Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Vol. 2 Palette

If you read my post about my Sephora haul then you will know i bought the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Palette Vol. 2 a few weeks ago. Lately i have been on a massive highlighter spree. Highlight has been a big part of everyone's beauty regime and the amount of new highlighters being launched is unreal. For me the highlighter craze really started with Champagne Pop by Becca and Jaclyn Hill. For me this was the first time i really took notice of highlight. As well as making highlight more prominent, I think this collaboration was the start of make up brands really taking notice of the blogging community and it was one of the first big brand collaborations which is crazy because they happen so often now-a-days.

Anyway after that slight tangent, the key part of that waffle was that i love highlight and its all Jaclyn's fault. As of late i have really gone hard on the highlighters after treating myself to the Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Highlight. At £48 that highlighter had to be incredible and in my opinion, it is, i love it. However just before i ordered that i placed my order on Sephora and picked up an equally expensive Tarte highlighting palette which didn't quite live up to my expectations.

I was browsing the just arrived section of Sephora and saw the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume 2 Lighting Palette and it went straight in my basket. In my head i feel like a lot of people talked about the original palette and said that it was good so when i saw this i decided i wanted it. 

Just the appearance alone is stunning, the carton it comes in sets up the mood of the sea as it is a very dark navy but the actual palette is basically the sea in a ombre light blue which diffuses into a purple. The compact alone is something to stare at and is currently sitting pretty on my vanity.

Packaging aside, this has four different shades which are all pretty warm toned. The thing that initially hits you when you open this palette is the smell of vanilla. I already own two Tarte eye shadow palettes which have the same smell. I always assumed the smell would just be exclusive to the eye shadows but nope this palette has it too. It turns out that one of the ingredients in almost all of the Tarte powder products is vanilla extract which is an anti-oxidant and provides the fragrance. 

This palette has a great variety of shades and basically has all the shades of highlight you could need. Daylight is a pale champagne shade with a pearl iridescence, Skylight is a pearl highlight with a golden shimmer running through it. The third shade Spotlight is a champagne shade and the final shade Candlelight is a rose gold highlight. When i first swatched these highlighters i was very excited to try them as i only swatched the first two and they are beautiful. They are beautifully soft to touch which is nice but doesn't mean much if the product isn't good.

Unfortunately this palette is very inconsistent, the first two, Daylight and Skylight, are very buttery and pigmented with only a small bit of fall out. Spotlight which is a beautiful champagne shade and the one i was most excited to try is very powdery and it is hard to pick up on your brush as it just falls out of the palette. I really love the shade but the formula is crap, it was chalky and not the standard that i would look for from Tarte. Candlelight is better and more like the first two. 

I started off by wearing the first two shades together, i put them on at 7am and checked it at 12pm and it was still looking good. Not as glowy as when it was applied but you could definitely still see it. By the end of the day the highlight was completely gone which is to be expected from a powder highlight. They did seem to settle a bit on the skin rather than melting in but as they wore in they started to look better. These two looked great on my pale skin as they didn't have too much colour so they did look more like an actual highlight and it was quite a blinding highlight. Anyone who can blend in to a white wall like me will appreciate how hard it is too find a good highlight and these two worked quite well. 

The following day i wanted to give spotlight a go even though i thought the formula was pants. There is so much fall out when you put your brush into it, it is hard to imagine that any makes it onto the brush. If you do manage to get any on the brush and onto your cheeks it does blend nicely but it definitely doesn't highlight as much as the first two shades, this is more of a soft glow. It is nice if you like a hint of highlight but definitely not worth the effort to try and get it on your face. As this wears you see more of the glitter within the highlight which personally i don't like. I want a shimmer rather than a glitter so this one is a no no for me. If you want a champagne highlighter i would skip this one and go straight for Champagne Pop by Becca which is a thousand times better. 

Candlelight is a very pretty shade and i did try to wear it however i think this will be better when i start fake tanning my face for the summer. It applied just as well as the first two shades and i did actually like this one but it wasn't enough to redeem the failure of Spotlight. Overall i've got to say i really wasn't impressed with this palette and i expected more. I paid $42 which was £35.72  + taxes but you can get it on the Tarte website for £34. For that price i expected something better which has left me disappointed. If the first two shades came on their own i would recommend them but the other two just don't work for me personally.

In the description for this palette it says it is good for all skin tones, well Spotlight isn't good for anybody and the last shade is a bit too dark for me at the moment but i will try and wear it in the summer. It is also says that they are micro shimmer powders which is true for three of them but Spotlight has glitter chunks in it so don't be fooled.  The swatches for the Tarte palette are on the four on the left side and you can tell just by looking at the others on the right that they aren't as pigmented nor as blinding. They do not give a good block of colour; they look powdery and uneven. This palette might be good for you if you are looking for a soft highlight or if you are new to highlighting and don't want to over do it.

The four swatches on the right hand side are as follows; The Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham Modern Mercury, Becca Champagne Pop, Tutu from the MAC Sweet Peach Face Compact and finally the Laura Mercier highlight in Indiscretion. There are similar shades such as both Indiscretion and Modern Mercury are similar to Candlelight from the palette. Skylight from the Tarte palette is similar to Tutu which was a limited edition and no longer available. The shades are lovely in this Tarte palette and potential dupes for some high end highlighters but the quality just doesn't match.

Overall i was left quite disappointed by this palette, $42 isn't cheap and the quality of these highlights is pretty crap to be honest. I recently bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow kit which was $40 and you get 6 shades which seem much better quality. If you are thinking about getting this palette, unless you like a soft highlight i wouldn't bother.  I quite liked the first shades but i don't think i will be reaching for this palette much. It does make me sad because the eye shadow palettes from Tarte are so great but i kind of feel let down by this palette.

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