Jo Malone London: Star Magnolia

I have been a fan of Jo Malone London for a good couple of years now with Peony and Blush Suede quickly becoming my signature scent. My collection has slowly grown to the point where i don't think i will be needing anymore fragrance for the next 10 years. Not only is Jo Malone London the ultimate gift but their limited edition products are truly spectacular and today we are looking at their latest offering. 

This year Jo Malone London have already seen the launch of The Bloomsbury Set, a collection based around the eponymous artists and they have followed that with their annual blossom scent. Nashi Blossom, which was last years offering, was a part of my monthly favourites for March as i have rediscovered my love for the scent. The blossom scents are always some of my favourites and this year is no exception, Star Magnolia is a stunning fragrance.

As i said in my March Favourites i wasn't sure what this years blossom was going to be and it wasn't until the blossom was launched that i found out. When i was casually wandering through John Lewis checking out everything new i spotted the Star Magnolia display and i instantly ran over to test it out. I'm going to admit i wasn't instantly taken by the scent. The first thing that i was attracted to was the fact that they sold it in a hair mist. This is a new product and sort of a new realm for Jo Malone London. I mean they do a Shampoo and Conditioner in everyone's favourite, Lime, Basil and Mandarin but other than that this is their first venture into hair products.

When i saw it i knew i needed it and i will explain why. The short story is i am lazy, I can never be bothered to wash my hair. I am a morning showerer and i already have a tight time scale in the mornings without adding another 15 minutes for washing and drying my hair. Therefore over time i have managed to train my hair so that i no longer need to wash it as often and try to go 4-5 days without washing it. My hair doesn't get overly greasy anymore but it does get a little bit smelly which i combat with dry shampoo. However the ends of my hair become quite dry on the last few days before i wash it so i need something more conditioning for the ends which is where this product comes in. As well as adding the Star Magnolia scent to my hair it also contains Argan oil which helps with the dryness of my hair. You have to make sure not to use too much as this will make your hair look greasy, i only use 3 pumps but Jo Malone recommend 3-6. It makes my hair look healthier and it smells amazing. After using this for a few weeks i decided that i did indeed love the scent so i went back to buy the perfume. 

When i went back they had sold out of the hair mist and you can not find it anywhere online so i was lucky to have picked this up. In that vein i went for the 100ml cologne rather than the 30ml as a little treat to myself. Plus i know what i am like and what happened last year so i have learnt from my mistakes. When Nashi Blossom came out i didn't want to spend £88 on the 100ml so i went for the humble 30ml. I used almost half the bottle in a month so i went back to get the 100ml. It had sold out but they were getting a few more bottles in and that is when i knew i needed to be the one buying one of those bottles. Luckily i managed to get one but the whole reason i went for the 30ml in the first place was because i was trying to save money but i actually ended up spending more than if i had just bought the large bottle. This year i learnt from that mistake and went straight for the 100ml. Plus i have a 100ml Nashi Blossom and two 100ml bottles from the previous blossom collection prior to Nashi blossom so it fits better in my collection.

The main difference with this one is the packaging i mean it is gorgeous. They have used the head of the Star Magolina flower around the neck of the bottle and it makes it look very feminine and delicate. However i will say it is quite annoying and i actually have to take it off to spray the perfume because it ends up blocking the spray. On the plus side the frosted glass looks beautiful, you can tell it is a Jo Malone bottle by the signature style but it is still a little bit different. 

The scent itself smells like a light floral, in that respect it isn't overly groundbreaking but because it is limited in my mind it is something special. With notes of Lemon, Star Magnolia and Sandalwood it is very light, fresh and soft. To me there is quite a sharp burst of lemon which clears the way for the soft floral to enshroud you in scent. When i saw that it was Magnolia i was worried because i have never been a fan of the scent and lets face it i am sure we all associate Magnolia with our Grandmas but this version of it is very crisp and not powdery.  The scent is perfect for Spring/Summer as it isn't too strong. I have been layering this with Peony and Blush Suede Body Creme to make the ultimate floral combo. 

After buying my 100ml i was very kindly invited to attend a floral masterclass which i accepted. I really wasn't sure what a floral masterclass would entail but it literally was flower arranging which i surprisingly really enjoyed. In the picture below you can see the little bunch of flowers i arranged and i even wrapped the flowers all by myself which pleased me a lot. They even did a little talk on Star Magnolia which was great to learn a little bit more about the new fragrance.  It was a lovely experience and i did end up making another naughty purchase but i think i will keep that one to myself. This was my first Jo Malone London event i attended and i must say i did really enjoy it and would 100% go again. 

If you are looking for a scent which is light, soft and feminine without being too floral or powdery then you are probably going to like this scent. In a way it reminds me of Wild Bluebell also from Jo Malone London so if you know you are a fan of that scent then this would be a great one to pair with it. Whilst you can get it, it is worth going to your local counter to check this out because a Jo Malone London limited edition does not stick around for very long. At £92 for the 100ml,  £46 for the 30ml and £38 for the hair mist,  these aren't cheap but for me Jo Malone London is worth it. 

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