this in my waterline and it is one of the only eyeliners which actually lasts there. I used it on a night out at the weekend and it lasted all night which is pretty impressive for my overly watery eyes. It does claim to be waterproof which would be why it lasted so long. I did smudge some of this around the outer corner of my eye to give a little bit of depth, it was easy to move but once it has it does not budge. I kind of wish i went for a brown shade as i only use black when i am going out, which isn't very often anymore and a brown is a little bit more daytime appropriate.

(Don't mind my patchy tan)

For £20 i thought that was quite expensive for an eyeliner but i now understand why so many people talk so highly about them. It is creamy, highly pigmented and stays put, what more can you ask for in a liner?

Now i know you all want to know what the free gift was so lets get to the good stuff. The free gift was a cute little Marc Jacobs Pouch with three deluxe samples inside. You literally could not fit anything else in this pouch but it is cute none the less. I already have two of the deluxe samples but one is new to me. The first is the Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in the shade Slow Burn which was actually one of the mini's in the Sephora Give Me Some Nude Lip Set. This is perfect because i love this lipstick and the bullet from my first one has broken so now i still have one in my life. The second sample is a mini Highliner in Blacquer. Yes this is one of the products i bought. However this size is perfect for topping up on a night out so i can't complain. The final sample is the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. I've always wanted to try a Marc Jacobs Mascara as i remember Fleur De Force raving about one a while ago. As you know i am always on the look out for a new mascara so i look forward to testing this one out. This was a great free gift, i'm not sure if you can still get it but if you can and you have your eye on a couple of products now is the time to try them.

Overall i have to say i am very impressed by Marc Jacobs Beauty, not only was the lady very helpful on the counter in John Lewis but the products themselves are amazing. They are beautifully packaged with an equally brilliant product inside. For a brand which isn't overly hyped compared to something like Mac or Charlotte Tilbury, or one that has been around for years they have done an amazing job with the formulas and the direction of the brand extension. Sometimes it can be hit or miss with a fashion brand making the move into beauty but Marc Jacobs have done it right. If you have your eye on any of these products i seriously recommend getting them because you won't be disappointed.

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