Sephora: Cream Lip Stain

I'm a massive fan of lipstick and i think my life ambition is to try pretty much every lipstick there is. I realise this is a rather redundant goal as there are so many and there are constantly new launches but still, lipstick is one of my favourite things. Personally I love how lipstick can alter the way you are feeling and can also act as a form of expression.

I know you are probably bored of hearing about products i bought from Sephora but these are the products i have been trying so i'm keeping it authentic yo. A lip product i've wanted to try for years are the Sephora Cream Lip Stains, after Lily Pebbles used to talk about them all the time. I looked for them when i was in America last year but i felt so overwhelmed looking at the Sephora Collection plus i didn't know the name of them at the time so i had a little bit of a panic and walked away. I was going to get one in my first Sephora Haul but i already had so many lipsticks in my basket i thought better of it. When i knew i was going to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit i instantly took a look at the shades and put one in my basket.

Back in the day, the shade range for the Cream Lip Stains was not very good, there were only about 10 shades but recently they expanded the shade range so now there are 40 shades. As it is really hard to tell what the shades truly look like online i had to take a guess as to which colour i would like. After looking at the colours i decided to go for the shade 40 Pink Tea which is a nude with a slight pale pink tone to it. These are only $14.00 so i paid £11.96 + Tax. When it first arrived i was super surprised by how small the tube is, it is only 5ml which is smaller than your average liquid lipstick. However it is also a lot cheaper than your average liquid lipsticks.

It is very creamy when you open the tube but once it is applied it is turns into a liquid. It is very lightweight and you barely feel anything on the lips. It really doesn't take that long for this to dry down, it is matte within a minute. One applied it does look matte once the cream has settled down but it doesn't feel dry on the lips or cakey at all. The actual cream does not last long on the lips and it leaves the stain behind. It is a lovely formula and i can see why a lot of people love this lip stain, The shade of the lip stain is beautiful and something i would wear daily but when i first tried this i didn't feel wowed by it but the more i've used it the more i like it.

The first time i wore it i couldn't really see the stain but the more i've worn it the more i notice it. The stain makes it super comfortable and long lasting without needing to top it up throughout the day. I do top it up just because i like the look of the cream on the lips but that isn't necessary. When you do top this up, you don't get that chunky feeling on the lips which i really like as i like to drink a lot of coffee and tea throughout the day which typically causes my lip products to come off. Of course it does wear off but as it does, it does so evenly, so you don't get weird patches. Obviously the colour is not as bold as it is when the cream is on but there is still a good amount of pigmentation.

One thing i really don't like about this product is the smell, to me it is kind of gross. It is quite strong when you open up the tube and i like the vanilla aspect of the scent but there is a weird chemical scent to it as well. The scent isn't enough to stop me using it but it is something to consider if you like fragrance free beauty products.

For an own brand product, i do think this is amazing and if it were more readily available in the UK i would definitely get more. If i order off of Sephora i would love to get more of these and to be honest i probably will. I want to try some of the darker shades as there can be a struggle with deeper shades and a lack of pigment leaving them to look patchy. Additionally I feel like it would be easier to see how the stain lasts as Pink Tea is quite similar to my natural lip colour. As i said when i first used it, i really wasn't sure about it but the more i've used it the more i love it; it is really easy to wear, comfortable and long lasting. If you are in the US or you can shop from Sephora you should try these because they are amazing quality for the price and now they have expanded the colour range there is something for everyone.

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