Second Sneaky Sephora Haul

In a typical twist of fate, as soon as you have done a little bit of a shopping spree, something new comes out which you feel like you desperately need more than the products you have just purchased. For my birthday i decided to treat myself to a Sephora Haul which i posted about a few weeks ago. Just after i completed my order all sorts of goodies were released onto Sephora and i couldn't let one of them pass me by. Previously i had been nervous about shopping on Sephora but it was so easy last time i felt good about going back and ordering from them again.

The ordering process is super easy, you just need to put the items you want in your basket, go to your basket and select ship international. This then changes everything to pounds and tells you if there is anything that can't be shipped. If you spend over £75 the shipping is £6 no matter how much you spend but you do need to remember that in America they add on the tax at the checkout so be prepared for your bill to go up a little bit at the end. My order came to £110 which seems a lot as i didn't get many products but it was £86 then the tax took it up over £100 and i also paid for a little bit of extra packaging.

The item that i wanted so bad that i did a second order was the Anastatsia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. Prior to this i haven't owned any of the Glow Kits but i have tried the one my best friend has and i've secretly longed for one ever since. Then i saw Jeffree Star do a review on the Nicole Guerriero one and when i saw those swatches, i knew it had to be mine. This palette was released on Sephora as a VIB exclusive on their app so lots of people had it before the official launch. I read some of the reviews on Sephora and they scared me a little, not because the palette is crap but because so many arrived broken. I was looking to get this shipped to the UK so i was terrified it wasn't going to make it whole.

The palette was released on the 3rd of March at midnight PST which was 8:00am for me, i had the day off work so i got up early and ordered it as soon as it came online. I had everything else in my basket ready and i just needed this to complete it. When i was checking out i looked at the packaging options as Sephora don't pad the boxes very well. They put a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box and put tissue over the top of the products. Sephora offer two types of gift wrap; they do a pouch but they also do a gift box so i thought i would try the gift box. I figured even if the box wasn't padded there would be less room for everything to move around.

When the box arrived i was hesitant to open it because i was super worried that my Glow Kit would be broken and i didn't know what i was going to do if it was broken. As you can see in the picture above the box was actually well packed so all of items didn't have much room to move around. The extra packaging only cost £3 which i think it was well worth it as my Glow Kit wasn't broken and the packaging was probably what saved it. The Glow Kit did have a weird pouch around it but i really don't think that would have made much of a difference.

Ok lets take a look at the other goodies i bought. I'll start with the most boring, of course i bought more of the Sephora Sheet Masks as they are the only ones i like. I haven't tried the Pearl ones before so i thought i would pick up the face mask and the eye masks to give it a go. The pearl version is good for perfecting and brightening which i thought would be good for a pamper night. The other mask i bought was actually for my feet. We are heading into sandal weather, well hopefully, and the Winter has been harsh on my poor feet. They are super dry and need some TLC so i wanted to give these a go. This is the Almond version which is supposed to be comforting & nourishing which my feet need plus the other one was Lavander and i hate the smell of lavander.

When i was in the US i wanted to buy some of the Sephora Cream Lip Stains because i remember Lily Pebbles used to talk about these all the time but i forgot the name of them when i was in Sephora. When i left America i looked it up and found the name so i have forever held on to it as being something i need to try. I didn't get any in my first Sephora shop as i had already put a lot of liquid lipsticks in my basket. That didn't stop me from thinking about them so i picked one up this time and it is in the shade 40 Pink Tea. I'm guessing these are a cream liquid lipstick which leaves a stain but i am yet to try this so i will keep you updated on my thoughts of this one. 

The final products is the Glow Kit that this haul was created around, as i said i had seen this everywhere so i really wanted it. I thought $40 wasn't a bad price for this as it has 6 shades which are all quite unusual. When i was eyeing up this palette Sephora recommended the Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 Brush to use with it. At the moment i use the Real Techniques Setting Brush which i actually really like but so many people rate the A23 brush that i thought it would be a good time to buy it. There are a lot of reviews on this brush, a lot of them say the brush is amazing but it does shead after you wash it so i am reluctant to clean it. However there is now way i can go without washing it as it will cause a build up of bacteria. I will let you know if i have any problems with it once i have built up the courage to wash it.

Sephora gives you 3 samples whenever you shop which i really like so i picked the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk as i asked for this last time but i was given a fragrance instead. I'm not really sure how you use this but i have always wanted to try something from Josie Maran as everyone raves about the brand. I also got the Belif  The True Cream - Moisturising Bomb, once again this is something i'v heard a lot about which i haven't seen in the UK. The final sample is the Sephora Express Makeup Remover Wipe, i thought these would be great to have if i am going away for the night, perhaps staying at a friends house, as they are super small. I am always looking for a good eye makeup remover and if these are any good i would love to get the full size as they are very travel friendly. 

As always i will be doing reviews on most of these products so let me know what you would like to see a review of first. I am so excited about the Glow Kit so i have no doubts that my first review will probably be about that. If you have any questions on my Sephora ordering experience please leave a comment or message me on twitter @Sophaarambles

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