Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder Collection

If you haven't heard about or seen the collaboration between Victoria Beckham and Estee Lauder, where have you been? It originally launched in October 2016 but was re-released a few weeks ago. Every blog and every youtuber featured this when it came out the first time and the Morning Aura Illuminating Creme sold out in a matter of hours. When it first came out i loved the look of the collection but i was heavily put off by the price, i mean it is bordering on Tom Ford prices but as time has passed i regretted not buying anything from the line. When it was announced, at the start of February, that this range was coming back with a few changes, i knew i had to get a few items.

When Victoria Beckham started within Fashion, her brand was very much about glamour and the only items i ever read about were the evening dresses.There was nothing outstanding or very fashion forward however as she has lasted within the fashion world and her brand had changed you've seen her develop her own style with her brand. Her latest runway was much more initiative but also more laid back with more casual pieces but cut in such an elegant and unusual way. Victoria herself has moved from wearing Louboutions everyday to a more casual pair of trainers making her more accessible but none the less chic. She really has grow her own identity within fashion. None of her clothes are cheap but they are always elegant and as the seasons progress they are becoming more wearable. Much like this collection with Estee Lauder, they are an everyday stable but at a rather more expensive price point.

In an interview with Vogue, Victoria said 'I like celebrating being a woman' and i think you can see that within this collection with Estee Lauder. The collection does not cater to the make up trends of the moment and it is not designed to completely change the way you look but it is designed to enhance what you have. In the first edition of this collection i felt the eye shadow palette stood out because it didn't fit in and it was a little bit too bold so i am pleased to see it didn't come back. Victoria has done an amazing job of fronting this collection and you can really see her look within this second launch of the products, she is know for a smoky eye, nude lip and glowing skin which is the pinnacle of this range.

Much like high end fashion, high end make up is never going to be worth the money. The products may be beautiful but the likelihood is you could find one just as good for cheaper. The point is do you want to? There is a reason so many people aspire to owning a Chanel bag, its the feeling it gives you and that goes for this collection. These products are lovely but there is no way a highlighter should ever be £48 nor a lipstick £36. The only people i recommend these products to are absolute make up junkies, like myself, or people who buy one product and stick to it. These are beautiful and if you wear them everyday you are going to make them more worth your money but these are really a collectors item.

The two products i loved the look of were the Modern Mercury Highlighter which was the product i wished i had bought the first time round and the Nude Spice Lipstick which is new to this relaunch. Lets just start with the packaging, it is gorgeous which is what you would hope for when you are spending a ridiculous amount on a make up item but it is the sort of make up you would be happy to pull out and use in front of people. It is very sleek and reminds me very much of the Tom Ford packaging which shows that elevated price point. Estee Lauder packaging in general is dominated by plastic but this doesn't feel as cheap and looks beautiful with the contrast between black and gold.

The Modern Mercury Highlighter is a Gelee formula which is one of the favourites from Estee Lauder. However i was slightly disappointed to learn that this has been out before, Estee Lauder launched it back in Autumn 2011 as part of the Modern Mercury Collection. If you search there are reviews from when it was originally out and everyone loved it. When i found out about this it did make me wonder how much input Victoria actually had. At the same time if brands never relaunched products we wouldn't be able to buy the things we missed out on the first time. The product itself is stunning, i don't think you can ever hate a highlighter but there is something different about this one. The texture is so soft and the pigment so finely milled that when it is applied to the face it looks so soft but really packs a punch in terms of glow. I've never used a highlight before that looks like it has as many dimensions as this one. When you swatch it on the back of your hand or apply it to your cheeks, if you even move slightly it will catch the light but not in a streaky glittery way.

The shade is definitely a rose gold but has a white gold facet to it. Just looking at it, it looks beautiful. The formula is so smooth and feels like silk, it is very soft and just glides effortlessly. I can safely say i have never been as wowed by a highlighter and i potential prefer it to Becca's Champagne Pop just because it has a rose hint to it rather than being as gold as Champagne Pop. In the not to distant future i will be doing a post comparing the two but i need to test this one for a little bit longer just to make a true comparison.

Modern Mercury and Nude Spice
Moving on to the lipstick and lets face it the name is the reason most of us have bought this, i mean Nude Spice, who did not love the Spice Girls back in the day. When i saw the shade and that it is a matte formula i instantly knew this would be something i would like; i do love a matte lipstick. The formula is very creamy and does not feel drying on the lips. It does feel a bit thick on the lips and to me it has a similar texture to the MAC matte lipsticks which isn't a bad thing. However it does not make it worth £36. This is a true nude shade and i must admit it does remind me of Velvet Teddy by MAC which i have swatched below for comparison. This nude does have a little bit more of a flesh tone to it so i like it a little bit more but considering the price difference i wouldn't bother buying this lipstick again for £36. Not to say it isn't beautiful but it is a lot of money for a shade i feel can be replicated quite easily.

Left-Right: ABH Pure Hollywood, Nude Spice, Velvet Teddy
I would say that Estee Lauder as a brand are not known for being super fashionable or even modern. As a brand they are quite slow to get behind trends however this collection has changed that. It is very fashion lead but keeps their consumer in mind. We have already be teased with another launch of this collaboration with an eye shadow palette which was used during New York Fashion Week at Victoria's show. The shades look amazing and it is currently all over social media so take a look and see what you think. As i've said this isn't going to be for everyone but if you can afford it and you like the look of a product then go for it because these products do not stick around for long. Personally i would give the lipstick a miss but the highlighter is beautiful and if you love a good highlight you will appreciate this one.

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