Yves Saint Laurent: Faux Cils Mascara

After my rave review of the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara i have been feeling more adventurous with my mascara. For a while i religiously used the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara as i knew it worked for me but now i know other mascaras can work for me, i want to find them. Mascara is a never ending beauty hunt for me, i am yet to find one that is perfect which is quite frustrating. Mascara is very hit or miss, sometimes it can go very wrong and i've picked up some mascaras which really haven't worked for me which has left me fearful of the unknown. The Lancome Hypnose Mascara was a winner for me but unfortunately it started to dry out so i thought i would try something new. As always i test mascara with a lash primer underneath because if i don't, mascara melts down my face, so that it is something to consider whilst reading this review. My favourite primer being the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer which is what i am currently wearing it with, but i starting off testing this mascara out with the Benefit They're Real Tinted Lash Primer.

When i was looking to buy a new mascara i went online to some of my favourite blogs and a lot of people have been talking about the Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Mascara as YSL have created a new limited edition packaging for this mascara and the Touche Eclat. The other day i watched Fleur De Force talking about her holy grail mascaras and the YSL one was her favourite which filled me with hope that this was going to be a good mascara. Once again, like Lancome, i've always heard a lot about the YSL mascaras but i had never tried any so i saw this as the perfect time to give it a go. When i saw this packaging i really wanted to try it purely because it is beautiful; I love the stars and the classic gold packaging which YSL is known for.

I've never used anything from YSL before, i've got to say the brand never really appealed to me as it is so expensive. I have to say as my first experience i thought the customer service was crappy. The counter i went to seemed unmanned until i realised she was actually too busy talking to the girl on the adjacent counter. I had a bit of a browse looking for this mascara, looked at the lady, she looked at me and then decided that she didn't need to help and continued to chat. Now i've worked in customer service and i get that sometimes when it is quiet you might want to have a chat but if she had just helped me find my product i would have been much happier than i was being ignored. Needless to say i was not impressed and won't be buying from this particular counter again. I eventually found the mascara after going through some of the shelves and went to a different till to pay.

When i first started to try this mascara i loved the way it made my lashes look but i did have one massive problem with this mascara which i will explain later on. The things i look for in a good mascara are, natural brissles, can it hold a curl? Will it smudge around my eyes, leaving me with panda eyes? How black is it? Does it give me big bold lashes? For the most part i do like this mascara. The shape of this wand is exactly what i I look for when purchasing my mascara. The brissles are quite thick and dense which helps to grab the lashes. The wand is quite small and compact compared to the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara which means i make less of a mess around my eyes. This is quite good for volumising the lashes and it does lengthen them but i would say it works more to make your lashes bolder. This mascara is a true black, i know this sounds silly but not all mascaras are a carbon black, sometimes they come off almost grey but this is definitely black. If you were looking to make your lashes bold this is a great mascara. Even though there were aspects of this mascara i loved there was one big problem with it.

My initial problem with this mascara is that it ran down my face. I was so gutted because this truly does give the most amazing looking lashes but i end up with my mascara all around my eyes. I continued to use it even though i wasn't 100% sure if i liked it but i knew i was using it with a lash primer i didn't like as i was using the Benefit Lash Primer. Before i committed to my opinion of this mascara i knew i wanted to try it with the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer as that makes everything stick to your lashes. After i went back to using that primer i preferred this mascara and actually ended up loving it. I always liked the finish of my lashes but i hated that it ended up down my face but the primer took away this problem. I even cried the other day and this shit didn't move!

Another problem that a lot of people complain about with this product is that it dries out very quickly. On the box for this mascara it does say that they have changed the formula so it doesn't dry out as quickly. In my experience i opened this mascara at the end of February and it was starting to dry up at the end of March. I am still using this mascara now and it is drier but it is not impossible to work with. It hasn't gone clumpy but you can just tell the formula is thicker. To be honest for me this is the average amount of time that i would use a tube of mascara for anyway so i don't mind it drying out quickly. If you like to horde mascara this is definitely not going to be for you as you do need to use it quite quickly.

Compared to the Lancome mascara unfortunately i would say i prefer the Lancome one. Even though i prefer the finish that the Yves Saint Laurent Mascara gives i can not stand a mascara that runs. It really is a problem for me and it is the biggest factor for me to like a mascara. If i want to wear this mascara i have to wear the Estee Lauder primer underneath, which isn't a problem as that is my primer of choice but some days i do just like to apply mascara and i could get away with doing that with the Lancome one. The YSL mascara does give a lovely finish but so did the Lancome one so it is sort of a moot point. The packaging for this mascara is stunning and that alone makes me want to buy it again and i possibly might as i do have a fresh tube of the Estee Lauder primer. Next on my list to try is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara so let me know your thoughts on that and if it is worth me trying, my twitter is @Sophaarambles

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