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Ever since i started to wear make up all those years ago, i've always struggled with mascara giving me black marks around my eyes. Not only do i have quite oily eye lids but i wear contact lenses which automatically makes my eyes more watery. I've always been on the quest to find a good mascara but after i started to use lash primers i have been able to use a wider range of mascaras. Lash primers are an extra step in your make up routine but in my case it is a very necessary step. What i need from a lash primer is for it to act as a glue, keeping my mascara in place rather than helping to build up the look of my lashes.

Today i want to compare the Benefit They're Real Tinted Lash Primer and the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer. The Benefit Lash Primer was actually the first lash primer i ever tried and the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer is the one i have been using as of late. As i said in my Benefit Haul, i tried the Benefit one a few years ago but i haven't used it in a long time. I have now finished the tube i bought and i have had time to consider which one i prefer.

Let's start with the Benefit lash primer. This was launched almost two years ago which was around the time i first tried it. The They're Real mascara itself is one of the most popular in the UK but the primer isn't spoken about as much. It has the same wand as the mascara which is a plastic wand with a ball of brissles on the end. The wand lengthens and adds volume to the lashes and really separates them. As a primer this really helps to create a base for bold and glam looking lashes. My problem is not the effect this has on my lashes, I love the way it gives definition. I also like that it is tinted brown so it works if you want something on your lashes to make them more prominent but it is not as striking as a black mascara.

The negative for me is that even though it does create a lovely base for mascara it does not help to hold the lashes. At the start of the day your lashes look good but they don't last that way. The curl is not held and it doesn't keep my mascara from going around my eyes. That is the key issue i have with the Benefit primer. In theory this is a great primer but it just isn't what i am looking for whereas the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer does exactly what i want, it holds my mascara and lashes in place. I can wear pretty much any mascara over the top of this and it is held for the whole day.

In terms of the way the Little Black Primer makes the lashes look, it is not as bold as the Benefit primer. The wand for this primer is a lot smaller but a lot more curved so it does help to hold a curl in your lashes. The smaller size of the wand means you can get deeper to the root of the lash, once again forcing the curl. Other than that it does take quite a few coats to really build up your lashes when using this primer, it is not as easy as using the Benefit one. The colour of this primer is quite strange, the name would suggest it was black but it looks more grey once it has been applied to the lashes so for me this is something i would only wear underneath mascara.  Additionally because this is a primer which makes sure your mascara stick, it is so hard to remove. With my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish it does take a bit of work. The best cleanser i have used which takes this off a little bit quicker is the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. 

Both of these primers are great but the reason you are looking to buy a primer is going to indicate which one you would prefer. The Benefit one is going to suit you more if you just want to build up your lashes but if you are like me and struggle to get mascara to stay in place then the Estee Lauder one is going to be better. I love bold lashes and a primer really helps with this look, not everyone is going to love adding another step to their routine but it helps to achieve a false lash look with your real lashes.

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