Tom Ford: Lips and Boys Matte

My love for Tom Ford make up is no secret and you guys must be fed up of hearing about their products. However there is something special that comes with applying a product that expensive. For me, i find it very exciting to read reviews about high end make up as the products are always so beautiful and i absolutely love finding out what people love about high end brands. Plus part of you does always wonder why they costs so much? As you might know some of my favourite products from Tom Ford are the lipsticks, especially the Lips and Boys and after there recent revamp i wanted to see all of the new shades and the new textures.

If your not familiar with the Lips and Boys range, they were launched as a limited edition in Selfridges two years ago at Christmas and they were very popular. I remember everyone going mad for them and they sold out super quickly. The following year they were launched permanently and a year later, at the end of last year, they changed part of the range. 

Tom Ford changed up half of the Lips and Boys collection, removing 25 and swapping them for new shades and new finishes. They added 10 matte shades which instantly intrigued me as matte lipstick is pretty much the only lipstick i wear at the moment. Two shades caught my eye for two different reasons. The first was Christiano which is a bright orange with a strong red undertone, it is pretty much the same as Flame which is one of my favourite full size Tom Ford lipsticks. I have raved about this lipstick many times so if you want to read a full post on Flame i will link one below. If you had your eye on this lipstick but the price put you off; they have just put the prices up to £40, this is a great alternative.

Alongside Christiano i fell in love with Thomas which is a muted plum shade with soft pink undertones. The moment i saw this colour i thought it would be a lovely alternative to a deep berry lip by giving off the same tones but just in a lighter shade. This shade has been perfect during the Winter months but i think this will be a good shade to use as a transition lipstick into Spring. For Spring i like lipsticks which are slightly more pink and i move away from berry shades however this shade sits somewhere in the middle.

The lipstick formula itself is everything i could have asked for, the formula is the same as the full size; light, not too drying, long lasting and highly pigmented. Tom Ford know how to make a matte lipstick! I do hope that they extend the matte range within the Lips and Boys collection as it is definitely my favourite formula.

If you wanted to try a Tom Ford lipstick the Lips and Boys are the way to go; at £29 they are still more expensive than your average lipstick but they are still a lot cheaper than the full size. A lot of them are quite similar to full size shades so if you did have your eye on a full size shade but your reluctant to buy it see if there is a similar one within the Lips and Boys. Additionally even though they look a lot smaller, the Lips and Boys are 2g and the full size is 3g so you aren't missing out on too much product by going for the smaller size. I have written a whole blog post dedicated to the Lips and Boys range but it was before this launch however i will link it below.

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