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Benefit is an odd brand, is it drugstore? high-end? No it sits somewhere in the middle. When i was younger i always assumed it would be quite cheap due to the packaging however when i first looked at the mascara and saw the price tag of £17.50 (it has gone up a bit since then) i thought jog on! You definitely need to keep an open mind with the brand as the packaging does not reflect the product. The packaging in my opinion is a little on the tacky side rather than being cute like the Too Faced packaging but that won't put me off buying it.

I know in my recent post about the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette i slated the Benefit packaging and i stand by what i said i do think it looks cheap but i did buy a few Benefit products, some were top ups and one was a stupid purchase. Benefit do create some truly holy grail products, i mean if you haven't had a tube of their mascara i'm not sure you can call yourself a beauty lover. Hoola has become a right of passage for any girl who wants a bronzer and their brow products are some of the best. These are the key products associated with Benefit and they are some of the better products they do. Some of there newer launches have not peaked my interest quite as much but you can't please everyone.

Recently i ran out of a few essential products so i took to Boots to replenish. The most vital product being my Gimme Brow. Let me start off by saying i really wanted to try a new, cheaper version of the Gimme Brow and after extensive research i couldn't find anything. I can't imagine the formula is hard to replicate but it isn't about that, it is the wand that i love. The length of it is perfect so it is comfortable to hold and the brissles are nice and small so i don't end up with brow gel all over my face. I looked for ages for one with a small wand and a good formula but throughout all the reviews i read i couldn't find one and caved into buying this again. As i said the wand is perfect and in terms of formula it keeps my brows in place whilst giving them colour so they look a little fuller. If you haven't tried Benefit's brow products you really should because they are some of the best and after they re-vamped it last summer they have pretty much every single brow product you could ever need.

As i was already at the counter to pick up my Gimme Brow, i took a look around. Another product on my list was a lash primer. I usually love the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer but prior to ever using it, i started off by trying the Benefit They're Real Tinted Lash Primer. I remember liking this the first time i tried it so i thought i would give it a revisit. The formula is tinted brown and it is meant to 'add definition, increase fullness, lengthen, separate and thicken lashes.' I will agree, it does do this. Additionally I like the concept that you can wear it on its own if you are going for a natural look but for me it doesn't create a good enough base for my mascara. I know i've said this a thousand times but mascara does not stay put on my lashes, it just melts down my face, so a good mascara or primer needs to stay put. This primer does not work as well as the Estee Lauder one which basically acts as a glue, nothing is coming off of that primer and it is actually quite difficult to remove in the evenings but i prefer that to panda eyes; all day, everyday. At £18.50 it was slightly cheaper than the Estee Lauder equivalent but i cannot wait to use up this tube so i can go back to Lauder,

After picking out these two products i was heading to the check out when i was affronted by a Benefit staff member asking if i needed any help. Now i've worked retail and let me tell you at times it sucks! People can be so unnecessarily rude. I know some people say it is annoying that staff say hi but guess what it isn't their dream to approach you and annoy you, in fact, for the most part they probably don't want to trouble you. So whenever a poor soul who works in retail comes up to me i always try to be polite, as i have been in their shoes and i know what its like.

Anyway in doing this i leave myself open to spending more money and that is exactly what happened. We got talking and she asked if i used a bronzer, at the time my answer would have been no. Bronzers have always scared me as i am so fair i worry they look like dirt on the face. I mean we have all walked past a girl who should have left the bronzer at home. I was lead to a seat and she started to apply Hoola. As i said a cult product but i had never tried it as a lot of my close friends say it is patchy. After she had finished, i actually liked the look of it and added it to my basket.

When i looked at my receipt i couldn't believe how expensive it was, £24.50 for a tiny amount of product. I would say a tiny product but the box style actually makes it more chunky. This is quite a warm bronzer which i need to warm my deathly pale complexion, especially now i've had my hair lightened. You definitely need to tap the excess off of the brush or you apply too much and this can cause it to look patchy. I have been using this everyday since i bought it but just after i got this one they launched the Lite version for paler skin and i think i will be trying that one as the colour looks slightly better for me and i don't like a bold bronzer i only want a light bit of colour added.

Overall i enjoyed the products i bought, the exception being the tinted primer. Will the primer or the bronzer be holy grail, no probably not. However i have enjoyed using Hoola and of course Gimme Brow is a holy grail brow product. Benefit do make some great products and even though i am not a massive fan of the packaging as i said at the start don't let it fool you their products are spoken about so much for a reason. 

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