Jeffree Star Cosmetics X Manny MUA Collab

In my New in Beauty post from the end of March i included the Jeffree Star X Manny MUA collaboration and luckily i managed to get it just before it sold out on the 8th of April. They had been teasing this collab for ages and finally last month they revealed it was a highlighter and two liquid lipsticks. The collab looked incredible and the minute it was unveiled i knew i needed it in my life. So i want to share my thoughts with you as i know a lot of people missed out and lots of people are hoping to get it in the restock. I also want to address Jeffree Star Cosmetics in general as i had never tried anything from the brand before.

I only started to watch Jeffree's videos this year but i remember him from the music scene back in 2009. He featured on A Day to Remember's documentary for their album Homesick which was filmed when they were on the Warped Tour. Even then i had a very limited knowledge of who he was. Before i watched his channel i had heard the rumors and bad press about Jeffree which unfortunately gets spoken about way too much. I mean he really isn't afraid to say what he thinks, which i quite like about him. His videos are great and he does have some really good reviews, he certainly knows what he is taking about. Ignoring the problems surrounding Jeffree he does have his own makeup range. No matter what your opinion is, it is impressive that he has set up this whole business which is known around the world. After i started to watch Jeffree i was led to Manny MUA so naturally when the collab was announced i wanted it. I didn't just want it because i like Jeffree and Manny but because the shades screamed my name.

Prior to owning these products i had never tried anything from Jeffree Star Cosmetics so i saw this as the perfect opportunity to give some of the products a go. I had never really thought about buying any products from the brand but these seemed perfect for me. As you know from reading my previous posts, i love highlight and a good liquid lipstick, both of which Jeffree Star Cosmetics are known for. I've always had my eye on Peach Goddess Skin Frost but always worried it would be too dark. So when i saw Eclipse i instantly fell in love. At £25.50 i wasn't sure it was going to be worth it but i was pleasantly surprised.

When i initially received this i couldn't believe how big the compact is, it has 15g of product in it. I don't ever have to worry about running out of this Skin Frost because it is so big. I love the matte black packaging compared to the usual pink packaging, it looks much more sleek. The imprint of both Manny/Jeffree logos makes it a little bit different and shows that they spent the time thinking about this collab and the attention to detail. The shade of this is stunning and perfect for anyone who is pale like me. In the pan it looks very peachy but on the face it is a lot more icy and comes off more pink. I love the look of this highlighter and it does give a very bold glow which is what i would expect from both Jeffree and Manny. One thing that did put me off a little bit was when i first swatched it, it didn't really swatch well. It looks amazing on the face when applied with a brush but the initial swatch was crappy. Also it feels quite weird to touch, i thought it would be softer, more buttery but it is quite grainy. Luckily it doesn't look chunky on your face but it just surprised me. Even though it doesn't swatch well, I love this highlighter and it has fast become one of my favourites.

Moving on to the Velour Liquid Lipsticks, i wasn't sure if i was going to buy both as i wasn't sure i would wear both. When i watched Manny's video first showcasing these products i thought i would love Daddy as i wear nude lipsticks every day. Daddy is a stunning cool toned nude shade but when I'm Shook arrived and i tried them both on I'm Shook captivated me. I'm Shook is one of the most unusual shades i've seen. In the tube it looks like a muted coral red but when i wear it, it looks more of a true red. Luckily for me this is the sort of shade which really suits my skin tone. I've worn Daddy a couple of times and after thinking it was going to be my favourite i'm not sold on it. It just makes me look dead as it is very cool toned. The shade only suits me when i have a bit more of a tan.

In terms of the formula, it is very light and you don't really feel them on your lips. They dry down completely matte but they aren't so drying that it feels thick and cakey on your lips. They are quite light which means these aren't the most long lasting of all the liquid lipsticks i have tried. They do not handle food or drink very well and i had to top them up after only wearing them for a few hours. Other than that they are super pigmented, you can cover your whole lips with only one dip in the tube. I have been really impressed by these liquid lipsticks but i do have one problem with them. I bloody hate the smell! I don't know if it is just mine but they stink and it is very overwhelming. There is almost a peppery/spicy smell with a little bit of musk thrown in. I read on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website that they do not contain perfume but are fragranced through the ingredients. If that is what a lipstick naturally smells like i want as much perfume put in as possible. These are £16 each which is a similar price to a MAC lipstick which is kind of mid range, its not drugstore but it is cheaper than your average high end lipstick. I think these are worth the money but i don't think i will be getting many more.

Overall i really like each of the products, the only one i am slightly disappointed about is Daddy but purely because i thought i would like the shade more. I had my eye on the bundle but it was an exclusive to Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. As i am a UK resident i wanted to get mine from Beauty Bay as i qualified for free next day delivery. This left me with having to buy the items individually so i really had to consider if i needed the whole collab. In the end i just bought it all which turned out to be quite expensive at £57.50 but i do like it all and will definitely be using them regularly. I was quite lucky to get it all as it all sold out within the evening. I logged on at 5:45pm to be ready which was good as Beauty Bay made it live 5 minutes early so i already had it in my basket before 6pm, which was when the struggle began. After 6pm the website was so slow it took 5 minutes for each page to load. After about half an hour i had finally checked out and managed to get all of my items. This was ordered on the Saturday and it arrived on the Sunday which i was super impressed by as usually no one will deliver on a Sunday. I have been using these products everyday since then so i have given them a good test run. If you can get your hands on this collab then i recommend doing so because i think the products are worth it, especially if you are pale like me. I must admit i don't think i will be expanding my Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection anytime soon as these products are going to last a while but i do have my eye on the shade Calabasas which is coming out as part of his summer range which Jeffree teased us with it in one of his latest videos.

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