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First of all i want to say sorry, i am going to talk about this lipstick and it is no longer available. Yes, i am an asshole however i don't just want to talk about the lipstick, i  want to discuss the influencer range which MAC has created. Let's start off by looking at MAC in general. When i first got into beauty, MAC was the brand. People used to have channels dedicated to the brand and never ending collections of MAC products but as the industry has progressed i feel like MAC has been slightly forgotten about. There are so many brands which rival and if not out do MAC on so many of their products however there is nothing like a fresh tube of MAC lipstick or a full palette of MAC eye shadows. When MAC was the big beauty brand everyone was all about the lipsticks and eye shadows and people had massive collections which everyone aspired to. Both of these dreams have happened for me, i have a decent sized lipstick collection which has been slowly cultivated over a number of years and last year i finally completed my first MAC palette. Both of these are quite easy to do but the ultimate dream is to have a MAC lipstick with your name on it and that is exactly what has happened for one of my favourite bloggers Fleur De Force.

Even though MAC do limited editions collections all the time, i do like to see what they are launching and do try to keep up with the brand as much as i can. These days it takes quite a strong collection to peak my interest and that is exactly what the influencers collection did. It is actually the first limited edition item i have bought from MAC this year. When Fleur first announced that she had been picked to represent bloggers in the UK i knew i was going to want her lipstick. After watching her videos for many years i always love how she does her make up and knew a lipstick she created was going to be something i would like. This was confirmed when she showed the mood board she had created to inspire the shade when she travelled to Canada to create the lipstick. Fleur typically likes nudes and she has said that the MAC Cremesheen formula is her favourite so is it any surprise that she created a nude cremesheen? As soon as they unveiled the shade i marked the release date on my calendar in order to pick one up. I was disappointing to see that this was only a secondary launch and therefore was only being sold online or in Selfridges but it wasn't going to stop me getting one. 

When my parcel arrived i ripped it open, tried on the lipstick and i instantly fell in love. It is a cool toned nude but only slightly so it doesn't make me look a member of the walking dead which cool tones have tendency to do with my skintone. As it is a cremesheen it is hydrating with a shimmer running through it. This just makes your lips look glossy and more plump. For me a cremesheen has always been my favourite formula for Spring/Summer so this fits in perfectly for this time of year. As of late i have been using Patisserie a lot which is another MAC lipstick which actually reminds me of the Fleur lipstick. They are quite similar in tones but with Patisserie being slightly more pink also they have different finishes. Patisserie is a Lustre finish so it has more glitter in it, and it is a glitter rather than a shimmer, plus it has a more subtle pigmentation. I fall in and out of love with Patisserie due to the finish but it remains a staple in my collection. However i do prefer the Fleur De Force lipstick more but you don't want to hear that if you can't buy it. 

Another good thing about buying this lipstick is that i get to support one of my favourite bloggers. As much as i can i actually try not to get sucked in by products made by youtubers as i don't always agree that they are making the products for the right reason. However as this has been done with MAC i think it is amazing that such a big brand would be willing to collaborate with people from the internet. It is incredible that this is what the community have managed to do. It does show that brands are accepting the role that social media plays as an advertising platform more than just sending them the products in hopes that they will talk about them and sell them. It gives the influencer an active and creative role to play in the products themselves. MAC worked with 10 influencers around the world with each lipstick only being sold in a select region. For the UK our lipsticks were created by Fleur and Alessandra Steinherr who is the Beauty Director for Glamour Magazine. Alessandra really know what she is talking about when it comes to beauty and her Instagram is actual life goals. Her opinion on beauty is not only valued by Glamour readers but by the industry itself which is incredible. The lipstick she created has a lustre finish and once again is a nude but this time it is a soft pink. I did want this lipstick but i didn't think i would use it as much as the Fleur lipstick and as i am trying to cut down my spending i had to limited myself to just getting one. Alessandra's lipstick is still available on MAC and Harvey Nichols website if you do want to look into getting it. 

I am very pleased that i managed to pick up one of the Fleur de Force lipsticks as it sold out super quickly and it hasn't been available for a few weeks now. I am going to make it my mission to find alternatives for those of you who would love this lipstick but didn't manage to get one so keep an eye out for that post. If you were lucky enough to buy this i hope you make the most of it and enjoy using it as much as i have. I wasn't sure if i should talk about it but as i have been loving it, i thought i would get it out of the way. I want this blog to be a genuine space filled up the products i have been using and it would have been wrong not to include this lipstick.

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