Tarte Pro To Go Palette

Here in the UK we truly miss out on a lot of amazing beauty brands that are widely available in America. Shops like Sephora and Ulta make it that little bit easier to spend lots of money on make up. Here in the UK we miss out on that, we don't have many stores dedicated to make up and if we do they are always high end, i mean look at Space NK. Space NK is one of the single most overwhelming stores to go into and it is super easy to rack up a large bill as everything costs so much. What Space NK doesn't have are the slightly cheaper brands. Even Sephora has the Sephora Collection  which is affordable and the products are amazing, well the ones i have tried. What we need in the UK is a one-stop beauty shop which encompasses all brands. Anyway back to the point, some of the brands that have been exclusive to America are slowly making there way to the UK. However not all of them are widely available and Tarte is a good example of this.

Tarte is a brand that doesn't have a massive outreach in the UK, most people have heard of it however they might not know where to get it from. Tarte is ready to buy but only from QVC which is a shopping channel here in the UK. Now i don't want to sound like a dick but i am not buying my make up from a shopping channel! This leaves me with the choice of ordering it from Sephora which makes it slightly more expensive or buying it when i am on holiday which happens way too infrequently. Come on Tarte sort it out!

In my mind Tarte should only have existed for a few years but it has actually been around since 2000 which makes it almost 17 years old. The brands creator started the brand as she wanted to create make up which avoided using Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Triclosan and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. All of these were popular ingredients at the time but as the years have gone on a lot of high end brands have copied this but it shows the innovation of the brand.

Every British beauty enthusiast will have heard of Tarte through Youtube and Blogs, even if they have never tried it themselves. Tarte is a highly hyped brand and for good reason, their eye shadows are some of my favouries and even though the highlighting palette was a bit of a bust for me i still want to try more products from the brand. When i was looking on Sephora i instantly looked at Tarte to see the other eye shadows palettes they have. I absolutely love the Tease Palette and the Tartelette in Bloom palette, both of which i bought when i was in America, so i wanted to build my collection.  

When i was doing my Sephora haul i noticed the Pro to Go Palette and i knew it was coming home with me. It is a lot more warm toned than the Tease palette which was how i justified getting this one as well. I believe (i'm not 100% sure if this is true) the Tease palette is a miniature of the Tartelette in Bloom palette and the Pro to Go is the mini of the Pro Palette which when you look at the palettes would make sense. For a quick second i did think about getting the full Pro Palette but quickly decided against as i knew i didn't need it and the colours were a little bit too bright for me. With its warm nudes the Pro to Go seemed like the perfect alternative and something i would use a lot more.

I haven't really seen any bloggers talking about this palette but after my experience with Tarte shadows i guessed this would be good. This palette is slightly bigger than the Tease palette just because it has two round shades and the others are more square whereas the Tease palette is a lot more slim line. Like all Tarte products this smells like vanilla as it is one of the ingredients they use in their powder products. Personally i like this added touch but i guess it might not be for you if you don't like vanilla.

The Pro to Go Palette has six shades; three shimmer shades and three matte shades. These shadows are very soft as they are created using mineral pigments which makes them buttery. The softness does cause a little bit of kick off from the shadows. The first shade called Drive is quite powdery but its nothing that can't be worked with, you just need to make sure you tap off the excess on the brush. For me i feel like this palette isn't laid out in looks, you could use the top row to create a look but the bottom has too many shimmers to be a full look. That is the great thing about the Tease palette, the rows are pretty much a full eye look so you don't need to be imaginative if you don't want to be but with this you can get a little bit more creative.

As you can see in the swatches above these have a lovely pigmentation. The shimmer shades that Tarte create are some of my favourite shadows ever, The formula is super buttery, super pigmented and they usually have a beautiful almost duo chrome finish. Boss and Dominate are very wearable shades which have a beautiful finish, Hype is a little bit more glittery. Sometimes the darker matte shades from Tarte can be a little harder to work with and you really have to take the time to blend them out. The Pro to Go Palette doesn't have really deep shades so all of these are fine but the darker shades in the Tartelette in Bloom palette can be a little bit more stiff. 

Left 6 = Tease Palette, Right 6 = Pro to Go
I am very pleased i bought this palette but i'm not sure if it is a very well round palette. I feel like you couldn't take only this palette on holiday with you, you would need another one as these are all very neutral shades, there isn't much diversity. Stylin would work in the crease to deepen any look but it would not smoke out. If you were thinking about buying this palette, i would say go for it, the shadows are great but if you were thinking about getting this one or the Tease Palette, i would go for the Tease Palette. If you want a more in depth comparison I will be doing a whole post comparing the two palettes so keep an eye out for that.

This palette is $23 and it cost me £19.54 + tax, I think these little Tarte palettes are completely worth the money, the shades are always incredible and they are a lovely size to have in your collection. I just wish Tarte was easier to buy in the UK, so many Sephora brands are making their way into UK stores why can't Tarte do the same?

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