Adding a Bit of Glow

Well it looks like Spring is well and truly upon us. We have seen a bit of sunshine but also there has been fleeting moments of torrential downpours over the past month but i think we can all agree it is starting to feel much warmer. My make up has kind of been reflecting this change with the winter berry lips slowing fading into peachy pink nudes and golden hues. Spring/Summer is all about getting up your glow factor, both naturally through sweat but also through a less disgusting way of shimmer. I have a few ways i like to change my make up for the warmer seasons which help me look healthy and glowy without sparkling like Edward Cullen.

1. Put That Glow Into Your Foundation 

Recently my Estee Lauder Double Wear has been making my skin look quite dull so i have been adding either the Tom Ford Shimmer Shot or the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops to brighten my skin a little. Neither of these have glitter in but they are a shimmer so they make the skin look dewy without sparkling. Just make sure you don't over do it or you will look like a golden disco ball. An alternative if you are scared of mixing in too much highlight would be to use a radiance primer. I had a sample of the Becca Backlight Priming Filter which helped to boost a more radiant look but it subtly peaks through your foundation, never looking overly shiny. The added bonus of this primer is that it helps to perfect the skin so you have more of a flawless look.

2. Highlight - Always Highlight

Who isn't obsessed with highlighter at the moment? Compared to the winter when you want to create a beaming light from your face as it gets dark at 4pm, the summer acts as its own highlight so it may be time to stop blinding bitches and opt for something a little more subtle. I like to go for a liquid highlight to keep it looking fresh but also it sets so it doesn't melt off of my face. Once again the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops are amazing for this or i would recommend the Cover FX Custom Enchancer Drops. Another change that can be made to your highlighter is to go for a more golden tone. I am lucky and have quite neutral undertones so i can pretty much get away with anything but i just think a golden highlight adds to the warmth that your skin natural gets if you tan.

3. Swap Matte for Glossy 

For most of the year i love a matte liquid lipstick, i want something that is going to last all day. Working in an office doesn't really give you the time to keep topping up your lipstick so i find something long lasting easier. However Spring/Summer doesn't really scream matte does it? so i swap to fresher looking, more glossy lipsticks. some of my favourites are the Cremesheen formula from MAC, Peach Blossom is a must have and i always have a tube of Creme Cup even if it is a bit too baby pink for my current taste. Another brand who creates some of the best creme lipsticks are Tom Ford, Spanish Pink is one of my all time favourite lipsticks. It is the perfect combination of peach and pink, enough to warm the complexion without making your teeth look more yellow. At £40 it isn't cheap but it is a staple in my handbag.

4. Easy On The Eye Make Up

Don't get me wrong i still like definition but my eye liner finds its way to the back of the draw and my deeper eyeshadow shades migrate with them. The hues i like during summer are a lot softer such as bronze and light champagne tones, always very neutral. The only colour i may use is lilac but that's as playful as it gets. Just make sure your using a good eye primer during the summer because all your hard work could be erased by a sweaty eye lid.

5. A Cheeky Bit Of Fix +

When i first got into beauty there was some confusion on what Fix+ from MAC actually does. Some people claimed it was a setting spray and helped their make up last longer and some people said it did nothing. What it actually does sits somewhere in the middle of these two theories. It is more of a hydrating mist, so there isn't going to be a massive difference after using it but it helps to give a dewy look. During summer i like to spritz this on my face prior to applying my make up as it looks fresher and applies slightly better. I prefer to use this before just because if you use it once you have applied your powder you can be left with droplet marks.

Another way to use Fix+ is to apply it to your brushes before dabbing into a product to give it a bolder pigmentation. The two product i like to do this with is my highlight and eye shadows. In terms of highlight it really builds up a powder and gives it a more dewy finish, as if it was a liquid highlight. I use this more in the evening during the summer to give a beautiful glow but it does also make it super bold. The same happens to your shadows but it is a tactic i use all day just to pack on pigment so it lasts longer.

These are just five ways in which you can give your skin a healthy glow without looking sweaty which can be a problem in the warmth of summer. Obviously not all of these are going to work for everyone but they are tips which work for me. If you wanted to change up your make up a little, why not give one of these a go. Plus if you've got any more ideas message me on twitter @SophaaRambles and let me know

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