Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

In all of my time writing posts on this blog i've never dedicated a whole post to one of my favourite liquid lipsticks which comes from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I've spoken about them many times but never given them their own spotlight and they most certainly deserve it. As a brand Anastasia Beverly Hills has been around since 1997 when Anastasia Soare opened her first salon. Since then she launched lots of products with the most famous being; the brow products, glow kits and of course the liquid lipsticks. Anastasia Beverly Hills has become more easily accessible in the UK especially if you are after the brow products which are stocked on Beauty Bay, and Cult Beauty. The products you struggle to find are the liquid lipsticks and anything that is limited edition, which is a shame because these are some of the best products and they are very sought after in the UK. Anastasia Beverly Hills has now made it easier by making a UK section of their website so you can buy these products but they are usually sold out. So really it doesn't make them any easier to get in the UK so my only source for them is Sephora.

This time last year when we were planning our holiday to the US, the first item that went on my Sephora list was an Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick. After seeing so many youtubers rave about them and seeing them on Instagram pretty much everyday i knew i needed to try one and i had my mind set on a particular shade, Pure Hollywood. Now this was around the time of the hype about this shade so when i was in America i went into every single Sephora i went past and looked for it but everywhere was sold out so i ended up buying Stripped instead. Stripped is a pale nude beige and i love it for the summer months so it was perfect for when i was on holiday. This gave me an introduction to the formula.

This liquid lipstick is more of a mousse/cream formula compared to other liquid lipsticks this is definitely quite thick. The pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks is incredible, they do not go patchy and the colour looks very bold. These dry down matte and they dry down quickly so you need to work with them fast. When these are first applied they feel quite comfortable but the more you wear them the more your lips feel dry. When i say they feel dry, they feel like they are stripping every ounce of moisture out of your lips. If you do wear these it is 100% worth using a scrub and balm the night before so your lips are fully prepped. As long as you do that they look amazing. As they are so drying they do have a good wear time and last all day.

My favourite thing about the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks is the shade range. At the moment there are 30 different shades spanning light nudes to deep blues and plums. Personally i love the nude shades as all the ones i have tried have been super flattering. Plus they look so Instagram worthy and i don't think a day goes by that i don't see a collection of the nude shades on Instagram in some artsy shot. My collection has increased since i went to the US and in a recent Sephora haul i bought two more shades. I finally managed to get my hands on Pure Hollywood and i also picked up Allison. Starting with the latter, Allison is a rose pink which really suits my pale skin. Pure Hollywood reminds me of a strawberry milkshake, it is a muted pink nude. Pure Hollywood has become my favourite shade but i do wear them all regularly.

I do really like the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, if you couldn't tell from everything i have said. I will be the first to admit these aren't the most comfortable but the shade range and overall texture redeems it for me. Prep is key when wearing these which is something to consider when buying them. These are such a hyped product which means people are always going to want to try them and if you are one of these people then go for it. Anastasia Beverly Hills do need to sort out their UK distribution though, i need more of these!

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