Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

As i noted in my review on the Barry M Lip Kits, I got into a phase of not using drugstore products but since i realised this, i have made a conscious effort to try more budget friendly products. Not only because you can find some hidden gems but also because my budget has not allowed for any extravagant make up products. Thanks to the mid-season All Saints sale i am now super poor so i completely blame them and their expensive clothes. Back to the point i had been looking for a gentle cleanser to use after my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as a way of double cleansing, completely inspired by Caroline Hirons. 

Micellar Water is very popular within beauty and you will not come across a blog that hasn't spoken about it, apart from mine. Whenever I have tried it i haven't got on with it. Long ago, back in my uni days, i tried the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and i used it for a few days but it felt very stripping. It really did not take my eye make up off and actually irritated my eyes. Since then i've read so much about the ease of micellar water and have longed to be able to use it. When i saw this wash version i thought my prays could have been answered and wanted to try it to see if i would get on better with this version. I decided to go for the sensitive version that works for combination skin in hopes that it would be a little kinder to my skin and might actually work for me. As i've said before when reviewing skincare i like to use a product for a month so i have really tested it and gathered my thoughts but i got to admit i only lasted a week with this one.

I used this once a day after i have done my initial cleanse to takes off my make up in the evenings. You are supposed to use this on wet skin so it lends itself to being a second cleanser. This is a very gentle and light wash, my skin didn't feel stripped after using it and felt fresh. Due to it feeling so gentle i really wasn't sure about using this as my first cleanser. I have tried using this as my first cleanser to see if it would take care off all my make up. At first it was weird to add water to my make up but when the wash was applied it felt like the make up was coming off. This actually surprised me and did take off all of my make up so if you wanted to you could use this as a primary cleanser.

This has the strangest texture, i read a blog (Helloteddy) which said it was like an anti-bacterial gel you find in hospitals and they couldn't have been more accurate. It is a very runny gel which i think is supposed to smell like grape but it has a very artificial clean smell to it which i don't really like. Despite the weird texture it does lather up on your face when mixed with water but it is only a small amount of lather. Once you have worked it into the skin you wash it off. Now this is always a struggle for me so i always use a muslin cloth just to help me out a little bit. The worst thing is when you are removing a product with just water, it ends up running down your arms, going all over the sleeves of your jumper and all over the floor, Basically it is just a mess so i find a cloth much easier. Once all of the product is removed, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or stripped, it just feels clean which is good. One of the claims this product makes is that it is mattifying which you can definitely see after you use it but i don't see a massive difference to the skin over the day or with sustained use.

After using this product for a week i did notice i had quite a bad breakout. Now i had just finished my period which always causes a hormone induced spot fest but usually that happens before my period so i can only chalk it up to this product. I stopped using this for a week and my skin has just about started to recover. However my opinion of this product has not changed. Unfortunately i do not like this product. For me the micellar hype is not real! It doesn't seem compatible with my skin type at all. Obviously this doesn't mean it isn't going to work for you and i have read other reviews where people liked this but anything that gives me a breakout that bad is instantly put on my shit list.

If you are looking for a product to work as an alternative to a cleanser then yes this is ok but if you like to wear a lot of make up i'm not sure this would take off heavy make up or waterproof mascara as there isn't enough of a lather to take make up off. This product isn't even as easy as using a micellar water and if you like micellar water i feel like you would be better sticking to it. I do not like the consistency of this product, it does feel like putting anti-bac on your face. Personally i will not be using this again due to my breakout but at £2.66 i don't feel bitter about this not working for me which really is the beauty of using products from cheaper brands. Would i recommend this to anyone, NO! There are much better products on the market which do not feel as gross to apply.

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