All of the Nudes: Sephora Set

Who doesn't love watching Sephora hauls, i think potentially they are some of my favourite videos to watch. For the most part the products are available in the UK but there is the occasional product that is a Sephora exclusive, like the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lip Set. I haven't seen many people talk about this set but when i was looking to treat myself for my birthday i saw this and thought it was an amazing chance to try some products that i might not have tried otherwise. At $28 you get 5 mini products and one full size which when you think of it is an amazing price as you can pay $20 for an individual full size. 

This set has a mixture of different types of nudes and different formulas so if you are new to make up this a great way of finding out the sort of products you like. If you are a make up junkie like me you probably already know what you like but why not give something new a chance. Personally i actually hadn't tried any of these products before but a lot of them were on my list to try so i was very excited to get stuck in to this set. I have a feeling this is going to be a long post so you might want to get a cup of tea before you start reading anymore.

When my Sephora order arrived i was quite surprised by how small this set was; they really jammed all of the lipsticks into quite a small box. Some of the lipsticks are rather small, the smallest being only 1.5g but it just means that you might use the whole lipstick, which is something i never do. Plus if you use a whole one up you know you like it and should probably buy the full size. As they are smaller if you are put off buying this set because you don't think you would wear one, to be honest, it doesn't really matter as they are so small it is no loss and it won't be a waste. The only problem would be if you don't like the Urban Decay lipstick as that is the full size and the lipstick that makes up the cost of this set.

The first product i tried was the Buxom Full On Lip Cream in White Russian. Buxom has only just become available in the UK and i have heard so much about this brand. This has become a sort of marmite product, I know some people love these lip creams and some really can't stand them because of the plumping effect. When i first applied it I wasn't sure if this was supposed to plump as i didn't really feel anything then the tingling kicked in.

When you apply it, you do start to feel the tingling on your lips but i don't think it is unbearable. I had just done my teeth before i applied this so i just thought my breath was super fresh and minty and it was causing my lips to feel cool but it turns out it was this product. I didn't find my lips looked any plumper but i do naturally have quite full lips. If you wanted to try this due to the plumping effect i'm not sure it is worth it. As well as the plumping effect this cream also has Hyaluronic spheres, Vitamin A+E all of which help to keep the lips hydrated. 

This feels very creamy when you apply it and it has no shimmer. It is quite sticky for a product that is considered to be a cream and to me it seems more of an opaque gloss. This is a very light pink shade and looks great on its own or on top of lipsticks. It smells amazing, kind of like toffee which i really enjoyed but it isn't a strong scent. I did find that if you rubbed your lips together it bunched up around the outer lip line which i didn't really like. I wore this just to do a little bit of shopping and i found it didn't wear very long and it definitely ended up coming away in the middle of my lips.

Due to the bunching and the non plumping effect i don't think i would buy the full size of this. The full size costs $20 or £15 from Debenhams but personally i don't think this is worth it. 

The following day i gave the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick a go. This is in the shade 1993 which is the year of my birth so i automatically felt an affinity with this lipstick. This is the full size within the set and it is a true brown nude. I can't remember who it was but i watched a youtube video where they spoke about this lipstick so i was thinking about buying it prior to getting this set anyway. The Vice Lipsticks have recently been launched by Urban Decay to replace their old lipstick range and it has over 100 shades. This particular lipstick is their comfort matte formula which sums up the finish; it does feel very comfortable on the lips without feeling drying and it is slightly matte but i would say it was more satin as it has a slight sheen. 

This lipstick is created with a blend of different butters which makes it super soft on the lips. As well as a butter blend it also has Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Babassu oil, all of these keep it very soft and keep your lips hydrated. 

The shade does kind of remind me of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, i would say Lolita has more of a rose undertone but this has that similar rich, deep brown shade. If you don't like the dryness of the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks it might be worth giving this one a go. I wore this on a Sunday when i was just popping out and it was very comfortable and surprisingly long lasting for such a soft lipstick. I do like this and i actually put this in my monthly favourites last month as i have found myself reaching for it a lot. I do think the Urban Decay lipsticks are worth checking out if you are looking for a new lipstick, they are quite an underrated product in my opinion, they should be spoken about more. 

