Pixi Glow Tonic

There are certain products which have achieved a cult status with the beauty community and the Pixi Glow Tonic is one of them. Its not really something that ever appealed to me as i am not really a fan of using Tonics. I know this is probably stupid but it just always seemed like a pointless step in my skincare routine. I was always mystified as to what a tonic actually did as whenever i have used one before, it never really seemed to do much.

Whenever i saw someone talk about any products from Pixi on their blog or on Youtube i always thought the packaging looked cheap and assumed it would be drugstore prices however i couldn't be more wrong, the full size Glow Tonic is £18 which isn't going to break the bank but at the same time isn't cheap.

It took a while for the brand to become more readily available in the UK and the first time i ever saw it was in the Harrods beauty hall in London. However Pixi is now stocked within Marks and Spencers, who on a side note have an amazing beauty selection. Whenever i saw this in a store i always thought about buying it and trying it out however it wasn't until i saw a small size in Marks and Spencer just before Christmas that i thought i would buy it and give it a go. This bottle came in a box and was only £10 for 100 ml. I thought this was a perfect size to try as it would probably last longer than a month but then i wouldn't be fully committed to it. I have always been told to try a skincare product for a month before you give up on it because it will take that long to really notice a difference. That month is up so i am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Prior to this i had never used an exfoliating toner like this one and i must admit i was slightly scared of using it as on the back it suggests you limit your exposure to sunlight due to it containing Glycolic acid. Realistically for me, living in England, i see a limited amount of light anyway and it is very rarely sunny. If you are unsure on what Glycolic acid is, take a sit, grab a drink and let me break it down for you.

Glycolic Acid
  • It is part of the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) family which also consists of Lactic Acid and Citric Acid.
  • Glycolic acid derives from the sugar cane and it is one of the safest versions of the AHA molecules. 
    • Other AHAs are found in fruit and milk
  • It is a great natural exfoliator and can help remove blackheads leading to the prevention of spots.
  • Additionally it can also minimise sun spots and age spots
  • The most well known use for Glycolic acid within beauty is a chemical peel which is more concentrated than the stuff you by at home as it is done in salons by professionals
  • Regular use will:
    • Balance the PH of the acids in your skin
    • Deeply exfoliate the skin evenly
    • help to promote new skin cells coming to the surface. 
  • It is also used in the Alpha H Liquid Gold which is another product on the verge of cult status but i feel like it isn't talked about as much anymore compared to a few years ago. 
Who knew this blog could be so informative!

When i use this it feels very refreshing on my face and it makes my face feel very clean without feeling stripped. It does have a scent but it is very light and fresh so it reinforces that clean feeling you get when you use it. I go through phases of breakouts and this tonic seems to have really helped them. As well as helping the skin to recover quicker so i'm not left with as much redness. I have noticed that any dry skin patches that i might have had have cleared and my skin does look healthier after about a week of using it either day or night.

When i first started to use this product i covered half of a large cotton pad in the tonic however i now know that it was wayyyyy too much. In Glamour Magazine this month there was an article on the glow tonic and ways it can be used. The creator of Pixi Petra Strand said you only need the size of a 5p on the cotton pad. Another great tip from this article was to put the tonic onto a cotton pad and instead of sweeping it generally all over your face, pin point any spots and hold the cotton pad on it for 15 seconds and it will help to get rid of it. I haven't tried this method yet as my spots have really been helped by using this regularly but i will give it a go whenever my next breakout happens. It has Witch Hazel in it as well as the Glycolic acid and Witch Hazel is known to help spots.

I am willing to admit that i don't use this everyday, as a tonic hasn't always been in my routine so it isn't something i instantly reach for. After a few weeks of using this at least once a day i really did notice a difference in the quality of my skin and it seemed to lessen my breakouts. If you are looking for a toner to add into your routine i would recommend this as it feels lovely on the skin and you do see a difference once you have been using it for while. This product truly deserves its cult status and i can't believe it took me so long to try it. Next time i will be getting the full size. If you wanted to try this tonic but like me you didn't want to commit to the full size, they do sell the 100ml bottle all year round.

A product i would like to try from Pixi is the Double Cleanse Cleanser which they have teamed up with Caroline Hirons to create. Caroline literally knows everything about skincare and if you are looking for a blog to guide you in the ways of skincare, look no further than hers. Everyone has been raving about the cleanser so i would love to try it and see if it is as good as everyone says.


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