National Fragrance Day: My Top 5 Fragrances

As humans we spend time and money curating a wardrobe to reflect our personality and our moods, whether we do this with a look in mind or whether you subconsciously walk into Topshop and end up buying a top pretty much identical to everything else you own. A wardrobe is a capsule of your personality so why would your fragrance be any different?

A scent wardrobe can be used in exactly the same way as clothes to symbolise your style or as an accessory to complete a look with. Some people buy a single perfume and stick to it until the end, someone like my brother who has exclusively used Hugo Boss since he turned 18. However it suits him and much like his wardrobe his scent is kept basic, he wears the same thing everyday and only buys something new if he has to.

On the other hand there is someone like me, i like to have a wealth of scent selection, not liking to define myself by one thing. I like a scent to reflect my life whether that encompasses the season, my mood or my outfit. Of course i have some staple fragrances but i do also have perfumes that don't fit into my usual style. 

For me, my usual scent is a floral, not an old fashioned floral which you can smell from two rooms away which we all associate with our grandmas. I like a floral which is soft, feminine, delicate with an underlying freshness provided from a clear citrus or fruity note. A scent which has become my signature scent with the people who know me is Jo Malone London's Peony and Blush Suede. It embodies the fragrances i love with a top note of Red Apple, Peony creating a very feminine and bold heart note and suede texturising and deepening the base notes. I have been wearing this for years now and almost have a complete collection of products from the range. In my mind it reflects me and my style, very feminine with elements of something more edgy. For days when i need to feel calm, maybe i'm not feeling myself or not as confident this fragrance gives the boost i need. Jo Malone London is hands down my favourite fragrance brand as they have such a large spectrum of scents there is something for everyone and some of the scents are very unusual.

I would like to give honorable mentions to two other Jo Malone London scents which don't make my top 5 fragrances but would definitely be next in my Top 10. Both Wood Sage and Sea Salt and Mimosa and Cardamom are part of my scent wardrobe but in different ways to Peony and Blush Suede. Wood Sage and Sea Salt was actually my first Jo Malone Scent and when i am looking for a trip down memory lane i wear this scent. The seaside was always a place i visited as a child and the university i went to was also by the sea so when i wear this it takes me back to a more simple time. This scent is very clean and light. It actually has sea salt as the heart note which is used more for the effect rather than a smell. Due to its relaxing nature it is one of my favourite scents to wear to bed, it is an expensive bed scent but it really helps to relax me. If you suffer from headaches or you are sensitive to smell i highly recommend this one as it is quite light and there is nothing to take offence to.

The second honorable mention is Mimosa and Cardamom which is my perfect Autumn scent and it is amazing for days that i am looking for comfort, so i quite frequently wear this on a Sunday. The Mimosa and Vanilla (which is in the base note) combines to create a scent which feels like you have been cocooned in a blanket, with a hot chocolate and your favourite cheesy movie. It is very soft and warm which is what i love about this scent. When i first bought it and started to wear it i got so many compliments because it does smell rather strong on me. It lead my mother to buy it for herself because she loved it so much.

Moving away from Jo Malone we head to my second favourite fragrance brand, Tom Ford. Two of my top 5 scents are created by Tom Ford, who are notorious for making incredible scents with a dark, sexy note. Starting with the ultimate summer scent, Soleil Blanc. Soleli Blanc is a grown up version of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess, it has the same coconut warmth but Soleli Blanc has something deeper and sexier to it. When i first smelt it, it transported me to a tropical island where the sun was beaming down on the beach, i was led out on a sun lounger with a cocktail and a tan. That's how i knew it was all a fantasy, i never tan. It is quite a unisex scent and that is created within the top note. The top note is composed by Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Pistachio and Bergamot. It has Ylang Ylang and Tuberose in the heart note which are the florals i look for in a scent. Tuberose is usually quite heady and powdery but in this fragrance it isn't too strong. The base notes create the summer effect with Coconut, Tonka Bean and Bitter Almond. This fragrance on a hot day is stunning, it doesn't feel over powering and it keeps you smelling good.

This is the only Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance i own. I always looked at them and smelt them whenever i was near a counter but i never loved on enough to buy it until this was launched last summer and i pretty much bought it the moment it was released. I bought it just before i went on my mega holiday to the US last year and i wore it pretty much the whole time i was there so now whenever i smell it i am always reminded of the summer heat in LA and Vegas.

The second Tom Ford Fragrance i have spoken about before and it is exclusively kept for nights out. It is Velvet Orchid which is part of their Signature range, it is cheaper than the Private Blends but it is still comparable to something like Jo Malone London in terms of price. All of the 'Orchid' fragrances from Tom Ford are super popular as they are very distinctive, rich and sexy. You know if someone is wearing one of these scents. You can definitely smell the florals in this one and they are quite powdery; Orange Blossom, Rose and Heliotrope all work together with the mix of Black Orchid and Velvet Orchid to create a floral heart note. Once again the top note is very Cirtusy with Bergamot featuring in the line up. Vanilla once again takes centre stage in the base. The main strength of the scent comes from the heart note so i would say this is a slightly more feminine scent. If you are looking for an evening fragrance then look no further than Tom Ford. I will say that they released a new version of this scent called Velvet Orchid Lumiere which i was really excited to smell but i was left disappointed because it smells pretty much the same as the OG Velvet Orchid just with more tuberose in it so if you like one you will like the other but there is no point in having both.

There are certain brands which have throughout the course of history stood the test of time and changed the course of fragrance along with it. Chanel is symbolic of these brands. Tom Ford and Jo Malone London in comparison are baby brands, Chanel has been going for over 100 years. In the 1920s Chanel changed fragrance forever by being one of the first brands to make synthetic notes and successful market a fragrance from it. Chanel No5 was this fragrance, combining delicate florals associated with women of class and the more pungent musks which were used by more provocative women of the night. The 1920s were a time when women began to find their own identity and started to fight for their rights so No5 bought together elements of every woman. Now-a-days Chanel is still one of the leading fragrance brands and one of my first fragrances was Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. It is a very light floral which remains very fresh. I remember always spraying this on myself before i ever owned it. I think it is a very playful fragrance and i still wear it to this day. I don't wear it as often but i always have a bottle in my collection. Water Hyacinth and Jasmine make up the floral heart note but they aren't as strong as other florals we have looked at. The top note is very cirtus and contains Lemon which keeps it fresh and it still has warmth from Amber and Patchouli. Chanel perfume has become a right of passage for women and they are some of the most iconic scents on the market.

The final scent to make my top 5 is a newer addition to my collection and it is My Burberry. I was reluctant to like this as in my mind unfortunately Burberry still has the connotation of being for Chavs, especially their low price products. However i really love this scent. It is not as soft as the others in my top 5 as it has more of a green earthy note to the florals. Geranium is the key floral within the heart note which creates that earthy tone but it does also feature Apple and Pear which soften the Geranium and gives the scent clarity. Patchouli soften the base notes with a depth and warmth. The inspiration behind this fragrance was the classic Burberry Trench Coat which i aspire to one day owning. In terms of my scent reflecting my wardrobe this is my goals scent.

This top 5 summarizes my fragrance wardrobe but does not define it. These are the ones i go to and know work for me and for specific occasions. I don't think enough people fully realise the importance of fragrance and how creative the nature of scent is. All of these scents have a similar composition and similar notes but they all smell wildly different. Fragrances are vastly different on everyone so what works for me might not work for you but that is the beauty of fragrance. I am absolutely fascinated by fragrance and it has become of my favourite things to buy. Today is National Fragrance Day so get out your favourite fragrance, bathe in it and enjoy!

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