Top 5 Highlighters of the Moment

New highlighters have been coming out pretty much every week and they seem to be the most popular item to release at the moment. I think it is hard to make a highlight that people hate. Unless it is chalky and doesn't have a good glow but for the most part people are going to like it. We go through different phases of what is popular in highlight and at the moment we are living the unicorn/holographic trend. Personally it isn't something i have tried as of yet but i am waiting for pay day to jump on this bandwagon. Yes i'm looking at you Becca and the Prismatic Amethyst Highlight. In my current collection i like to stick to the basics and i have a few which i adore and use regularly. Highlight has become a staple product in my collection when just a few years ago it wasn't really a thing.

When highlight first became popular i was slightly scared of it but now i want my highlight to be blinding bitches on the streets. I want people to think they are staring into the sun when they see my face. Depending on the occasion i might tone it down a little but for the most part that's how i want my highlight. I fully respect that the blinding effect isn't going to be for everyone but if it is, then this post is for you. Today i wanted to share with you my favourite highlighters in my current collection, obviously i have to allow for a highlighter to come in and rock my world but for now these are my loves. 

The Highlighter Where it all Began

Lets start with the highlighter that began mass hysteria within the beauty world and it is the Becca x Jacyln Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. Back in the day i remember when this was released, i wasn't really that into highlighter and i also didn't watch any of Jacyln's videos. When it was launched i wasn't interested in getting it but the more i saw people talk about it online, the more i wanted to try it. I didn't get it until it was launched in the UK to Space NK. I did have highlighters before this but i didn't wear them everyday so this was quite a bold highlight to start with. A little bit really does go a long way. Sephora describes this as 'Soft white gold with pinky peach undertone' which i would agree with. It is not glittery at all and just gives a glow as it is very finely milled. This is a holy grail product for me and even if this colour doesn't appeal to you, Becca highlighters in general are beautiful. Champagne Pop has been made part of Becca permanent range so go out and try it.

The Luxury Highlight

The Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder Highlight in Modern Mercury was quite an extravagant splurge for me. At £48 it sits just that little bit close to £50 and it is definitely one of the more expensive highlighters i've ever bought, Tom Ford takes the biscuit for the most expensive but that has two shades. This was first launched in October last year and i couldn't convince myself to buy it at the time but when this was relaunched in February i knew i wanted to get it. In between i watched soooo many reviews of this highlighter as i didn't want to waste my money and in all the videoes i watched it looked stunning on everyone. It gave a soft glow which didn't look too much. It is a rose gold highlight which does have quite a bit of colour in it so i do need to be a bit more tanned to use this. If you are fair skin this might not be for you if you don't tan. Once again this is a beautifully milled product without any glitter in it. It is rose gold but when it catches the light it shifts to pale pink/white highlight. It does give a foil shine and just glows. The packaging is beautiful and really looks great in my collection, as it should do for that price. The second time around they have obviously upped the amount they made as it is still in stock on Selfridges and Net A Porter, if you liked the look of this i honestly think it was worth the money.

The Highlight i Bought by Chance

Prior to Christmas i wasn't very well but i had decided that i would brave the shops to start my Christmas shopping. I went into Bristol City Centre and decided to take a browse at the MAC counter. They had just launched their Nutcracker Collection and online everyone had gone mad for the Face Compacts and they actually had both of them in store. Online everyone loved the Sweet Copper version as it had the highlight Whisper of Gilt in it which had been released previously and everyone loved it, so there was less hype for the Sweet Peach version. After looking at them both and deciding i could only have one i went for the Sweet Peach version and i am so pleased i did. I picked this one as it looked like it would be the best for my lighter skin tone and i was so right. The highlight in this compact is called Tutu and it is stunning. It has an almost holographic iridescence to it and it is one of the few highlights which is actually lighter than my skintone so it actually highlights. I don't want to talk about this too much as it isn't available anymore but i'm sure MAC will relaunch it at some point as they are known to do that. The formula of this Skin Dimension is beautiful, it is very buttery and you only need a small amount on the brush as it is super pigmented. I feel quite lucky to have been able to buy this and it has reminded me how much i love some products from MAC.

The Ultimate Highlight Palette

At the moment everyone is talking about this palette but it is for good reason and it is the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I mentioned this in my review of the palette and it is still true, i have no idea who Nicole Guerriero is, i know she is a youtuber but other than that no idea. So she wasn't the reason i bought the palette, the stunning shades and the pictures of swatches i saw online made me buy it. Once again i don't want to talk about this too much as i have recently done a whole post about this but the shades are lovely. I class this as the ultimate highlight palette as it has every shade you could need for highlighting and more. If you were looking for one highlighting palette that would do everything, this would be it. You can wear one at a time or pile them all on like i do. Unlike the others i have spoken about, this one does have glitter in it and it is slightly chunky glitter however if you can get past the glitter these really do give a bold highlight. This is quickly selling out so if you can buy it i would. At $40 this is a great price for the amount of product you get.

The Dream Duo

The final highlight i have actually already mentioned and this is the most expensive i own but it does have two shades so it evens it out a little bit more and it is the Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in Moodlight. I've had this for quite a while now and this is my go to if i want a softer more subtle glow but something that still looks smooth and glowy. I use the top shade rather than the bottom as the bottom shade is way too dark to be a highlighter on me but i do use it as a contour/bronzer topper for more summery days and for nights out. If you are looking for a beautiful highlight this is definitely beautiful but i feel like a lot of people will be disappointed by this as it is not a blinding highlight, it is more sophisticated. At £56 this is rather expensive but as with all Tom Ford make up, it is a luxury and this is a stunning highlight.

Highlight appeals to the magpie in all of us, we are all attracted to shiny things even if we don't want to admit it. You have to admit whenever you get a new highlighter the first thing you want to do is put it all over your face and all over your body, maybe that is just me. The highlight trend shows no signs of stopping due to Instagram so i hope this has given you some inspiration of highlighters that are worth the money and that work beautifully. For me i think it is time i branched into this Holographic highlight trend and i want to try the Becca one which i mentioned at the start and also the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo which would allow me to try a new type of highlight shade but also a new formula. I have written full reviews on each of these highlighters and they are all linked below if you want to read more about any of them. Let me know what your favourite highlighters in the comments or message me on twitter @Sophaarambles


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