I was so excited to try the Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick from this set. All i seem to talk about is Liquid Lipstick so i feel like this was a great one to have in the set. I hadn't tried any of the Melted Mattes before which surprises even me but the Too Faced counter in Bristol is pretty crappy and they don't even have all the shades. I've seen many swatches of this shade Queen B and this is the one i had my eye on. I think the colour is stunning, it is a muave nude which definitely leans more to the pink/purple end of the spectrum rather than nude but oh well. This shade is rather unusual, it is quite a bold colour without being too out there, personally i really like it but i can see why a lot of people have complained on Sephora saying this isn't a nude shade.

The first thing i noticed about this was the smell, it is the exact smell of a liquid lipstick that i hate. It has that fake cake sort of smell which is overly sweet and gross and it is rather strong, you can still smell it when it is on the lips. Once applied this goes completely matte and doesn't transfer which is what i like in a liquid lipstick. The pigment is very opaque and you only really need one swipe and it gives you the exact shade you see in the tube. This is drying but not as drying as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks but it does exaggerate your lip lines or any texture you may have. Having said that this doesn't feel as drying as it makes your lips look. I wore this to work and i only topped it up at lunchtime and that was it, i wore a nude eye with this and it looked great. I was impressed with this formula and i would buy the full size of this shade and potentially others if i like anymore shades. I will for sure be looking at the Too Faced stand next time i am in town.

Bite Beauty is a brand not sold in the UK but i have heard amazing things about these lipsticks. This is the Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb, which is a beige nude and the sort of shade i would expect in a nude set. This is the smallest of all of the lipsticks and it really is miniature, it is only 1.55g, so this isn't going to last long. Bite make their lipsticks in small batches in a low-heat process which keeps all the minerals and nutrients in them so it is a very moisturising lipstick and it feels very creamy. This lipstick actually made my lips look healthier instead of exaggerating any problem with them so i did appreciate that.

The pigment used is also triple milled so it is very fine and evenly distributed throughout the product, i was impressed by the amount of pigmentation within the lipstick considering it isn't really a matte. To me this is more of a satin finish. The lipstick feels very light on the lips almost like the Urban Decay Comfort Matte formula. I put this on in the morning before i went to work, had a coffee and unfortunately a lot of colour had come off. I did really like this lipstick but the full size is $26 and only available on Sephora so i probably wouldn't buy another. However i would like to try the Matte Creme Lip Crayons from Bite as they look amazing. 

In my first ever New in Beauty post i wrote about the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Cremes and i said i wanted to try the shade Slow Burn as it looked like a lovely nude rose well now i know i love that shade. The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick which came in this set was in the shade Slow Burn and when i saw that, it made me very excited to get this set open. The packaging is very sleek and looks more expensive than the others in this set and considering the full size is $30 it is the most expensive. This has a satin finish and it is very comfortable on the lips, you literally feel like there is nothing there. 

The colour was very pigmented and it just glided over the lips. The smaller size made it difficult to hold with my long ass fake nails but the bullet shape made it easy to get the shape of my lips. The wear time was good for a satin lipstick so i was actually really impressed. If i didn't have so many lipsticks in my collection i would buy the full size of this; i thought it was lovely to apply, the shade was beautiful and it felt very luxurious, all the things i look for in a lipstick. This has made me want to try the creme version even more so i think that will make it on my shopping list next.

The Estee Edit is a new venture from Estee Lauder to try and market to Millennials, so the products are created more with the modern social media user in mind and it is fronted by Kendall Jenner. This is available in the UK but only from certain retailers like Selfridges and Harrods. I have had my eye on this brand for a while so i was excited to see this lip liner in this set. Lip Liner isn't something i wear everyday but when i am going for a shade a little bit more bold i like to get good edges around my lips. This liner is very creamy and soft and you don't need to apply much pressure to line your lips. This is a lovely shade and it goes really well with the Urban Decay lipstick but i don't think it is overly pigmented. It does have colour but it isn't very bold. The formula is creamy but this does mean that it seems to move around the lips quite a bit which meant it didn't seem to last very long and it didn't seem to help my lipstick last any longer. I will not be buying the full size of this liner. 

Overall i completely think this set was worth the £23.81 i spent on it and it was an amazing way of trying all sorts of different lipsticks. If you can shop from Sephora i highly recommend getting this set whilst they make it because i have found some lipsticks that i really love from this set. I will be getting a full size of the Too Faced Melted Matte and i am intrigued by Bite Beauty and Marc Jacobs and i will look in to trying some of their other products. Sephora currently have their sale going on so if you are a Beauty Insider you can get 10% off which makes the value of this set even better. I did see on @Trendmood1's instagram that they will be doing a second version of this set and personally i can not wait for its arrival so that i can sample more lip products.

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