L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

I've said it before and i will say it again, i am currently on a make-up buying ban. It is a self imposed ban that has been supported by pretty much every single person i know. This has led me to a strict one in one out policy. However how does this relate to the drugstore? In my mind i shouldn't be spending as much on beauty and i know that but when i am buying something from Boots i can buy multiple products for the price that i would spend on one high end lipstick. So to me, it makes it ok for me to buy multiple products as long as i need them and its less than i would normally spend, right? Do you feel utterly confused by my logic? Me too! Recently i ran out of all of my face masks; i used up both my Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask and the Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Mask. Both masks are some of my favourites but due to my current budget i cannot repurchase either as they are a bit of expensive and pay day has not come yet. So i had to turn to the trusty drugstore.

A few weekends ago, I was looking forward to my Saturday night and i was home alone; i had my movies, snacks and hot chocolate ready but i desperately needed a face mask to complete the ultimate pamper night. I turned to the blogging community to see recommendations for good face masks. I do have a lot of sheet masks but due to the monthly visit from Aunt Flo i needed something a little bit more cleansing and detoxifying because not only do i get the joys of my period but i also get my monthly breakout. Yayyyyy. Having seen a lot about the L'Oreal Clay Masks since they were released last year, i have always wanted to try them. I was reminded of there existence by a recent post by Really Ree who spoke about a drugstore skincare regime she had compiled by Boots. After reading about the masks i really wanted to try them and the concept of multi-masking.

Can i just be cynical for one moment and point out what an amazing job L'Oreal have done with the marketing for these masks. Multi-masking has been around for years but i feel like L'Oreal really made a point of featuring in their campaign which includes Cheryl. I mean it does make sense, for the most part people do have a combination of different skin problems in patches on there faces. I definitely have quite an oily T-Zone but i can be dry on the outer parts of my face so using one mask for my whole face doesn't really work. 

These are also the perfect price point to sell multiple units, at £7.99 they are pretty cheap and for the most part they are on offer for £5.99 each, which was when i bought them. I mean if you were looking to do this with a different brand which was slightly more high end it would cost a lot more. If you take Glamglow for example, their small 15ml size are £14 in Boots, buying 3 would cost £42 but the 3 L'Oreal masks cost £17.97 if you by them at £5.99 which is just over the price of one small Glamglow mask. 

You get a lot more for your money by going for the L'Oreal masks but what is important is the actual product so lets get into it. There are three different masks; Purity Mask, Detox Mask and the Glow Mask. All three masks are made up of the same three clays:
  • Koalin - Absorbs impurities and excess sebum
  • Montmorillonites - It is rich in minerals, it is a clay recognised for eliminating imperfections
  • Ghassoul - highly concentrated in minerals which help to clarify the complexion. 
This keeps each of the masks very similar but they do also have some differences. The Detox Mask contains Charcoal which is a well known ingredient for detoxifying and drawing out impurities. This makes it the most similar to the masks i already use and like such as the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask. Once this has dried and you are about to take it off you see all of the impurities that have been bought out in the surface of the mask. I mean it is kind of gross but also very satisfying.

I'm going to be honest i'm not 100% sure i can tell the difference between the Detox mask and the Purifying Mask. The Purity Mask does contain Eucalyptus which has purifying properties and it once again is a popular ingredient within Liz Earle skincare. This mask is supposed to purify and mattify the skin. Now i like the mattifying effect and i definitely need that around my T-Zone but the purifying aspect to me is basically the same as the detoxifying mask. I will say this one smells a thousand times better than the detox mask which has a very mineral/earthy/rock based scent. The Eucalyptus isn't too strong and it smells quite refreshing. The Purity Mask dried down so it is very dry but it still has slight movement compared to the Detox mask which after 15 minutes is so dry it hurts to move your face. Personally i quite like this feeling but i can understand that not everyone would appreciate that tight feeling.

The final mask, the Glow Mask, does not dry down at all after 15 minutes. The mask does not dry and remains like a cream the whole time so it comes off quite easily. The extra ingredient in the Glow mask is Red Algae extract which adds to the brightening effect of the mask. When you look at the tub of this mask you can see an iridescence which runs through the whole product. This one is completely different from the other two masks not only because it doesn't dry down and it brightens but also because it has little beads within it. I'm guessing these help with exfoliation, to bring new skin cells to the surface by removing dead skin. This in turn then helps with the brightness but none of this is confirmed from anything i have read online so this is my own theory.

For drugstore masks i have really enjoyed using these masks. I will admit i cannot tell a real difference between the Detox Mask and the Purity mask, they both have very similar effects. The greatest difference comes from the Glow mask which is actually my least favourite out of the three of them, it is the only one that i don't see a real difference with it. Whilst multi-masking i like to use the Detox Mask over my T-zone as that is where i have my most problematic skin, the Purity Mask is then applied around the surrounding areas of the Detox Mask and the Glow Mask surrounds the outer parts of my face. Multi-Masking is a very fun concept and does make you look like a complete idiot but i can see how it works. However if you are on a budget i am not sure that you need all three masks especially the Detox and the Purity Mask, they are super similar. Each pot says you get 10 uses out of them but with multi-masking you really don't use that much so these are going to last for a very long time. These are a very thick creamy texture so they do spread out quite a bit when you apply them. They do feel great on the skin, very cooling and i do feel relaxed whilst using them.

I can see why so many people love these masks and why they are so popular amongst the blogging community. Not only are the pots rather cute but they are genuinely lovely masks. If you can get these for £5.99 they are well worth the money and each of them is great to use by its self as well as multi-masking. These are easily comparable to some of the more high end masks i have used and loved. 

I know you are all wondering about my beauty ban but i did use up two masks so i could justify two but i did have £20 worth of points on my Boots Advantage Card which i used to purchase these so they ended up being free. I was very pleased with getting these for free but even so i would be willing to repurchase these when they run out. I will definitely be getting the Purity Mask and the Detox Mask but i'm not 100% sure about the Glow Mask, if i'm honest it didn't seem to do much but it seems wrong to not have the whole collection. I see what you've done L'Oreal, ya'll smart with your marketing. 

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